Top 10 Romantic Anime With Vampires

Anime involving vampires is one of the most popular genres in the anime community. They have this thrill to them that can’t be explained so easily. And to make things even spicier, the writers often add romance to them. 

With that in mind, let us take a look at some of the best romantic anime with vampires. I am pretty sure that you will find some gems in this list that you haven’t watched till now.

Fortune Arterial

Fortune Arterial  - romantic anime with vampires

The fact that a school is located on an island that is miles away from mainland Japan should have been the first sign of a red flag for our dear protagonist. His name is Kohei Hasekura, and he has just changed schools. His new place of education follows a unique system of six years, where he will also complete his high school. 

But the best surprise is yet to arrive for Kohei. After starting his classes in that academy, he comes to know that one of the students there is actually a vampire. Maybe Kohei should have stopped after that, knowing that the only means of getting to his new school was by using a boat. Thus starts this vampire romance story.

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Rosario to Vampire – Harem Anime With Vampire

Rosario to Vampire - harem anime with monster girls

Rosario to Vampire is a romantic anime with vampire that was really popular back in the days.

Youkai Academy is the master of deception as it has pretty much convinced everyone that it is just another normal school. But the truth can’t be far from it. It is actually an academy specially designed for monsters so that they can learn how to exist with human beings. 

The stability in that place is ruined by Tsukune Aono. He was forced into getting admission there after failing to qualify for any other school. Things get further complicated for Aono when he encounters a very beautiful girl in the academy who also happens to be a vampire.

Diabolik Lovers – Reverse Harem Vampire Anime

Diabolik Lovers  - romantic anime with vampires

Diabolik Lovers is a famous romantic vampire anime in the shoujo fandom.

Yui Komori’s father turns his daughter’s life into hell by sending her to live in the mansion of the Sakamaki brothers. The crazy part is that they are a family of vampires, and Yui will act as their sacrificial bride. Of course, she will also be the source of their carnal pleasures, further horrifying Yui

The family of vampires doesn’t have any mercy on her as Yui’s nights of constant suffering start. Will she find any way to get out of this situation or will some miraculous event happen in her favor?


Karin  - romantic anime with vampires

Karin is yet another wholesome romantic anime with vampires that is great for slice of life lovers.

We usually associate vampires with monstrous creatures who prey on their victims at night. However, the main character of this story, Karin, is completely the opposite in that regard. Instead of drinking the blood of innocent human beings, she releases her blood on them. 

This also somehow injects a whole new level of energy into them. Karin’s siblings help her to keep this ability secret until the appearance of Kenta Usui. Karin’s blood reacts in a weird way to the presence of Kenta. This puts her at the risk of exposing her secret.

Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight  - romantic anime with vampires

Vampire Knight features a romantic story that involves vampires.

The prestigious Cross Academy divides its students into two distinct classes—the day class and the night class. In order to maintain harmony between these two classes, a disciplinary committee has been set up. They specifically looks after this matter. But the day class members are completely unaware of the fact that the night class members are in fact vampires. 

Yuuki Cross is a member of the disciplinary committee who has fallen in love with Kaname Kuran, the leader of the night class. On the other hand, another disciplinary committee member, Zero, holds a deep grudge against them that serves as a direct conflict of interest for Yuuki.

Actually I am…

Actually I am - romantic anime with vampires

Actually I am is a fun romance anime with vampires which is a great pick in the rom-com genre.

What will you do if you find out that the real identity of your crush is a vampire? In this case, the protagonist, Asahi Kuromine, seems to handle it quite maturely. The vampire’s name is Youko Shiragami. His father had instructed her to quit school if her secret identity was revealed. 

But Asahi says that he will help Youko protect this piece of information so that she can continue to spend her days in school without any worry. It will be interesting to see how Asahi manages to win over Youko after this surprising turn of events.

Strike The Blood – Ecchi Anime With Vampire Romance

Strike The Blood - ecchi harem vampire anime

Strike The Blood is probably the most popular romantic anime with vampires there is. It also features a ton of fanservice and ecchi content which may not be for everyone.

Kojou Akatsuki had been spending his days peacefully on Itogami Island. He lived in the Demon District on that island and was just a normal school student. His entire life is turned upside down when he gets the abilities of a vampire and, on top of that, finds out that he is also the fourth primogenitor

His story has been told in legends, and he possesses a huge amount of destructive power. Out of fear, the Lion King Organisation acts quickly and sends a sword-shaman in order to keep Akatsuki’s powers in check.

Devils’ Line

Devils’ Line

Devils’ Line is a beautiful vampire romance anime where the vampires only turn into ferocious beasts when their emotions go out of control. Tsukasa Taira learns about this fact the hard way when her friend loses her temper and goes into a confrontation with a vampire-human hybrid. 

However, Tsukasa seems to be drawn towards that hybrid, who also seems to have an interest in her. An unorthodox romance starts to blossom between the two and it remains to be seen if the hybrid can keep his urge of eating Tsukasa under control.

Our Last Crusade or The Rise of a New World

Our Last Crusade or The Rise of a New World

This anime is one of the most wholesome Vampire x Human romance anime I’ve ever seen. It tells a beautiful love story of a vampire girl and a human boy, who are fated to be enemies.

Astral Mages are individuals who can use astral power to bring about widespread destruction. Fearing this very thing, the Empire decides to torment any mage who shows their powers. Seeing no other way, the Astral Mages form Nebulis Sovereignty and a war starts between the two nations. 

Meanwhile, a promising knight by the name of Iska gets imprisoned after setting a witch free. The Empire decides to release him only on the condition that he kill the Ice Calamity Mage, who goes by the name of Alice.

Dance with Devils – Reverse Harem Anime With Vampire Romance

Dance with Devils

Ritsuka Tachibana is a very diligent student who gets surprised at the fact that the student council is looking for her. Rem Kaginuki is the leader of that council, and they begin to rinse Ritsuka with one question after the other. 

Apparently, they want the grimoire, and Ritsuka has some kind of connection to it. Her luck doesn’t seem to be on her side as her mother gets kidnapped soon enough and she finds herself in a battle between vampires and devils. Will his brother’s return bring about that respite she has been searching for?

That’s it for this post. These were my top 10 favorite romantic anime with vampires. Hope you found something new to watch!

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