Strongest Parasites In Parasyte The Maxim, Ranked

In this article, we will be taking a look at the top ten strongest parasites from the anime named Parasyte The Maxim. We will be ranking them based on their power and how they performed in combat all throughout the show.

Parasyte: The Maxim is a 24-episode anime adaptation of Hitoshi Iwaaki’s science-fiction horror manga Parasyte. It was produced by Madhouse and aired on Nippon TV in Japan from October 9, 2014, to March 26, 2015.

Between October 2015 and April 2016, the series’ English dub aired in the United States on Adult Swim’s Toonami programming block.

If you are the type of person who loves moral stories, then this series is a great choice for you. Because this series will put you to the test by asking you to answer some moral issues.

This series will teach you a lot about the nature of humanity and the concept of morality in society. As a result, the series is a fantastic mind-twister that should not be overlooked.

About Parasyte: The Maxim

This series follows the life of a 17-year-old high schooler, Shinichi Izumi. He lives in a quiet Tokyo neighborhood with his parents. Parasites, worm-like aliens, invade Earth one night and take control of humans by entering through their ears or noses to reach their brains. While Shinichi is sleeping, a parasyte named Migi tries to crawl into his ear, but Shinichi is wearing headphones. As a result, the parasyte enters his body through his arm and takes control of Shinichi’s right hand.

Shinichi was able to stop Migi from entering his brain any further. That’s why they were able to keep their individual intelligence and personalities. After coexisting, they are attacked by other parasites who attack them after realizing that Shinichi’s human brain is still intact. 

Shinichi is driven to fight other parasites because they feed on humans. Shinichi encountered various dangers during the series, each of which caused him to mature.

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Who are parasites?

what are parasites in Parasyte the maxim anime

Parasites are a previously unknown species that serve as the main antagonists in the Parasyte series (excluding Migi and Jaw). They arrive on Earth for unknown reasons. Their origins are still unknown at this time. 

In terms of appearance, parasites go through two major stages of development. The first is the larval or primal form, and the second is the mature, humanlike form. In the first stage, they’re small, around the size of a finger. They emerge from eggs or spores that look like green flying tennis balls loaded with slime or viruses.

The second, or last, stage is when the parasites finds its desired host and enters its body. After entering the body, they mature in a matter of minutes. Inside the body, they synchronize with the host and take over the body part they occupy.

In terms of behavior, a larval parasites automatically seeks out the brain of its human host. Parasites that are unable to take over a brain or end up in an animal host or any other part of the host’s body are considered failures. After taking control of the brain of a human or an animal, parasites start to devour the species of their host.

In terms of strength, all mature parasites have the potential to transform into a variety of sizes and forms. They can also become flexible or harden into a substance that is stronger than steel. Even first-stage parasites are extremely powerful, capable of crushing bones or shattering metal.

Parasites also have weaknesses, that is, they rely on their host’s organs and digestive system. When they are cut off from their host body or separated, the parasites will begin to die in a few minutes.

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Strongest Parasites in Parasyte: The Maxim

Throughout the series, Shinichi fights with many of the strongest parasites. Each of them possesses a distinct ability, intelligence, and strength in their own way. In this article, I’ll rank them according to their level of power and ability, as well as their contribution to the series.

So, without further delay, here are the strongest parasites in Parasyte: The Maxim.

  1. Migi
  2. Gotou
  3. Reiko Tamura
  4. Miki
  5. Mr. A
  6. Hideo Shimada
  7. Mr. B
  8. Jaw
  9. Nobuko Izumi
  10. Kusano

10. Kusano

Kusano parasyte

Kusano is one of the minor antagonists of the series, yet one of the strongest parasites in the show. He is the partner of Maesawa and Hikawa. As a person, Kusano has quite an aggressive personality. 

In terms of strength, Kusano can harden his cells and shapeshift from the top down for offensive or defensive purposes. He has the ability to identify other parasites signals and emit his own naturally. 

Furthermore, He can also maximise his host body’s physical capacity while ignoring pain. Kusano is also one of the rare parasites that has been shown to change from a parasyte body to a mobile form. After being separated from its host.

9. Nobuko Izumi (Parasyte)

Nobuko Izumi parasyte

The unarmed parasyte that kills Nobuko Izumi and takes over her body to imitate her. Her initial host body was badly damaged in a vehicle accident. As a result, in order to survive, she makes Nobuko Izumi her host.

As a person, she is a rather generic parasyte with a weak grasp of basic human knowledge. She’s also predictable and straightforward, but she’s hell-bent on assassinating any witnesses who know his identity.

She can shapeshift from the top down and harden her cells for attacking or defensive purposes. Izumi also detects and autonomously produces her own parasyte signals. She can enhance the physical capacity of her host body while ignoring pain.

8. Jaw

Jaw parasyte

Jaw is a parasyte that lives alongside its host, Mamoru Uda. He has the appearance of a common parasyte, with blue eyes and sharp teeth. He is attached to Uda’s neck and jaw; that’s why he appeared from his lower face and upper chest. While he may not look very powerful, the fact is that he has killed several hostile parasites on his own to save his own life. His survival alone earns him a place in this list of the top 10 strongest parasites from Parasyte the maxim.

Jaw is a cheerful and sociable parasyte who is always willing to assist his host. Due to his logical mind, he is able to take appropriate action in difficult situations. He can also communicate in human language, which he learned by watching movies.

Jaw has the ability to harden his cells in order to attack and defend against his opponents. He can also increase his host’s physical strength and endurance. He has the ability to detect other parasites signals over a long range. Jaw is also quick to read the enemy’s attack patterns and counter them.

7. Mr. B

Mr. B parasyte

Mr. B is a nameless parasyte who appears in the Parasyte series as a minor antagonist. He lives in the body of an ordinary middle-aged man. He considers humans to be the lowest species on the planet.

Mr. B has great knowledge of parasites physiology and psychology. He knows the answer to an important question that every parasites is curious about. He understands how to successfully merge with another parasyte or their host.

Mr. B also invites Migi to join him by sharing a host and living a 150-year life. He can harden his cells in order to prepare for battle with his opponents.

6. Hideo Shimada 

Hideo Shimada parasyte

Hideo Shimada is a parasyte that lives in the body of an ordinary teenager. He went to the same high school as Shinichi in order to obtain a better understanding of human civilization. He is primarily involved in all sports activities in order to train his host body and gain complete control over it. 

Hideo is also Reiko Tamura’s partner and is interested in learning more about Shinichi and Migi. He is undoubtedly one of the strongest parasites in the anime.

Hideo is generally a peaceful parasyte, but completely changes when somebody attacks him. He brutalises or kills everyone who knows his true identity without any hesitation.

Hideo shows his incredible durability by taking multiple bullets to his body. He slaughters dozens of students at his high school and also murders a number of police officers. He is also capable of changing his appearance and identity by reshaping his face.

5. Mr. A

Mr. A parasyte

Mr. A is an unnamed parasyte who appears in the Parasyte series as a minor enemy. He is an aggressive and unpredictable parasyte who refuses to integrate into society. He just thinks about murdering and eating people. 

Mr. A mostly wore a black business suit with a brown jacket. He has no knowledge of his host’s identity, not even his name. He possesses great physical strength and combat skills, making him a strong parasite.

Mr. A is also a reckless individual who attacks Shinichi at his school in broad daylight. Shinichi, with his parasyte Migi, posed a significant threat to him. During fights, he makes excellent use of his tentacles to move his body.

4. Miki

Miki - strong parasite from parasyte the maxim

Miki is a parasyte made up of five individual parasites contained within a single host body. He is one of the most powerful parasites who gave a tough fight to Shinichi. He is working with Reiko Tamura and Gotou.

Miki has a hobby of mimicking human facial expressions. During fights, he also used a variety of expressions to confuse his opponents. He has two parasites in each arm, two in each leg, and one in his head. However, he is capable of using three individual parasites out of five.

Miki has incredible physical strength and endurance as a result of five individual parasites. He has excellent control over the parasites on his hand, which he uses as battle tentacles. He has some control over the parasites in his legs as well.

3. Reiko Tamura 

Reiko Tamura strongest parasyte

Reiko Tamura is one of the major characters in the Parasyte series. She is the most beautiful and intelligent parasyte with great scientific knowledge. Her superior intelligence enabled her to use unconventional tactics against her opponents. 

Reiko always has a very calm and relaxed expression on her face. She also concealed her human identity as Ryouko Tamiya, a high school teacher at Shinichi’s school. She studied human psychology and also examined her own species. 

Reiko is very curious about the discovery of the origins of parasites and their functions. She can also split her body into three parts to confuse her opponents and attack them unexpectedly. Her physical strength and combat abilities are also far superior to all parasites except Gotou and Migi.

2. Gotou

Gotou strongest parasyte villain

Gotou is an invincible parasyte who serves as the main antagonist of the Parasyte series. He is experimentally created by Reiko Tamura with a body composed of five parasites. He can fully utilise all five parasites in his body to a great extent, unlike Miki, who uses only three. This makes him the strongest parasite in the entire show. When it comes to raw power, he is second to none.

Gotou regards humans as nothing more than trash and regards himself as a wild organism that lives to fight. He is also a perfect killing machine with five times the bloodlust and drive to kill humans as an average parasyte. He is the most intelligent and skilled parasyte, with significantly greater speed and strength. 

Gotou is the most powerful and dangerous parasyte in the Parasyte series. He is impossible to hurt by any powerful opponent because of his rapid reactions and tough body. During fighting, he modified his arms into numerous sorts of bladed tentacles. He also changed the shape of his feet and calves to allow him to run quickly and bounce off walls and ceilings.

1. Migi 

anime where the mc is a monster

Migi is the parasyte who lives alongside Shinichi Izumi, the primary protagonist of the series. He is attached to Shinichi’s right hand as a result of his failure to consume his brain. He is a self-centered individual who only cares about himself and his host, Shinichi. 

Migi has no sympathy for anyone who tried to save him, including his own species. He is capable of changing his shape into different weapons like a sword and a whip-like blade for fighting. He was also able to create human-like eyes and a mouth to communicate with his host. His logical mind and manipulative abilities enable him to deduce a method for defeating powerful parasites.

Migi also saw Shinichi as a threat because of his affinity for fighting for others. He is a quick learner with a sharp mind, which is why he learned Japanese in a single day. Due to his two separate entities, he always held a two-on-one advantage in fights. In addition to his fighting abilities, he has a high level of healing ability. It enables him to save his host from near-death situations.

That’s it for this post. These were the top 10 strongest parasites from Parasyte The Maxim anime series!

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