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Why I Postponed Watching Boku no Hero Academia and Why You Should Watch it RIGHT NOW

So… Boku no Hero. You’ve heard of it, you’ve seen the memes, you’ve seen the milliards of fanart of Bakugou and Todoroki. You’ve seen hardcore fanatics wear those fancy my hero academia pull over hoodie. Haven’t we all. 

But the question is… should you watch this anime?

My initial answer was no.

When Boku no Hero Was Recommended To Me

When its first season aired way back in 2016 it was promptly recommended to me. My fellow anime watcher friend swore by it saying ‘this is the next big thing’. He began narrating this story about a lonely and powerless kid in a world where the majority of the population had these amazing abilities called quirks. All this boy ever wanted was to become a superhero. He described how impossible it seemed seeing as he had never developed any of these so-called quirks. It was an alluring premise, but I did not get to check it out at that time.

Why I Didn’t Watch It

Flash forward to March of 2017, everybody is mourning over the end of the beloved 10 year long Naruto. There is this hole in anime lover’s hearts, and the second season of Boku no Hero starts airing. A light in the shape of All Might shines through the sorrow and people start whispering “… this is it.”

Deku - My Hero Academia

So EVERYBODY starts watching Boku no Hero Academia, and begins to spread the word through every single social media available. Pictures of Deku and Bakugou and All Might and of every single character (it would seem) flood the internet. ‘My Hero Academia’, they say, ‘Plus Ultra’ they say. My friends are in a craze about it, and everybody is talking about Izuku and U.A.. They chant: ‘Have you seen Boku no Hero?’, ‘You should watch Boku no Hero’, ‘You MUST watch Boku no Hero.’

And this is why I never watched it. I was sick and tired of this “Boku no Hero Academia” thing before I had even begun watching it. Seeming like the craze for it was never-ending, I could never do the detox needed to actually begin.

That is, until 2019. To be honest the fanaticism had not drowned out, if anything it had only increased. However, for some reason I cannot put my finger on, I decided it was time.

Why you should watch Boku no Hero

At that time 3 seasons were available. I watched the first episode with some interest, but by the end of episode 3 I was EMOTIONALLY HOOKED. In only 3 episodes I was bawling my eyes out over the hopes and dreams of this young green haired boy and saying “YOU CAN DO IT”.

What ensued was a beautiful experience:

  • The aesthetic of the anime is captivating. The anime is filled with bright colors and beautiful backgrounds. The use of lighting is marvelous, with contrasts in shading adding so much more to the meaning of a scene. The characters are constantly progressing, reflecting the growth of each person as the series takes place. 

Why you should watch Boku No Hero

  • The world in which the story takes place is mesmerizing. Interestingly odd quirks become a most natural thing and villains and heroes are the norm. The uniqueness of each ability makes you wonder and want to know just what else there is to see. 
  • Above all, the characters are deep and constantly evolving. Everybody, at some point, got or will get their character development arc. There is a profound story surrounding each personality, each time you discover something new you want to know more. What is more, the main characters are constantly maturing, with their character arc being the whole of the series. 
  • The fights are EPIC. I am not one to be glued to my screen when anime fights begin if I must be honest. But boy, was I enthralled by just about every single one of the many fights in this anime. The animation style for these is absolutely amazing and has you at the edge of your seat following every punch.

All Might Punch

  • The villains are intense and interesting. Backstories full of richness are what lie behind every single one of the supposed ‘bad guys’. They are so intriguing they can have a whole arc dedicated to themselves, and according to manga readers, they will. Isn’t that something to really look forward to?


So, now that I’ve actually seen Boku no Hero Academia, let’s ask the question once more.

Should you watch it?

I must admit, after devouring the available seasons I, too, have become a broken record. I  am left with little to say but ‘Have you seen Boku no Hero?’, ‘You should watch Boku no Hero’, ‘You MUST watch Boku no Hero.’ 

And to this repeated jingle I add: you must watch it RIGHT NOW.

Author's corner - Augus P.

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