The Top 7 Must-Watch Anime Beach Episodes

Who doesn’t love a good anime beach episode? The anime beach background looks so vibrant and natural that every beach episode brings a new exciting adventure. Of course, it all matters how you watch your beach anime, too.

There are projectors for laptops or standalone projectors that can give you as big a screen as you want. All of which is better for enjoying the best anime beach episodes out there. Without further ado, here are the 7 best anime beach episode that stand above the rest.

7 Must-Watch Anime Beach Episodes

There is a lot that goes into a beach anime episode. Some of the most classic anime series has ventured out into the sunshine and sand for one reason or another. Each episode brings something of its own to the table, making it a fun episode that falls outside of the norm for each of the series involved.

When you are organizing your next night to enjoy a screening, keep these episodes in the back of your mind. You can even do a marathon of everything listed and give yourself a little beach vacation right in the comfort of your own home.

Another, Episode 8, “Hair Stand”

Another beach episode

Another anime’s characters, and its manga, in particular, have become more prevalent in recent years.

The characters come together for an unexpected event.

If you are looking for drama in your anime, this episode is definitely where you want to be.

There are unexpected twists, a little bit of dark humor, and a major happening at the end of the episode that will leave you wanting to watch on.

Ouran High School Host Club, Episode 8, “The Sun, The Sea, And the Host Club!”

ouran high school host club beach episode

It should be no surprise to see one of the Ouran High School Host Club episodes on this list. Ouran High School Host Club manga is extremely popular as Haruhi and the host club goes through its adventures.

Of all the Ouran High School Host Club characters, we learn more about Haruhi and what she fears the most. It takes an odd twist here and there, but winds up being a fun episode with the beach as a backdrop.

Assassination Classroom, Episode 17, “Island Time”

assassination classroom

Assassination Classroom has its own concept of beach episode. Sure, there are classic stuffs like beach volleyball and swimming, but it also has assassination in addition.

This unique concept is what that makes this beach episode better than the ones from other anime series.

This episode certainly delivers on the expectation for the series in more ways than one. It is super funny at times and is filled with wholesome plot and action.

Guilty Crown, Episode 8, “Hot Summer Day: Courtship Behavior”

guilty crown beach episode

Guilty Crown is an anime created by the same artist who worked on Death Note. So the expectations of this anime was pretty high, and it definitely delivered!

If there is one thing to stick around for in this episode it is the classic Guilty Crown ending. It leaves questions about Shu’s father and his relationship with Haruka as well as his role in the Apocalypse Virus. You will undoubtedly have more questions than ever after seeing this episode, but that only leads you to further own the Guilty Crown rabbit hole.

Highschool of the Dead, Episode 13, “Drifters of the DEAD”

high school of the dead

Drifters of the Dead, from Highschool of the Dead manga, is basically about a zombie high school. High School of the Dead characters set out on an island adventure to escape potential zombie exposure and find something new.

Those who watch Highschool of the Dead know where this is going. Chaos invariably finds them, leading them to make this new island inhabitable where it was once thought to be uninhabitable. Can they make their adventure count and turn this island around?

What sets Highschool of the Dead apart from other zombie series is it’s fanservice. Despite having a serious theme, they somehow manage to include extreme ecchi scenes. Particularly the final beach OVA took it a bit too far.

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove It, Episodes 9-12

Science Fell in Love

In Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it the two main anime characters work primarily at Saitama University. The characters are working to discover the right math to unlock the most powerful instruments at mankind’s disposal. These are some of the coolest anime characters in that they believe in the power of research and proving things out above all else.

During the process, two of the main characters find that they have feelings for one another. This leads to the question: can math explain something as complicated as love? It touches on how each party feels about love, helping facilitate their falling in love as the story progresses. It is a unique approach to a beach episode, that’s for sure.

Golden Time, Episode 15, “Accident Beach”

Golden Time beach Episode

Nothing goes right for the Golden Time characters in one of the most confusing Golden Times episodes. Whether you watch Golden Time English dubbed or with subtitles, there is no doubting that this one really doesn’t go well for the Golden Time characters.

They head to the beach with nothing going right along the way. By the time they get there, a full-on rainstorm is happening, ruining their day at the beach before they can even begin it. And on their return, a dangerous accident nearly turns deadly for all of the characters on the trip.


As you can see, there are more than a few beach-related episodes to choose from. Each brings something different to the table and feels like an adventure in its own right. Watching them alone or together, you feel like you are there at the beach with your favorite characters.

Even if it is a one-off break from the normal stories told on those shows, it can be a welcome break. Before long, you will be counting down the days until your favorite characters find an excuse to head back to the beach.

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