Chainsaw Man Waifus: 10+ BEAUTIFUL Female Characters In Chainsaw Man

The CSM anime and manga series has a bunch of amazing characters. Especially, the female characters in Chainsaw man are a hit among fans.

Well, to be fair though, literally every other seasonal anime girls have been a hit among weebs too. And we all know how weebs change their waifus every other season.

Regardless, for what its worth, we have a few popular waifus in Chainsaw man this season and I’m going to be listing them down today.

The list will be ranked based on their popularity on MyAnimeList. That is , the more votes a Chainsaw man girl has, the higher she will be on the ranking.

With the intro out of the way, let’s get into the listing!

  • Makima
  • Power
  • Reze/Bomb Devil
  • Higashiyama, Kobeni
  • Himeno
  • Quanxi/Crossbow Devil
  • Nayuta
  • Akane Sawatari
  • Cosmos Devil
  • Yoru/War Devil

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1. Makima

Strongest Devils In Chainsaw Man Ranked

Makima is undoubtedly the queen of the female characters in chainsaw man series. Even though she is a villain most CSM manga fans have fallen for her charms and have crowned the best waifu in Chainsaw man.

However, it is a close battle between Power and Makima. Now that the anime is airing, there is a solid chance that Power can win over more hearts making her the best waifu in the series.

Now, back to Makima. Makima was a Devil Hunter who became associated with our MC Denji. Their dynamics was kind of wholesome while it lasted, not going to lie.

However, turns out she is the control devil and she is far more devious than what she lets out.

She always wears a big, charming smile on her face, and is sweet yet professional all the time. But that was all just a big fat lie. Bet she broke a lot of hearts when she was revealed to be evil, but that didn’t stop her from getting the most votes in MAL.

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2. Power

Power - Female Characters From Chainsaw Man

Power is our horned cutie, and one of the best female characters in Chainsaw man. Both her personality and appearance are just right to earn her the top spot in this list.

Like Makima, she is a devil as well. But a good one that doesn’t plan to kill people. She looks a bit shaggy, given her dressing style is just really untidy. But that and her interesting personality is what that makes her unique.

She is mostly self interested and is very greedy. Paired along with her childish behaviour her personality spices up the entire show.

Simply the fact that she is not all girly and pretty like other female anime characters is what makes her one of the best waifus in the Chainsaw man series.

3. Reze

Reze - Female Characters From Chainsaw Man

It would seem that all the hottest female characters in Chainsaw man are villains, and it is true in Reze’s case.

Reze can manifest as a hybrid devil form known as the Bomb Devil.  Throughout the course of the Bomb Girl Arc, she is the main villain. She is a Russian agent, and her mission is to get inside Denji’s head and win his love.

It is entirely possible for the Bomb Devil to triumph over the Public Safety Division all by herself.

The human side of Reze’s character is one that is highly courteous and friendly. However, after she became the Bomb Devil, she changed her personality and became a badass.

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4. Kobeni Higashiyama

Kobeni Higashiyama - Female Characters From Chainsaw Man

Kobeni Higashiyama has earned a name for herself in the chainsaw man fandom, but it is not necessarily because she is amazing. It is because she sucks. She is cowardly, kind of dumb, yet works as a Public Safety Devil Hunter.

That said, her strength and durability are remarkable which makes her a perfect fit to be a devil hunter. It’s just that she is weak in her mind.

While there might a few people who hate her for who she is, there are also people who think that she is cute because she messes everything up.

5. Himeno

Himeno - Female Characters From Chainsaw Man

Himeno is one of the most beautiful female characters in chainsaw man who is devil hunter. She used to work under Makima’s squad. She has a beautiful appearance, and wears an eyepatch all the time.

As a woman, she is very mature and understanding. She has extreme control over her emotions and does not get panicked easily.

She is a really cool “oneesan” type of girl who gets her job done, even if it means french kissing Denji.

6. Quanxi


Quanxi is a powerful Chinese devil hunter in Chainsaw man. “First Devil Hunter” is her nickname.

Hirofumi Yoshida calls Quanxi’s strength “inhuman.” As if superhuman strength isn’t enough, she’s also an excellent swordswoman.

She uses numerous blades in fight, replacing them as she destroys them. Her speed allows her to cut past enemy crowds.

Appearance wise, she is a hot woman who looks badass wearing an eye patch.

7. Nayuta


Nayuta is probably one of the cutest female characters in chainsaw man. She is none other than the reincarnation of the Control Devil (Makima.)

However, this time around, it was Denji who is tasked with raising her so that she doesn’t become a villain once again.

Her personality is very basic, meaning she isn’t fussy about anything. She doesn’t have much preference in food. She doesn’t care for filtering her words and speaks her mind.

The only thing she shows emotions about is dogs. She loves dogs.

8. Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari - Female Characters From Chainsaw Man

Akane is one of the minor female antagonist characters in the chainsaw man series. She was in kahoots with the Gun devil, even though she used to work as a devil hunter in her past.

As a person, she is normally calm and collected. However, when things don’t go according to her plan, she gets a little off her game and gets panicked.

She is also in contract with the snake devil.

9. Cosmo Devil


Chainsaw man’s Cosmo has the appearance of an spunky, happy-go-lucky girl on the outside. However, she is under the influence of Quanxi and is always following around her, just like Quanxi’s other girlfriends.

She is incapable of saying anything other than “Haloween“. But, during the chapter when we get to peek inside her mind, her personality seemed very devoid of emotions. She wasn’t as fun as she appeared to be.

10. Yoru

Yoru - Female Characters From Chainsaw Man

Yoru is easily one of the most beautiful female characters in all of chainsaw man.

She is a member of the Four Horsemen and currently resides in the body of Asa Mitaka as a Fiend. She is also known as the War Devil. Following her introduction in the Public Safety Saga, she goes on to play a significant role as a villainous protagonist in the Academy Saga.

Yoru is a classic villain who treats her opponents as nothing but a warm up. She is that confident in her skills, and has a prideful personality to boot.

She is also manipulative, as she doesn’t mind using people for her own needs.

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