Top 20 Strongest Characters In Tokyo Ghoul Ranked

Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy and supernatural series published by Shueisha’s magazine. Sui Ishida is the creator and illustrator of this series. Its first episode aired on Tokyo MX and other JNN stations in 2014. This series shows the mixture of terror, gore, and psychological elements. After the huge success of its manga, Studio Pierrot made the anime adaptation of this series. Its anime also gained popularity and received a lot of praise from fans. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the top 20 strongest characters in Tokyo Ghoul.

What is Tokyo Ghoul about?

The presence of mysterious and terrible species called “ghouls” has turned Tokyo into a harsh and brutal city. The residents of this city are constantly threatened by these vile and mysterious species. 

A ghoul is a species that looks like a normal person but feeds on human flesh to live. They live privately in order to keep their true nature hidden from the public eye.

The main character of the series is Kaneki Ken. He is a quiet, bookworm college student who has a crush on a ghoul named Rize.

After obtaining an organ transplant from Rize, he transforms into a half-ghoul. He begins his new hidden life as a half-ghoul, half-human who must find a way to integrate into both communities.

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Tokyo Ghoul Dictionary

Through out this article, we’ll be using some words which might be confusing for those who haven’t watched tokyo ghoul, or have forgotten about it. Here’s a mini dictionary section for these Tokyo Ghoul terms.

CCG – The Commission of Counter Ghoul is a federal agency in the Tokyo Ghoul series that investigates ghoul-related crimes.

Kagune – A ghoul’s predatory organ with a weapon and claws.

Kakuhou – A kakuhou is a ghoul-only sac-like organ that stores Rc cells. The ghoul eats the Rc cells‘ nutrition.

Quinx – Quinxes are humans or half-humans with restrained kakuhou. Quinx can produce a kagune and thus be mistaken for ghouls.

Kakuja – A Kakuja is a ghoul with a transformed kagune covering its body.

Arata – Arata is a series of auto-equipping quinque made from Arata Kirishima’s kakuja. It boosts the user’s physical abilities to the point where they can keep up with SS and SSS ghouls.

Quinque – A quinque is a ghoul investigator’s weapon made from kakuhou. It sends electrical signals to the kakuhou to control it.

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Strongest characters In Tokyo Ghoul Ranked

One of the key reasons for Tokyo Ghouls’ success is their characters. They are fascinating and unique individuals who are insanely powerful.

The series ended long ago, but its characters’ terrible strength and fierce personalities stayed with fans.

So, without further ado, here is the list of the top 20 strongest characters in Tokyo Ghoul.

List of the top 20 Tokyo Ghoul strongest characters ranked:

  1. Kaneki Ken
  2. Furuta Nimura
  3. Arima Kishou
  4. Eto Yoshimura
  5. Kuzen Yoshimura
  6. Seidou Takizawa
  7. Matasaka Kamishiro
  8. Roma Hoito
  9. Amon Koutarou
  10. Juuzou Suzuya
  11. Tatara
  12. Noro
  13. Renji Yomo
  14. Uta
  15. Yukinori Shinohara
  16. Donato Porpora
  17. Kurona Yasuhisa
  18. Hinami Fueguchi
  19. Ayato Kirishima
  20. Kuki Urie

20. Kuki Urie

Kuki Urie

Kuki Urie is the Quinx Squad’s leader and an Associate Special Class Ghoul Investigator. He presents himself as a calm individual, but this is just a mask for his self-centered nature.

Urie has a koukaku kagune, as well as improved senses and physical strength. He also has a lot of experience with quinque and knows how to use Ginkui effectively.

Urie has a strong work ethic as a squad leader and can effectively lead his squad into battle.

19. Ayato Kirishima

Ayato Kirishima

Ayato Kirishima is a ghoul and one of the main characters in the Tokyo Ghoul series. He first appeared as a major antagonist. Following that, he became a supporting lead character in Tokyo Ghoul: re.

Ayato is aggressive and has a rude demeanor, which leads to him kicking others. He is a proficient fighter who can easily knock out multiple targets, especially at close range. 

He also possesses the Ukaku Kagune, which allows him to shoot bullets from both wings.

18. Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami Fueguchi

Hinami Fueguchi is a major side character in the Tokyo Ghoul series. Her family was brutally slaughtered by ghoul investigators at her young age. 

Hinami is a gentle and childish girl with a good heart. She is also the youngest of all the Tokyo Ghoul girls.

She was born with a koukaku kakuhou from her mother and a rinkaku kakuhou from her father. As a result, she was born with tremendous combat potential. Hinami also has a strong sense of smell, which helps him detect opponents even when it is raining heavily.

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17. Kurona Yasuhisa 

Kurona Yasuhisa

Kurona Yasuhisa is an artificial one-eyed ghoul and one of the major antagonists of the series. Her terrible past has left her with a cautious, harsh, detached, and cruel personality.

Kurona is a worthy candidate for a CCG investigator even before she turned ghoul. It shows that she possessed enormous power and skill from an early age.

It’s also said that Kurona’s Kagune skills as a hybrid ghoul are more powerful than a natural-born one.

16. Donato Porpora

Donato Porpora

Donato Porpora is a former CCG prisoner and a Russian ghoul. He is a harsh and nasty guy with a vicious nature who is well-known among ghouls. He is also popular by the name of “priest.”

Donato possessed improved physical capabilities and a powerful koukaku-type kagune. His kagune has the potential to increase it over long ranges and strike opponents with extreme accuracy. His kagune also helps him to make clones of himself to deceive his enemies.

15. Yukinori Shinohara

Yukinori Shinohara

Yukinori Shinohara is the commander of the Special Class Ghoul Investigator Division 1. He is a very bright and gentle person who is always kind to his co-workers. He is also serving as a lecturer at CCG, teaching many CCG academy students. Amon is also one of his former students. 

Yukinori is an experienced and powerful ghoul investigator who has defeated many strong ghouls. He uses a quinque that was created by powerful ghouls.

He possesses many powerful quinques that help him overwhelm his enemies. Arata is the strongest quinque that he possesses. It serves as a powerful weapon as well as an effective armor.

14. Uta

Uta - strongest character in tokyo ghoul list

Uta is a ghoul that appears as a supporting character before becoming a secondary antagonist in the series. He runs HySy ArtMask Studios and makes masks for ghouls to hide their identities from the CCG. 

In his teen years, Uta already had incredible regeneration and reflexes. He had the Bikaku Kagune, which takes the shape of a tail and can hit opponents from a distance. He also has the potential to release up to six of these tails.

One of the greatest abilities that he possesses is shapeshifting. It helps him accurately copy the physical appearance and speech of others. 

13. Renji Yomo


Renji Yomo is a ghoul and Yoshimura’s right hand. He is also known as “Raven” because of his masks. He is a calm and reserved individual who is always concerned about his friends and colleagues.

Renji is a skilled fighter who is proficient in hand-to-hand combat. During his fight with Arima, his fighting skills were displayed even more. In this fight, he demonstrates his excellent reflexes by avoiding Arima’s attacks.

He possesses an Ukaku Kagune, which resembles two black wings emerging from his shoulders. His kagune is capable of launching massive waves of crystalline missiles and lightning-like flashes.

12. Noro


Noro is a ghoul and one of the Aogiri Tree’s most notable members. He also serves as Eto’s mentor. He is a quiet and obedient individual who never opposes the One-Eyed King’s command.

Noro is regarded as an SS-rated ghoul by the CCG because of his extraordinary strength and regeneration ability. He can combat Quinx and the Itou Squads alone, displaying that he has great fighting skills.

Noro had a bikaku kagune and a bikaku kakuja. It helps him easily destroy the Quinx and Kuramoto Squads.

11. Tatara


Tatara is one of the Aogiri’s leaders and the One-Eyed King’s direct subordinates.

As a person, he is a loyal and proud Aogiri Tree subordinate. He is well-known for his super strength, endurance, and fighting accuracy.

Tatara possesses an unknown kagune that is extremely powerful. He demonstrates it by killing an entire squad of CCGs with ease. 

He also possesses the ability to produce a fire with a temperature of over 4,000 degrees Celsius. This produces a massive wave of flame that can quickly envelop many opponents.

10. Juuzou Suzuya

Juuzou Suzuya tokyo ghoul

Juuzou Suzuya is a special-class ghoul investigator and one of the main characters in the series. He normally has a youthful and fun nature, but he turns cruel and brutal during the fight.

Suzuya is an immature and determined person who possesses incredible fighting skills. During combat, he slaughters many ghouls with great ease.

Alongside his immense fighting skills, he is also capable of high pain tolerance. It is demonstrated during his fight with the one-eyed owl. Where he loses a limb, he is still able to fight with the One-Eyed Owl consistently.

Suzuya is also skilled at using auto-equipping Arata. It enables him to be as flexible and strong as SS- or SSS-rated ghouls.

9. Koutarou Amon – One Of The Strongest Ghoul Investigator Character In Tokyo Ghoul


Amon Koutarou is a former ghoul investigator of rank A first class. He’s a dedicated and disciplined ghoul investigator with a strong set of morals.

After the CCG ghoul experiment, he became an incomplete artificial one-eyed ghoul. He is also known as “Floppy the Owl” and “A-Owl.” He is very strong and skilled in hand-to-hand combat. His fighting skills help him fight against ghouls to a great extent with his bare hands.

During the experiment, he got Yoshimura’s kakuhou and obtained a powerful ukaku kagune. His Kagune is capable of shooting a large number of projectiles with great accuracy.

8. Roma Hoito

Roma Hoito

Roma Hoito is one of the minor antagonists of the series. She is the founder of clowns. She also works as a waitress at Anteiku restaurant.

Roma has always shown himself to have a childlike mentality and clumsy behavior. But she is actually nasty and merciless.

She had high levels of pain tolerance and endurance. She even said that the pain was actually ticklish for him. 

Alongside his insane endurance, she also has a very powerful Rinkai kagune and an unknown kakuja as well. She is considered an SSS-rated ghoul by the CCG after becoming a “Dodgy Mother.” As a result, she deserves to be this high on our list. 

7. Matasaka Kamishiro – Strongest Character From Aogiri Tree In Tokyo Ghoul


Matasaka Kamishiro is a previous leader of the ghouls in the 6th ward and an Aogiri Tree member. He is popularly known as the name “Shanchi.” He is a knowledgeable and peaceful ghoul who does not kill people unnecessarily.

Matasaka is well-versed in a variety of martial arts styles and also has incredible regeneration abilities. That makes him one of the most powerful ghouls for the CCG.

Because he was born a ghoul, he has heightened physical abilities as well as a bikaku kagune. His kagune is far larger and more powerful than the usual bikaku.

We can deduce his strength from the fact that he easily defeated Kaneki’s SS form twice. 

6. Seidou Takizawa 

Seidou Takizawa

Seidou Takizawa is a Rank 2 Ghoul Investigator. He is very dedicated to his work. Out of the sixty-three CCG ghoul experiments, he is the only one who became a perfect owl.

After transforming into a ghoul, he becomes the strongest member of the Aogiri Tree. He is popularly known as “T-Owl”. He has incredible power, quick reflexes, and high regeneration ability. During the experiment, he got Yoshimura’s kakuhou and obtained a powerful ukaku kagune.

Takizawa’s kagune can fire a blast of crystallized missiles over long distances. It also quickly tears up flesh. His strength is highlighted when he easily takes down Tatara and many members of the CCG.

5. Kuzen Yoshimura – Strongest Pacifist Character In Tokyo Ghoul

Kuzen Yoshimura - List of the strongest characters in tokyo Ghoul

Kuzen Yoshimura is one of the important characters in Tokyo Ghoul. He is also one of the series’ most powerful ghouls. He is the owner of the Anteiku cafe and works hard to maintain his ghouls in harmony with humans. 

Kuzen is an open-handed and caring individual who’s hard for people to understand. He is also one of the most remarkable threats to the CCG. Because of his superhuman durability, regeneration abilities, and pain tolerance. 

Kuzen possessed the most powerful ukaku kagune and ukaku kakuja. He is an expert at using it against opponents and has complete control over it. His strength is highlighted further when he fights against two special-class investigators possessing arata.

4. Eto Yoshimura 

Eto - List of the strongest characters in tokyo Ghoul

Eto Yoshimura is the major antagonist of the Tokyo Ghoul series. She is the most powerful and popular owl in the series and also the founder of Aogiri Tree.

Eto has a cruel nature and has no concerns about killing humans and ghouls. Furthermore, she expresses joy in their pain. As a ghoul, she possesses extraordinary durability, speed, intelligence, and regeneration.

During the fights, she has tremendous control over her kagune and can wield it to her will. His kagune is able to quickly take out many enemies at the same time. She also has a very special ability that allows her to eat her enemy’s kagune and make her own. 

3. Arima Kishou – Strongest Ghoul Investigator Character In Tokyo Ghoul

Arima - List of the strongest characters in tokyo Ghoul

Arima Kishou is both half human and half ghoul. He is also a special-class ghoul investigator for the CCG. He is popularly known by the name “White Reaper.” 

Arima is a very calm and wise person whose hobby is killing ghouls. He shows his excellent reflexes by dodging Kaneki’s massively destructive and lightning fast attacks. He has incredible speed and strength that allows him to easily defeat a group of ghouls on his own. 

Arima’s exceptional intelligence and deductive abilities enable him to succeed in all operations easily. He also has exceptional combat skills and expertise in using quinque. It helps him defeat all of the series’ most powerful ghouls. 

His most powerful quinque is “Owl,” which allows him to fire large kagune shards and create traps to defeat opponents.  

2. Furuta Nimura – Strongest Villain Character In Tokyo Ghoul

Furuta Nimura - List of the strongest characters in tokyo Ghoul

Furuta Nimura is the main villain of the Tokyo Ghoul series. He is a Rank 1-Ghoul Investigator for CCG. He is a psychopathic person who has no regard for anyone.

Furuta has a very powerful rinkaku kagune that allows him to break any shield. He has incredible physical strength, endurance, and reflexes. It allows him to fight powerful opponents with his bare hands. 

Furuta’s extraordinary regeneration ability helps him to recover completely after being blown up. One of his most powerful quinques is “Rotten Fellow,” which he used to kill Matsume. 

He also has high intelligence and an analytical mind. That’s why he is the mastermind behind all the major events of the entire series.

1. Kaneki Ken – The Strongest Character In Tokyo Ghoul

List of the strongest characters in tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken is the main character of the Tokyo Ghoul series. He is a kind young man who enjoys reading books. After an organ transplant from Rize, he became a half-ghoul. His rinkaku kagune and rinkaku kakuja were completely developed to an extremely high level. 

Kaneki is able to create a sword in the shape of his quinque from his kagune to fight against his foes. His superhuman strength and mobility allow him to easily defeat large groups of opponents in a short amount of time. He also has a sharp mind and excellent combat skills acquired through reading martial arts books. 

Kaneki shows his high pain tolerance by handling a large amount of pain from Jason. His exceptional regeneration ability allows him to regenerate faster in order to avoid death. He can also regenerate his massive wounds and limbs.

Kaneki becomes the most powerful character in the series after obtaining the dragon kagune.

That’s it for this post! These were the top 20 strongest Tokyo Ghoul characters. If you liked this article, consider hitting the bell icon in the bottom corner to subscribe to post notifications!

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