List Of Pokémon With The Highest HP Ranked

There are 905 unique Pokémon and every one of them has its own game stats. These stats are Attack, Special Attack, Defense, Special Defense, and HP.

HP (Hit Points or Health Points) is a game attribute that represents the health of a Pokémon. During combat, the HP reduces, and this can be seen in the horizontal bar that changes from green to yellow to red. Different Pokémon have different HP, but they all faint when they reach 0 HP.

When forming a Pokémon team, many focus on speed and power. However, HP is very important as well, because your Pokémon should be able to survive the damage from an opponent as it deals out damage during combat.

If you are looking for the Pokémon with the highest HP, there is no need to look any further. Here is a list of Pokémon that have more hit points than all others.

10. Slaking – 150 HP


Type: Normal

Best Nature: Jolly

Fighting: Fighting (2x)

Slaking is an extremely powerful beast with great stats in every category. It has the highest total base stats of all Pokémon except Mythicals, Mega Evolutions, and Legendaries. It spends all its time lying down, relaxing, and only eats the grass that it can easily reach. If it finishes the grass around it, then it reluctantly tries to change position.

It has a base HP stat of 150 and its design is inspired by the hibernating sloth. Even its name is formed from “slack” and “king”.

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9. Snorlax – 160 HP


Type: Normal

Best Nature: Careful

Weakness: Fighting (2x)

This Pokémon is not satisfied until it has eaten more than 880 pounds of food each day, and immediately after eating, it goes to sleep. With its huge diet and long hours of sleep, Snorlax racks up a massive base HP stat of 160. It is well known for its endurance and stamina in battle.

Snorlax is inspired by bears, pandas, and sloths that hibernate for months. The Pokémon is able to outlast its opponents because it is usually paired with Leftovers, which restores a bit of its HP after every damage. It has an attack stat of 110, but a speed stat of only 30. The name is clearly formed from “snore” and “relax”.

Normally, one would think Snorlax is the pokemon with the highest hp, but it is far from the truth. There are several others with Higher HP than snorlax.

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8. Alomomola – 165 HP


Type: Water

Best Nature: Bold

Weakness: Grass (2x), Electric (2x)

Alomomola is a Water-type fish with two healing abilities: Hydration and Regenerator. These abilities allow it to heal status conditions and sometimes HP. It also has access to Aqua Ring, Wish, and Wide Guard moves, which help it to remain standing even during long battles. Alomomola’s base HP stat is 165 HP, so there is no need to worry even when it looks defenseless.

Its moves and abilities make it a great choice for double battles. However, look out for its weak offensive power. It is an ocean fish that is designed to look like a heart. The inspiration for its name comes from combining “mola mola” (the ocean fish’s scientific name), “mom” (it is a caring Pokémon ), and “aloha” (Hawaiian for ‘love’).

7. Wailord – 170 HP

Wailord - Pokémon with the highest hp

Type: Water

Best Nature: Modest

Weaknesses: Grass (2x), Electricity (2x)

Wailord is the biggest Pokémon that has been identified so far. Faithful to its size, it is also one of the pokemon with the highest hp. It is literally a huge whale that can swim in vast seas.

Wailord has an extremely huge mouth, which gives it the ability to swallow large amounts of food at the same time. It has the largest HP for a Water-type Pokémon which is 170 HP.

Its HP stat is the main quality that it has because its other stats are average. However, it is very difficult to knock down. “Wailord” is formed by combining “whale” and “lord”.

6. Wobbuffet – 190 HP

Wobbuffet - Pokémon with the highest hp

Type – Psychic

Best Nature – Calm

Weaknesses – Bug (2x), Ghost (2x), Dark (2x)

Wobbuffet are known for their great endurance. They can go for long periods of time without food. This is due to their high base HP stat of 190, which is the highest for a Psychic-type Pokémon . Apart from Wobbuffet’s HP stat, the others are very bad, but it is fine since this Pokémon doesn’t really need them.

It is designed to look like a punching bag, and it also behaves like one. It’s not surprising that the Wobbuffet has such a high HP. Its moves are mainly based on its ability to reflect damage and attack back to the opponent.

5. Regidrago – 200 HP

Regidrago - Pokémon with the highest hp

Type: Dragon

Best Nature: Adamant

Weakness: Ice (2x), Dragon (2x), Fairy (2x)

The Regis are a fairly new Pokémon, and they have their strengths and weaknesses. For the Regidrago, its greatest strength is its ridiculous base HP. It is easliy one of the best pokemon with the highest hp.

A 200 HP together with high Attack, high Special Attack, and great speed, this Pokémon can be used effectively as a glass cannon.

This is due to the fact that its high HP cannot compensate for its poor defense and special defense stats. This is due to the fact that its high HP cannot compensate for its poor defense and special defense stats. So despite the large amount of health Regidrago might have, it would faint very quickly when hit.

4. Zygarde (Complete Form) – 216 HP

Zygarde - Pokémon with the highest hp

Type: Dragon/Ground

Best Nature: Impish

Weaknesses: Dragon (2x), Fairy (2x), Ice (4x)

A complete form Zygarde has the highest base HP stat of any Ground-type Pokémon. It has an orifice on its chest from which it radiates high-powered energy that destroys everything in its path. It has an impressive 216 HP, which makes it very difficult to bring it down.

The inspiration for Zygarde’s design could have been taken from Fenrir, Jormungarndr, and Hel. These are the three children of Loki and Angrbooa from ancient Norse mythology. It also relates to the three forms it has – 10%, 50%, and Complete. When it comes to the name, “Zygarde” looks like the combination of the letter “Z” and “garde,” the French word for “guard”.

3. Guzzlord – 223 HP

Guzzlord - Pokémon with the highest hp

Type: Dark/Dragon

Best Nature: Modest

Weaknesses: Fighting (2x), Bug (2x), Ice (2x), Dragon (2x), Fairy (4x)

Guzzlord is one of the pokemon with the highest hp. It is an Ultra Beast who is said to have “gobbled mountains and swallowed whole buildings.” It has the highest HP stat of any Dragon-type and Dark-type at 223.

This Pokémon has an extremely scary appearance and is very strong. It has great stamina, which is due to its beastly size. Its name is formed by combining “guzzle” and “lord”.

2. Chansey – 255 HP


Type: Normal

Best Nature: Bold

Weakness: Fighting (2x)

Although Chansey is an unevolved Pokémon, it is second on this list with an HP of 250. This Pokémon is famous for its bulkiness and was once very slow. However, they gained the ability to run quickly in order to protect their eggs from some other creatures. Not many understand how Chansey is able to run so fast.

They have a unique design that is a bit similar to that of axolotls, kangaroos, and chickens. It is an excellent choice for those that want to use stalling tactics because of its high HP. This Pokémon also has a couple of moves that it uses to recover health points. “Chansey” in Japanese means “Lucky”.

1. Blissey – 255 HP

Blissey - Pokémon with the highest hp

Type: Normal

Best Nature: Modest

Weakness: Fighting (2x)

Blissey is the number 1 pokemon with the highest hp of all time with an amazing 255 base HP. Of all the Pokémon, it has the greatest experience yield. It also has the best Special Defense stat of all the normal Pokémon types.

Blissey’s design is similar to that of Chansey, which has the second highest HP. Its name, “Blissey,” is also gotten by combining “bliss” with “Chansey.”

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