10+ Popular Fire Force Ships Loved By Fans!

Fire Force ships are not talked about all that much. It maybe because it’s still relatively new, or maybe people don’t see Fire Force (Enen no Shouboutai) as a main stream anime yet.

It would explain the almost empty “ships” page on the shipping fandom site(It only had Shinra x Arthur last I checked) and the generally vague results on Google when you search for Fire Force ships.

Seeing how things are, I decided it was time someone laid the ground work for all these beautiful ships to get some eyeballs on the internet. I gone through some forums, Reddit pages and Pinterest to find which characters people were shipping together (Obviously, this article is not my ship list. These are the ships I found that people are actually interested in. If you wanna know mine, it’s either Shinra x Tamaki or Hinawa x Maki)

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the listing!

Straight Fire Force Ships

Shinra x Tamaki

Fire Force Ships - Shinra x Tamaki

Shinra x Tamaki is probably the most popular ship out there, and we all know the reason why. We’ve continually seen Shinra and Tamaki getting caught up in Tamaki’s “lucky lewd” quirk and ending up in some quite erotic situations. It’s only natural to want to root for them after all those.

Vulcan x Lisa

Fire Force Ships - vulcan x lisa

Vulcan x Lisa one is a canon ship. It’s pretty obvious from the anime and manga that they love each other and are most likely to end up as a couple.

Hinawa x Maki

Fire Force Ships - Hinawa x Maki

I low-key adore Hinawa x Maki ship. Both Hinawa and Maki have completely different personalities which I think would make their relationship fun & spicy!

Shinra x Iris

Fire Force Couples - iris x shinra

I did think Shinra x Iris ship was going to sail at the beginning of the anime when Tamaki was not introduced yet. But right now, I’m more on the Shinra x Tamaki side than with Iris’. This is a nice ship nonetheless.

In the anime they showed Shinra blushing when Iris was close to him when they visited Vulcan’s place. Maybe that’s where this ship took off.

Tamaki x Assault

Fire Force Couples - tamaki x Assault

Sauce: ZeroChan

These two were enemies and were out to kill each other (well, Tamaki literally did smash his skull in at the end) but seeing Assault get flustered over Tamaki during the fight made some fans root for this ship and brought forth this Tamaki x Assault ship.

Hibana x Shinra

Fire Force Ships - Hibana x Shinra

In the anime, Hibana has made it obvious that she loves Shinra. Although it is one sided at this point, it doesn’t stop the fans from shipping them together. Hibana x Shinra is probably the second most popular of all the Fire Force ships out there.

Obi x Hibana

Enen no Shouboutai ships - Obi x Hibana

Obi & Hibana spent the most time together as they were both captains and had to stay back most times. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this was the start of something romantic.

Iris x Arthur

Enen no Shouboutai ships - iris x arthur

This is a really cute ship. Both Arthur and Iris have a lot of common points. They’re both relatively dense (Arthur in particular is beyond saving). And they even have the same hair color (What? I dunno what else was there to mention.)

Gay Fire Force Ships

Shinra x Arthur

Fire Force ships - Shinra x Arthur

Shinra x Arthur is the ship that will make most of the fangirls go crazy, and most of the boys go hit their heads against the wall. From what I’ve seen there are just two kinds of people when it comes to this: the ones who love it and the ones who despise it.

Obi x Shinra

Enen no Shouboutai couples - Akitaru Obi x Shinra

I don’t really see this happening. They’re like brothers if anything, but someone mentioned this ship in the Reddit page. So here we are. (I gotta respect all opinions and be neutral after all.)

Benimaru x Konro

Enen no Shouboutai couples - benimaru x konro

Sauce: ZeroChan

Benimaru and Konro are the thickest of friends who’d die for each other. Such strong bonds might make them end up as a couple.

Lesbian Fire Force Ships

Hibana x Iris

Fire Force ships

From the anime, we can see that these two are definitely close to each other and love each other (in a not so romantic way.) But there are a few fans who’d like to see them as a couple, and thus this ship.

Maki x Tamaki

maki x tamaki

Not a popular ship, but I did find a single person who mentioned this ship on Pinterest. And hoping that there’ll be others who share the same views as this random stranger, I’m adding this ship in this list.

These were all the popular Fire Force ships loved by fans. Did I miss your favorite ship? If so let me know by commenting your ship down in the comment box! I’ll add it to the list asap!!

Which is your favorite Fire Force couple?

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5 thoughts on “10+ Popular Fire Force Ships Loved By Fans!”

  1. Arrow’s kinda underrated especially when it comes to Hinawa. People have been saying that Hinawa x Arrow makes a great couple too. Spoiler on chapter 241.

  2. I’ll be honest, from the very beginning of the anime, I shipped Shinra x Iris and Arthur x Maki. But then Tamaki showed up and I changed my opinion on the previous ship. As for Arthur x Maki, I don’t care that she has/might have a crush on Hinawa, or that there’s literally only one fanfiction and fanart with them, I’ll forever ship them.

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