5 Things You Didn’t Know About Naruto And Hinata’s Relationship

The chemistry between anime couples is highly admired in any Shonen anime. This is especially true when the anime is about 500 episodes long. Naruto is one such Shonen where these kinds of relationships are more visible.

Hinata and Naruto are one of my favorite anime couples of all time. But how many people know the history behind this cute couple? 

The Naruto multiverse is so big that it is easy to get lost in all the battles and training. But Naruto and Hinata go a long way, and their fates were sealed way before Naruto joined forces with Kakashi’s team 7.

The first meeting

naruto and hinata

A lot of fans argue where exactly Naruto met Hinata? Masashi Kishimoto unraveled the first meeting in The Last: Naruto the Movie.

The first meeting took place in the snowy season when some kids bully little Hinata by calling her Byakugan monster. This was because Hinata’s eyes looked completely white due to Byakugan. Naruto steps in recklessly to save Hinata. As payback for interfering, the boys beat him unconscious.

Naruto wakes up and starts running into the wild. Before running away, Hinata thanks him and appreciates his kindness and bravery. This is the exact moment where the two of them meet for the first time. 

The unexpected meeting was crucial for the character development of both Hinata and Naruto , as this meeting induced the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

Who confessed first?


In episode 166 of Naruto Shippuden, Pain wipes off the entire Konohagakure village with the almighty push. After defeating almost every shinobi, including the fifth Hokage, Pain meets Naruto for the first time.

In a handicap match between 6 Amegakure ninjas and Naruto, Pain beat up naruto pretty bad and makes him immovable. Hinata comes for the rescue. And as she is about to go one-on-one with Pain, she finally confesses her feelings to Naruto that she has been hiding for a long time. 

Also, this was the first time that Naruto breaks the seal and transform into six tails to take revenge for Hinata’s alleged death. 

Naruto was destined to be with Sakura

naruto and sakura

This wouldn’t come as a surprise, but Sakura was first meant to be with Naruto. Throughout the series, Sakura dropped several hints about her interest in Naruto, and Naruto saved Sakura several times indicating that there is a possibility of NaruSaku(Made with Naruto first four-letters and Sakura’s first four-letter) coming into existence. 

But to everyone’s surprise, Hinata stayed true to her feelings and opened her heart to Naruto while Sakura maintained her Tomboyish avatar and stayed as a good-friend to Naruto. 

Hinata and Naruto were alienated from society


Naruto and Hinata shared a similar kind of experience and were called monsters by people. Above all the things Naruto and Hinata don’t have in common, being called a monster brought them together. 

Naruto was hated for the hidden nine-tails inside of him and Hinata was hated because of the colorless white eyes. People called both of them monsters and the way they came out victorious show us how both of them were the same in terms of taking criticism and working hard towards becoming a great ninja.

 If you ask me, they are a perfectly imperfect couple in the whole Naruto series. 

Naruto Never said I love you to Hinata


Fan theories and Naruto experts might argue that Naruto never said those three magic words to Hinata. But, you might hate me for this! He proposed to Hinata and he even said I love you. Don’t believe it? Lets recap!

In The Last: Naruto The Movie, Naruto and Hinata get to spend a day together and they enjoy every bit of it. Towards the end of the day, Naruto promises to save Hanami Hyūga, and while saying that, he subtly says I love you. 

Hinata asks him to repeat what he just said and this is the exact moment where Naruto  wholeheartedly confesses his feelings by saying‘ I love you Hinata.’ 

This particular moment is so special because I lot of people believe that Naruto never said I love you to Hinata. But in reality, he did and people just overlooked it and debated about Naruto’s ignorance about love and relationships. 

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Ashish Khaitan is a copywriter, content creator, and founder of OTAKUSMART. He usually writes about video games, anime, K-Pop, and technology. 
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Ashish Khaitan
3 years ago

Thank you for the opportunity bro. You are great!


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3 years ago

Such a wonderful explanation of the beautiful and most amazing Anime couple of all time.


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