Is Anime bad? Is it just for perverts?

Is anime bad? Is anime just for perverts? There are several opinions about anime. Some good and some bad. So I’m going to analyze all these and try to give an unbiased outlook on whether watching anime is bad or not.

But, before we cast judgement upon the anime and its fans , let’s take a look at some of these popular opinions about Anime.

Popular Opinions About Anime

To people who don’t know any better, it is some weird Chinese cartoon (they couldn’t be any wrong) that’s for kids (this is debatable.)

To the unfortunate people who’ve wandered into the “dark” side of anime (hentai, ecchi and all other lewd stuff) before they got to know its bright side, it is a show for perverts that sexualizes children. Basically a show for pedophiles.

These people think anime is bad and is only for perverts. They assume that all the thousands of series out there are filled with erotic stuffs. To make matters worse, the otaku/weeb community is full of these perverted arts, memes and what not.

After watching all these it is understandable one would come to hate it and its fans altogether. 

To the people who’ve explored all aspects of anime, it is a peak form of entertainment that has good story, comedy, action, animation (and fanservice.)

Literally a blessing from the heavens that’d satisfy all our needs.

However these people often tend to forget or rather get too used to the sexualization of characters.

While there is some truth to all of their perspective/opinions, they are not completely right.

So, what exactly is anime?

The word ‘anime’ is the Japanese word for ‘animation.’ But as an English word, it is used to represent ‘Japanese animations’.

What makes it so special is the art style and the fact that it is not targeted only towards children unlike most western cartoons.

Anime are made for all the three demographics of people: young, teens and middle-aged people.

There are also shows that are particularly made for girls called Shoujo anime. These shows have their characters, plot made to satisfy the needs and desires of the female audience.

Similarly, there’s shounen anime that provides the action packed adventures that most boys crave. And there are Seinen anime that are meant for adults and late teens.

Let Me Clear All These Misunderstandings

Common misunderstandings about anime

Anime has categories too.

Most non anime watchers tend to forget this.

They accuse all fans for being perverts and call them degenerates just because they happened to see some lewd anime related stuff.

Ecchi is the only category that takes things that far and the fans of those kind of shows are perverts, AGREED.

BUT, there are other fans too. There are people who love comedy without lewd stuff, there are people who love shounen, shoujo, mystery, sports etc.

Literally any category other than ecchi does not have many lewd scenes in them.

Why Do People Like Anime and 5 Reasons You Must Watch Anime Too!

5 reasons why you should watch anime

There is an anime for everybody. No matter what your preferences are you are assured to have a few shows on that preference.

Asides from that, the characters have really amazing personalities and exhibit a plethora of emotions.

The way they exhibit emotions through their facial expressions and voices (in Japanese version. Because English dubs don’t always meet the mark) is definitely a treat that can only be found in anime.

Also the unrealistic proportions of their eyes and mouth, makes the characters look too cute and adorable. This cuteness along with the sweet voice of the voice actors makes the characters melt our hearts.

Finally, the story. There are anime with grand plots and storylines like One piece (which has been airing for the past 2 decades!) and there are slice of life anime that don’t have any story, but just portrays the daily life of the characters. These kinds of shows often fall into the comedy/ romance category.

To sum it all up, people like anime because it is not real and because it has stories in all possible categories that one could imagine.

There is no way people could be that cute. People can never burst with that much emotion and exuberance all the time. There is no way those stories could ever happen in real life. And that’s exactly what makes them better.

Is Anime bad? Is it only for degenerates?

Is anime bad? Is it just for perverts?

Not necessarily. However it does have the capability to make you a perverted person. At the end of the day, it is the watchers who has to decide what’s good for them and what’s not. If you keep watching ecchi anime and hentai, surely your mind is gonna get perverted and you’ll even get used to all these erotic stuff. It’ll become your new normal. But, does that make you a bad person? NO. What makes a person bad is his/her actions. So it all boils down to the individuals and their mentality.


While there are several positive and negative things clouding this entire topic, all I can say is you gotta give it a shot if you haven’t already. But do some research before doing so. Dont just go and watch anything thats popular, but go and watch the popular show in the category you like. If you like it, great! If you don’t, it’s fine as well. Not everyone has to like it (^^)

Hope you enjoyed this article. See you in the next post~

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