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17+ Best Anime like Chainsaw Man You MUST Watch!

Chainsaw Man is one of the biggest Dark Fantasy Shounen manga right now created by Tatsuki Fujimoto. It began serialization in December 2018 and has ever since sold over 16 million copies worldwide. Its anime adaptation has completed airing the season 1 of the show in 2022. While waiting for the next season of CSM to be released, here are some of the best anime like Chainsaw Man that you can binge!

If you’ve watched the anime and are looking for some similar ones, then you’re in the right place. Some of the anime in this list may be a little lighter on the horror element, but I can promise that you’ll definitely fall in love with these shows’ excellent storylines and characters. 

Chainsaw Man Plot

Denji spends his days hunting devils with the help of his devil pet, “Pochita.” Due to the debt left behind by his father, he is forced to work for some bad people. This leads him to live the worst life possible.

One day, he is betrayed by the people he was working for and gets killed. To save him, Pochita merges with his corpse and revives him, giving him the powers of a chainsaw devil.

Now, with his new powers, he must work together with official devil hunters. However, Denji’s goal is the same as before– to fondle some tiddies. Will he ever be able to have the simple teenage life he wants so much?

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Best Anime like Chainsaw Man You Need To Watch

1. Attack on Titan

Shingeki no Kyojin

Attack on Titan is the most popular dark seinen anime series that studio MAPPA has ever released. The gore element in this show is pretty much the same as that of Chainsaw Man.

This anime follows the story of Eren, a young boy living in a town surrounded by giant walls. Outside the walls are gigantic creatures called the titans that eat humans.

One fateful day, a special type of titan breaks the previously unbreakable walls and brings forth death and destruction. Eren lost his mother in this event and swore to take his revenge. But what’s great about this anime is that there are several genius plot twists. You can never predict what’s going to happen next.

2. Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen - anime like chainsaw man

JJK is last year’s hit anime and it is one of the hottest, latest anime series like Chainsaw Man you should watch. Jujutsu Kaisen’s world is one where demons and curses prey on humans, there existed a powerful demon named Sukuna. To prevent him from destroying the world, he was sealed away. The fragments of his body were scattered around the world.

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If a demon consumes a part of his body, it will become powerful enough to endanger the entire world. Fortunately, the Jujutsu sorcerers make sure that such powerful cursed items remain sealed.

Yuji Itadori is a normal high schooler, but he possesses immense physical strength because of which every sports club in his school wants him to join them, but he would rather spend his free time with the Occult Research Club, talking about everything supernatural.

One day, the club members somehow manage to get their hands on a strange object believed to be cursed. Soon, Itadori’s life changes completely, and he ends up at Tokyo metropolitan jujutsu technical high school as one of the students.

3. Devilman Crybaby

Devilman Crybaby - anime like chainsaw man

Devilman Crybaby is one of the best dark fantasy anime to watch after Chainsaw Man because of its similarity in themes. The main character of this action anime is Akira Fudo, who ends up becoming a devil. His closest friend becomes the angel.

However, the roles are actually reversed than what you would expect. The devilman wants to save people where as the angel wants to destroy the world.

While Chainsaw Man’s plot is far better than Devilman Crybaby in my opinion, if you want to watch something that is extremely dark and disturbing like CSM, then this show is a must watch!

4. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

demon slayer

Since ancient times, it has been believed that bloodthirsty demons lurk in the woods at night. This is why no one is allowed to venture out at night.

Tanjirou and his family live in the mountains. After Tanjirou lost his father, he took it upon himself to earn money for the family by selling charcoal in the village. Life wasn’t easy, but it was a blessing.

One day, when he got too late selling charcoal and couldn’t return to the mountain at night, he ended up spending the night in the village, and when the next day he went back, he found his entire family dead except for his younger sister Nezuko, who had become a demon.

The demon slayer Giyū Tomioka, realizes that Nezuko is not like other demons and decides to spare her life. 

Now, with the help of the demon slayers, he must find a way to cure his sister and find the one who killed his family.

5. Berserk


Berserk is an anime that’s very popular among fans for its dark world setting and brilliant plot progression. This anime shows the adventures of Guts, the main character of this anime.  Guts is a skilled warrior who travels through a medieval-inspired world, fighting demons and other supernatural creatures. Throughout his journey, he meets various companions who accompany him on his quest.

The story of Berserk is centered around Guts and his quest for revenge against his former friend and companion, Griffith, who betrayed him and sacrificed their “band of the hawk” comrades to become a powerful demonic entity known as Femto. Guts’ solo journey becomes his mission to eradicate the apostles, demonic beings, and thus preventing the world from the demonic influence and revert Griffith to his former self.

Overall, Berserk is an outstanding anime that excels in its storytelling, characters, and presentation. Despite the graphic content and violence, it remains a captivating and unforgettable journey that leaves a lasting impression on viewers. 

6. Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul - anime like chainsaw man

Tokyo Ghoul is considered one of the darkest animes of the last decade. It is easily one of the darkest anime similar to Chainsaw Man.

The story is set in a world where people live in fear of the flesh-eating creatures known as Ghouls. But none of that matters to the college freshman, Ken Kaneki, a bookish and ordinary student who just wants to go on a date with the girl he likes, Rize Kamishiro.

He somehow manages to ask her out on a date, and while on the date, she suddenly bites his shoulder when no one’s around and reveals that she’s a ghoul.

As he is about to die, several metal poles fall on top of her which alerts the nearby people, who then call an ambulance.

Rize died in the accident, and the doctors decided to transplant her organs into Kaneki’s body to save him. After waking up, he realizes that he’s no longer human. He became the first-ever half-ghoul.

Now, trapped between two worlds, he must learn more about being a ghoul and how to control his newfound powers with the help of some fellow ghouls.

7. Bleach

bleach - anime like chainsaw man

At first glance, Ichigo Kurosaki seems like a normal 15-year-old teenager with a doctor father and two caring sisters. But, as long as he can remember, he’s been able to see ghosts and spirits.

His peaceful life undergoes a drastic change when his family is attacked by a strange creature and a girl named Rukia, who calls herself a Shinigami, comes to his house in search of the creature.

He soon learns that there’s more to the supernatural world than he had thought. Vengeful spirits known as Hollows exist and roam the world to devour souls, and Shinigami –soul reapers hunt these Hollows.

Ichigo somehow manages to fight the hollow, but he is still just a human fighting a powerful evil spirit. Just as he was about to lose, Rukia tries to share some of her powers with him. But something goes wrong and Ichigo’s body absorbs all of her powers, making him a Shinigami. 

Now, Rukia is stuck with Ichigo until she can find a way to get her powers back. Meanwhile, Ichigo must fulfill her duties in her place. His everyday life ended the instant he took the sword in his hand.

8. Parasyte –The Maxim- 

Parasyte the maxim - anime like chainsaw man

Parasyte is another horror-thriller anime similar to Chainsaw Man.

An alien parasite race invades Earth with the mission to take over human bodies and thrive in secret.

Shinichi izumi is a normal high school student. One night, while he was sleeping, one of the parasites, later named Migi, tried to enter his body through his nose but failed when he woke up.

Mistaking it for a snake, Shinichi tries to kill it when suddenly it attacks him. He manages to stop him using his arm, but migi crawls inside his arm.

When the parasite fails to take over his body, it reluctantly strikes a truce with Shinichi. Like Denji and Pochita, Shinichi and Migi now live in the same body.

Now that both of them are stuck with each other, he will provide it with energy so that it can keep living. In exchange, it will give him extraordinary strength and protect him from other parasites that will not like the fact that Shinichi’s mind is still working.

Will the two be able to work together to protect each other?

9. No Guns Life

no guns life - banner

After the war, two things changed the world. One was the growing power of the Beruhren Corporation and the other was the development of special humans that have been physically altered and turned into powerful weapons known as “Extends”. 

Inui Jyuuzou is also one such Extended human, with a huge gun for a head. In a city filled with many Extends and Non-Extends, he works as a processor who deals with any trouble related to Extends.

One day, he gets a visit from an Extend criminal on the run along with a young boy. The Extend leaves the boy with him for protection.

Soon, he gets involved with all kinds of dangerous people from street gangs to the most powerful organization in the world, Beruhren.

Who is the kid that Beruhren wants back so badly? Why did the Extend bring the kid to him?

10. Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry - anime like chainsaw man

Devil May Cry is easily one of the most underrated anime on this list. This is a series with demons and devils and the anime revolves around Dante, a half-human, half-demon mercenary known as a Devil Hunter.

Armed with his iconic sword “Rebellion” and dual pistols Ebony and Ivory, Dante takes on various supernatural foes and embarks on thrilling missions to protect humanity from demonic threats.

With its stylish action sequences, dark atmosphere, and a touch of humor, “Devil May Cry” delivers an adrenaline-fueled experience. This is something that fans of the games and newcomers alike will enjoy. If you are caught up with Chainsaw Man, then you must absolutely consider exploring the lore of Devil May Cry which has quite a few similar elements.

11. Dororo


Dororo is an anime similar to Chainsaw Man in terms of the MC having a weaponised body and dark plot. This is one of the most unique titles on this list of anime recommendations similar to Chainsaw Man.

Though not as violent as some other shows on this list, Dororo has a great storyline. But what it is really known for is its dark and disturbing moments. 

Lord Daigo Kagemitsu was hungry for power and decided to make a deal with 12 demons for the prosperity of his lands. 

The demons would make sure that his land flourished, and in exchange, they would each take a part of his unborn son’s body. 

His son was born without eyes, ears, tongue, hands, legs, or even skin, but he was still alive. On the lord’s orders, the child was abandoned and thrown into the river. But, he survived…

Years later, young thief Dororo meets a strange boy named “Hyakkimaru”, with blades as arms, wooden legs, and the mysterious ability to somehow sense monsters and demons.

12. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied - anime like chainsaw man

Elfen Lied might just be one of the most violent animes of the early 2000s. The show paved the way for many upcoming fantasy horror anime and helped the genre become more mainstream.

Lucy is a young Diclonius, a human with horns and long invisible arms called Vectors. Possessing incredible strength, her invisible arms allow her to kill anyone within range. While escaping from the facility where she was being held captive, she falls into the water and ends up at a beach, naked and with no memories.

High schooler Kouta and his cousin Yuka find a naked Lucy at the beach. They decide to let her stay at their place and help her regain her memories. Now, named Nyu by the two, she ends up living with them for the time being.

Bringing a killing machine into their home isn’t exactly a good idea. Fortunately, she’s lost her memories, but it’s only a matter of time before the murderer in her wakes up again.

13. Kemono Jihen

Kemono Jihen - anime like chainsaw man

Kemono Jihen or Monster Incident is one of the best anime like Chainsaw man which has a dark plot, but executes it in a cool, cute manner.

Special detective Kohachi Inugami received a report about a strange phenomenon happening in a remote village in the countryside. The village had many animals, but all of a sudden, in one night, many of the animals were found dead.

Inugami arrived in the village to investigate the incidents. There, he meets a strange boy named Kabane who agrees to help him, but there’s something strange about the kid.

Little by little, he uncovers the mystery behind the killings and also finds out that Kabane is the hybrid son of a ghoul and a human. 

He decides to take Kabane with him to Tokyo and hire him for his detective agency to help in resolving supernatural cases. 

14. Another


There is a legend surrounding the third-year classroom in a middle school. About thirty-six years ago, a popular and talented student named Misaki was mysteriously killed. The sudden death caused her classmates to be in shock, and the whole class felt haunted.

Soon, the class started to act as if Misaki didn’t die and that she was still alive. Then, at the graduation ceremony, in the class photo, Misaki was there. 

Years later, 15-year-old Kouichi Sakakibara has just transferred into the infamous classroom. He soon noticed that something was off in the class, especially in his classmate Mei Misaki.

Misaki warns him not to get involved with her, but he continues to get close to her and figure out the mystery of the class. And soon, the students and teachers are put at high risk as people start dying.

15. Dorohedoro

Dorohedoro - anime like chainsaw man

Dorohedoro is an anime like chainsaw man where the MC has turned into a monster, yet remain as human as they can be.

The Hole is a dark and desolate town where magic users go to test their powers on the weak people living there. The strong prey on the weak, and people dying is a normal occurrence. The magic users think of the residents of the Hole as nothing more than insects.

Caiman used to be a normal human living in the Hole. But one day, a magic user used a spell on him that transformed his face into that of a lizard. Not to mention, there’s even a strange man’s head inside his mouth. Unfortunately, he lost his memories and can’t remember who the magician was.

Now, with the help of his friend Nikaido, he hopes to find the man by biting the head of every magic user he can find so that the man inside him can determine the culprit.

Set in a gritty and cruel world, Dorohedoro is a great post-apocalyptic anime with a healthy mix of comedy, death, and blood. 

16. Claymore

Claymore - anime like chainsaw man

In the Middle Ages, people lived in fear of the demons known as Yoma. These demons hunted and devoured humans mercilessly. Stopping them was difficult because of their ability to take on the appearance of anyone they eat, making them look like any other human being.

The only ones who can detect a disguised demon and kill them are the Claymores, half-demon, half-human women. Hated by everyone, Claymores are powerful women capable of fighting a demon with the strength and speed they get from their demon blood.

One day, when a demon appears in a small village, the villagers decide to hire a claymore named Clare.

In the village, she meets young Raki, whose parents were killed by the demon. Raki is not afraid of Clare like the others and is strangely drawn to her. 

After Clare kills the demon, Raki decides to join her in her adventures. Will he be able to help her in her struggle against her demon side?

Claymore is a great anime if you’re looking for a series with a good revenge story. Because, Clare searches for a former claymore who gave into her demon side and killed one of her loved ones.

17. Soul Eater

Soul Eater

“Soul Eater” is a popular anime that has several similar themes compared to Chainsaw Man. The anime is set in the fictional Death City, where humans with the ability to transform into weapons. Their wielders, called Meisters, attend the prestigious Death Weapon Meister Academy.

The series follows the adventures of three main pairs– Maka and her scythe partner Soul, Black Star and his weapon Tsubaki, and Death the Kid and his twin pistols Patty and Liz—as they battle against evil souls and witches to protect the world from chaos.

This show has a perfect blend of humor, intense battles, and supernatural elements. Overall, “Soul Eater” offers a thrilling and visually stunning journey into the world of weapon-wielding warriors.

18. Sankarea: Undying Love

Sankarea Undying Love

The final anime like Chainsaw Man on this list is, Sankarea: Undying Love.

High schooler Chihiro Furuya is a big fanatic of everything related to zombies and horror films, collecting zombie video games, movies, anime, and manga. He finds the idea of being with a zombie girl really hot.

One day, after his pet cat passes away, he decides to bring his cat back to life using an old manuscript that describes the procedure for making a supposed resurrection potion. 

Every night, he sneaks off to an abandoned hotel and attempts to brew the potion. One night, a beautiful girl named Rea Sanka comes to the building to commit suicide and ends up drinking the potion, believing it to be poisonous. 

Following a disagreement with her father, she falls off a cliff and dies, but is resurrected as a Zombie because of the potion.

That’s it for this post! These are the best anime to watch while we wait for more chainsaw man anime to come in the upcoming years as the manga series gets adapted into new seasons.

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