Toilet Bound Hanako-kun Quotes

Best Jibaku shounen Hanako-kun (Toilet bound Hanako-kun) quotes from the following characters:

  • Hanako
  • Tsukasa
  • Kou Minamoto
  • Tsuchigomori

Toilet bound Hanako-kun

Toilet bound Hanako-kun is an anime about apparitions. Apparitions are spirits/ghosts of dead people. Of all these apparitions, there are seven of them who are famous as urban legends among the Japanese school students. They are called the “seven wonders.”

One of the seven wonders is Hanako-san, the fabled ghost of a girl that haunts the girl’s toilet. When encountered, Hanako will grant you a wish, and take something from you in return.

Hearing this rumor, Nene Yashiro went to find Hanako-san in order to ask her for romantic success in Nene’s life. However to Nene’s surprise, Hanako turned out to be a boy.

After a series of unfortunate events, Nene ended up becoming Hanako’s assistant and became entangled with the apparition world. She then get’s to know Hanako’s duty as an apparition – to maintain the order between the living and the dead.

Here are some of the best quotes from Toilet bound Hanako-kun!

Collection of Best Toilet Bound Hanako-kun quotes:

Hanako-kun Quotes

Hanako - Toilet bound hanako kun quotes

I’ll have you pay me back with your body.

– Hanako

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Hanako quotes

In a world without life and death people who don’t know when to give up are unstoppable.

– Hanako

Jibaku shounen hanako kun quotes - Hanako

Power beyond your ability brings nothing but destruction, boy.

– Hanako

Amane yugi quotes

When you die, that’s it. There’s nothing more. Nothing new begins.

– Hanako

Hanako- kun quotes

No matter how much you regret or wish, if you couldn’t do something in life, you can’t do it after death either.

– Hanako

Tsukasa Quotes

Tsukasa - toilet bound hanako kun quotes

Humans and apparitions should just be however they want. If that would break the world, then it’s better off broken.

– Tsukasa

Tsukasa - toilet bound hanako kun quotes

I like the way people look when they stop holding it in.

– Tsukasa

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Kou Minamoto Quotes

Toilet bound hanako kun quotes - Kou Minamoto

You know, maybe you shouldn’t have forced yourself. Just be yourself.

– Kou Minamoto


Kou Minamoto quotes

Just because you’re dead doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

– Kou Minamoto


Kou Minamoto quotes

Who the hell are you? Get your hands off my friend!!

– Kou Minamoto


Kou Minamoto - Toilet bound hanako kun quotes

I don’t mind dying if it is to keep everyone safe!

– Kou Minamoto


Tsuchigomori Quotes

Tsuchigomori quotes

You should make your decision. Just make sure you don’t regret it.

– Tsuchigomori

These were some of the best quotes from Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun. Hope you enjoyed it.

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