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25+ Hottest Harem Anime You Must Definitely Watch!

The anime industry has a lot of different genres, and one of them is “harem.” Here, we get to see several girls flocking around the MC and wants to be his romance partner. If you’re an otaku, you have surely tried to explore this genre. Now don’t tell me you didn’t senpai. There are also animes where we have a reverse harem. Here, we get to see a bunch of hot and handsome guys madly in love with the female MC.

Most of the time, harem anime leads to situations that are both funny and sexualized, so watching them around the family is not a good idea. This means this genre is a big “NO” to watching in front of the family or without headphones. 

The harem genre has a lot of different categories within it, like, for example, Reverse Harem, High School Harem, Fantasy, Magic, Harem with a Disability, OP MC harem, etc. We have prepared a list of some of the best harem animes for you, so get ready and make sure to check if someone is peeping on you while reading this list. 

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Harem with an Overpowered MC

So here we present you the first category of Harem– Harem with OP MC. In these anime the MC is very overpowered and has to keep his abilities hidden. During their interactions, the MC tries to hide his power, trying not to scare away the female characters. Having an overpowered lead who is romantically involved with several hot female characters is a different kind of fun.

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Here are some of the harem animes with overpowered MCs.

Tenchi Muyou!


Tenchi Muyou is a harem anime that has an amazing storyline with Tenchi Masaki, who is the overpowered MC of the show. Living in Japan with his grandfather who trains him as a Swordsman and Shinto Priest. 

One normal evening, a group of alien girls arrives at Tenchi’s house. Surprisingly, the extraterrestrial chicks are interested in the OP protagonist and want to have a different kind of relationship with him. Tenchi Masaki who has now idea about his hidden powers, slowly starts to discover truths about himself as the series goes on. 

Episodes: 26

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Dai Shogun

Dai Shogun -  harem anime with OP MC

This story is based in the Edo period in Japan, where foreign ships attacked the country, but an ancient giant robot known as Onigami destroyed the black ships. Keiichiro, who is the overpowered MC of the show, is a character who keeps fighting and training himself to get better. 

However, his hotness is irresistable for girls.

But, he also doesn’t like to be involved with “welcoming” females who are trying to bind him. Watch Dai Shogun to find out if Keiichiro manages to train or gets bedazzled by some huge melons and pies.

Episodes: 12

Triage X

Triage X

This anime is about a secret organization that has the goal of killing evil in society and doing God’s work. They are known as the “Black Labels.” Sounds badass, right?

The concept of this anime is very interesting. You will find characters with appealing bodies and powers. The overpowered MC of this anime is Arashi, who is the most good-looking man in the anime. He likes to focus on his missions and tends to be anti-social. 

He has a teammate named Mikoto, who isn’t that fond of our MC. But, as it goes without saying in a harem series, slowly, as the story comes to life, Mikoto starts falling head over heels for Arashi.



Hundred anime info

In the anime, the world is weaponised by a weapon called “Hundred”, which can transform into anything. Amazing, right? To be honest, the start of the anime is a little off-putting, but after a couple of episodes, you try to soak in the interesting plot.

But besides plot, I know what you’re here for. The naughty part of the anime. So the overpowered MC of the show is Kisaragi Hayato. He has the best power bar in the anime, which has attracted a lot of female attention towards him. Also, the fan service in Hundred is on a perfect level and you won’t be disappointed with it.

Episodes: 12

Aesthetics of a Rogue Hero

Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero anime

This story is based in a magical world where characters learn how to use magic through several masters. There is an organization that helps kids develop their innate powers and use them for the betterment of society. 

The main character is Akatsuki. No, we aren’t talking about the one from Naruto Verse, so forget about that for a moment. So Akatsuki is the MC who happens to be the most good-looking brat in this anime. The female characters in the show have a weak spot for him. Find out what happens in this amazing harem anime by watching the story unfold.

Episodes: 12

Reverse Harem Anime

If you look at the harem section of anime, you will find a huge number of lists of series with a male protagonist. But then, how about a story with a female protagonist? An anime where there is a harem of hot male characters trying to win over the female main lead.

This category is a part of the harem, which is called the “Reverse Harem,” where the whole story is twisted and turned for a female MC. We have listed some of the best Reverse Harem anime. Enjoy.

Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits

This anime takes us on an adventure where the characters confront man-eating monster spirits. The whole concept is centered around the spirit. Aoi Tsubaki, who is the MC of the show, has a god-given ability which she can use to see and talk with these spirits.

The king of spirits shows up at her door and asks her to marry him to pay off some debts. Aoi refuses and proposes to open a restaurant for the spirits. She serves food to the customers, who are hot bachelors and man-eating souls. She quickly becomes eye candy for the male characters. 

Episodes: 26

Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket - Reverse Harem Anime

This one is a sweet story about Tooru’s life. She lives with a family of brothers. It’s a very wholesome harem, but as the story starts to unfold, the MC finds out that the brothers are cursed, and if a girl hugs them, they transform into zodiac animals. 

You need to watch Fruit Basket to fully understand the whole dilemma behind the ‘Curse’. This is a reverse harem anime where you will find an interesting plot too, and not just some lewd scenes.

Episodes: 63

Kamisama Kiss

Kamisama Kiss

This one is similar to Fruits Basket; here our female MC, Nanami, is in financial issues and becomes homeless. With no one to lean on, she is in a pickle. At this time, a man who is actually a fox god adopts her. Nanami then somehow starts to act like a god. 

Nanami then comes across the Snake God, who proposes to her for marriage. She denies him as she has feelings for the fox god. There are monsters who want to chew her head off, but there is a lot of male interest in the new Nanami. 

Episodes: 25

Brothers Conflict

Brothers Conflict - Reverse Harem Anime

Most of the time you will find 4-5 male characters drooling over the lead female MC, but that’s not the case here. The MC, named Ema, gets to choose from 13 stepbrothers, who are very different from each other. 

As the story goes on in this reverse harem anime, you will find out how Ema gets into a troublesome situation. The brothers are good looking, graceful and full of love for Ema. Now who do you think she will opt for?

Episodes: 12

Fushigi Yuugi

Fushigi Yuugi - Reverse Harem Anime

Fushigi Yuugi is one of the retros where our female MC, “Miaka Yuuki”, gets “isekaied” to a fantasy world. This one is the most fun reverse harem anime you will ever see. Also, it is an anime filled with fantasy and some naughty action.

It turns out Miaka is a prophesized priestess who can summon a God where she can be granted 3 wishes. But before this happens, the new priestess must find out where her bodyguards are because she needs to be protected from the danger coming. The soldiers are actually some fine looking men in the fantasy world. Two of them try to win Miaka, while the remaining are just “heart eyes” for our priestess. 

Episodes: 52

Dance with Devils

Dance with Devils

Ritsuka Tachibana is surprised when the student council searches for her. Rem Kaginuki leads the council in questioning Ritsuka.

Ritsuka is apparently connected to the grimoire. Her mother is kidnapped and she finds herself in a battle between vampires and devils. Will his brother’s return give her relief?

Episodes: 12

Diabolik Lovers

Diabolik Lovers

Diabolik Lovers is a shoujo, vampire, reverse harem anime.

Yui Komori’s father sends her to the Sakamaki brothers’ mansion. Yui is a vampire’s sacrificial bride. She is horrified that she will also provide their carnal pleasures.

Yui’s nights of suffering begin when the vampires show no mercy. Will she find a way out or will a miracle occur?

Episodes: 24

School Harem Anime

High school is the stage where the students make a lot of new and weird discoveries about themselves and others. The Harem School Anime captures this stage of their lives very well; the embarrassment, the surging of hormones, or experimenting with new naughty things. 

The best part about this category is that the schools aren’t always normal schools. They are Demon Schools, Magic Schools, Sports Academies, etc. You find out that the girl you find terribly cute is actually a demon goddess, and then you’re intrigued to find out more about the story. We have gathered some of the best school harem series. Check them out and enjoy.



Released in early 2004, Shuffle was launched as an adult video game which was quite famous on the Japanese streets. The game became so popular that they created an anime out of the game arcs, which was also well accepted by the otakus. 

The MC is trapped in a world between demons and gods. Besides that, he also has to live a normal school boy’s life. The animation and the characters do justice to the story. If you’re interested in watching demon girls and angels get into it, then this is perfect for you.

Episodes: 24

Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead

Highschool of the Dead will pop up on every Harem Anime List, as it happens to be that famous between the Otakus! The world faces a global pandemic, and Takashi, who is our MC, has to embark on a dangerous journey. 

Any ideas on what this journey might be? Well, Takashi has to survive a zombie apocalypse alongside some hot high school girls. This anime will keep you interested throughout. The amazing, crisp animation and music will keep you hooked. What’s more, the fanservice in this anime is kind of borderline hentai. In particular, the final OVA episode almost crossed the lines.

Episodes: 12

Mayo Chiki!

Mayo Chiki! - School Harem Anime

Mayo Chiki revolves around Kinjiro Sakamachi, a student who has a fear of the opposite gender. You remember the good ol’ horny nosebleed of anime characters? Yeah, that’s what happens to Kinjiro when he comes into contact with a female.

There are many interesting characters in this harem anime. The MC is someone who likes to help others despite his fear. He helps the butler named Subaru Konoe, who is actually a lady hiding herself from the world. The animation is top notch and you won’t be bored binging on this series, so give it a go! 

Episodes: 13

Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven - action harem anime

This story takes place after the MC’s world is destroyed because of the Black Sun Gravitational Event. He is teleported to a world full of magic. 

Arata Kasuga (MC) meets various characters who are mages. He then enrolls in a school stuffed with magicians and witches. This is a wholesome but harem-style series that will make you fall in love. The plot, the animation, and the music all get full marks from us. If you’re interested in fantasy or harem, you need to watch this wonderful anime.

Episodes: 12

Rosario & Vampire

Rosario to Vampire

For some reason, the anime industry has always been fascinated with the idea of sending vampires to schools.

Tsukune, who is the protagonist, enrols himself into a school full of monsters and mages. He comes across Moka, who is a hot female vampire. 

So, Moka Akashiya is all heart eyes for Tsukune and wants to have a sip of his blood. Whereas Tsukune only entered this school because he couldn’t succeed in any other school, this makes the story more interesting. 

This gripping anime, where a normal human boy gets into a monster school, is definitely a must watch. You will love the character designs and personas. 

Episodes: 26

Strike The Blood

Strike the blood

Strike The Blood is a popular vampire romance anime. Fanservice and ecchi content in this show may not be for everyone.

Kojou Akatsuki was on Itogami Island. He was a normal school student on the island’s Demon District. When he gets vampire abilities and learns he’s the fourth primogenitor, his life is takes an unexpected turn.

His legends describe his destructive power. Fearing Akatsuki’s power, the Lion King Organization sends a sword-shaman.

Episodes: 58

To Love Ru

To Love Ru - ecchi harem anime

To Love Ru is an ecchi harem classic. Most fans start with To Love Ru. Sometimes it’s used to prank new anime fans. The story begins perfectly for an ecchi anime.

Rito Yuuki loves his classmate Haruna. Yuuki wants to confess, but a naked girl falls on him while bathing, complicating matters. Rito’s life is about to take a wild turn when the girl introduces herself as an alien princess.

Episodes: 62

Magic Harem Anime

Magic and Curse are the most over-used concept in Anime World, the point is how well the story is told to the Audience. Now let’s add some harem to the magical part, which makes it more interesting and fun. We have listed some of the best Harem anime, which are filled with magic and fantasy.

High School DxD

High School DxD - harem anime with magic

High School DxD’s plot stands out among ecchi and harem anime. When the story gets boring, it’s normal to lose interest in ecchi anime.

High School DxD’s great story and character development will hook you. Alongside it are ecchi scenes with the Occult Club girls. Throughout the story, president Rias entertains you.

Episodes: 48

In Another World with my Smartphone

In Another World with my Smartphone

We all make mistakes, right? Even God makes a few mistakes sometimes. One day, Kami Sama accidentally, out of nowhere, strikes a lightning bolt on top of Touya Mochizuki and kills him accidentally. So, as a good gesture, God grants him a wish.

Other than a wish, he also offers him a chance to live in a world full of magic and fantasy. The MC wishes to keep his smartphone and accepts the offer to live in a magical world. Touya has numerous experiences with beautiful girls from the magic world. He shows them the concept of a smartphone and becomes a favourite among them.

Episodes: 12

Black Clover

Black Clover

Black Clover has the right amount of magic and harem. Asta, who is the protagonist of the show, is in love with the beautiful Sister Lily. He promises her that he will become the Wizard King and marry her, whereas whenever Asta tries to act funny, Sister Lilly blasts him off with her water magic.

As the story starts to unfold, Asta meets Noelle, who is from a Royal Magic Family. She ends up being a Black Bull with Asta. Slowly, you find out that Noelle has a weak spot for Asta and his antics, and then we are introduced to Mimosa, who openly loves Asta. 

Episodes: 170

Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches

Yamada-Kun and the Seven Witches - boy to girl anime

Yamada-kun & the Seven Witches has one of the best storylines. This can also be considered in the category of High School Harem. When Ryu Yamada (MC) joins a new school to start over his life for the better, which doesn’t work as in the second year, Ryu starts with his old antics.

When Ryu clashes with Urara Shiraishi, who is a beautiful honors student, they fall onto each other, which turns into an accidental kiss! Now they discover a magical ability, which is that if they kiss, they can switch their bodies with each other. Slowly, they start digging into finding more about the supernatural ability. They find the 7 Witches of Suzaku High School.

Yamada-kun has found himself a harem of 7 witches. All of them have different witch powers that are activated by a kiss. The Supernatural Club starts a study to find the truth about their magical powers. Watch the anime to enjoy the amazing plot and Yamada-kun’s antics. The fan service is amazing in this anime.

Episodes: 12

Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao - Magic Harem Anime

Wishing for a better, peaceful world, Akuto Sai (MC) enrolls himself in a Constant Magic Academy, a place where he can hone his magic skills. Akuto meets a shinobi named Junko Hattori, and they go on to become good friends. 

Their friendship prospers because they both share a similar dream, which is to make the world a better place for people. As the story starts to take its form, we find out that Akuto is prophesized to be the Demon King. This weakens the friendship, and Junko starts losing trust in Akuto. The whole school begins to live in fear of Akuto, the future demon king. 

However, there are a bunch of girls who are crazy for the MC. He is constantly showered with their love. The anime has a good plot and gets interesting episode after episode. Also, the harem service is just the right amount for the otakus.

Episodes: 12

Maken-Ki! Battling Venus

Maken-Ki! Battling Venus

Takeru Ohyama, our MC, is a simple guy and a big pervert. He attends a new school where they teach magic and combat. Takeru is totally oblivious to this fact and starts getting clueless about the instances. 

Inaho Kushiya, a student who says she is his fiancée, and Kodama Higema, a blonde-haired girl who hates Takeru and wants to end him. Slowly, Takeru finds out that, other than Kodama, there are plenty of girls who hate him for his perverted antics. A special weapon called a Maken is used for combat and magic in this school. Takeru needs a maken to perform a duel. 

He finds out that he has no Maken and also can’t perform magic nor does he excel in combat. Now, what do you think will be the next step for Takeru Ohyama?

Episodes: 12

Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer

Redo of Healer is an infamous 2021 ecchi harem anime. Since everyone is home due to covid, it’s the perfect release year. No better time to watch an ecchi anime, right? But here’s a fair warning. This anime has extreme adult content. Watch the censored version if you’re not into explicit content.

The story follows Keyaru, a healer. Usually a healer is treated gently, but not in his case. He decided to use all his power to turn back time and exact revenge for his suffering.

Episodes: 12

That’s it for this post! These were some of the best harem anime series that you must definitely try if you’re into this category.

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