Dragon Ball Villains: Top 10 DB Antagonists Ranked

The Dragon Ball series has seen many powerful villains. A franchise that’s based on power scaling and physical combat has a prime need to deliver on the villains, and the DB series sure did. Goku and Vegeta got stronger each time they faced a new opponent and it led to some thrilling fights.

Today we will be taking a look at the top 10 villains from Dragon Ball and see who comes out as the strongest of the lot. I am pretty sure people have already made their guesses and now the only thing left to see is if those guesses are correct.

10. Moro

moro db villain

The Moro Saga was one of the most drawn-out sagas in Dragon Ball history. The main reason for that was the villain himself who was pretty tough to beat. I mean he’s a guy who can literally gobble up planets and gain power from that will strike fear into everyone’s hearts. 

It took the combined power of a lot of characters to defeat this villain. Goku’s Ultra Instinct of course came on the clutch at the last moment with the little help of an Angel who faced the consequences later.

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9. Broly

Broly - best dragon ball villains

Broly is one of the more popular villains having appeared in some Dragon Ball Movies. Unlike the characteristic golden color of Super Saiyan, Broly’s Super Saiyan form has a greenish color. It is also dubbed as the Legendary Super Saiyan and he is the only one in the story who achieved that state. 

Naturally, Goku and Vegeta had to sweat a lot to bring Broly down. They even had to resort to the Gogeta fusion in order to defeat him. Plus, Broly has got an interesting story as a Dragon Ball villain putting him ahead of Moro.

8. The Androids

best db villains - androids

This is not the first time when we will see the mention of dragon ball villains who became the good guys later. They were created by DrGero in order to destroy the earth and they successfully completed the plan in one timeline. 

In another timeline, Trunks came from the future to warn Goku and the others about them. Even then it was a very difficult task to stop the threat of the Androids with one after the other pouring out constantly. They were very lucky that the two of them decided to join their side as they played a huge role in the Tournament Arc of Dragon Ball Super.

7. Goku Black

Goku Black

The Androids were not the first time that Trunks came from the future to warn everyone of impending danger. In the Dragon Ball Super series, he came back again to warn them about Goku Black. It was pretty confusing at first regarding the identity of Goku Black

But it was later revealed that a god was using Goku’s body to his advantage and he planned on killing everyone. Goku and Vegeta tried everything to defeat him but at last, they had to take help from Goku’s “friend” to wipe out the entire universe along with Goku Black.

6. Piccolo

king piccolo

People who have started watching this series from Dragon Ball Z are probably wondering why Piccolo is on this list. He is another example of the dragon ball villain joining the good guys. Although, after joining them, he looked very weak. But as a villain, he was a major threat to everyone else. 

This is why he was referred to as King Piccolo and what we see of him now is just a different incarnation. Piccolo gave a tough competition to little Goku and the entire Piccolo Saga was an entertaining one.

5. Majin Buu


Majin Buu was the final boss in the Dragon Ball Series and it looked like it was almost impossible to beat him at that time. Despite being aware of the danger, our heroes failed to cope up with it perfectly. Majin Buu could absorb anyone and change his appearance which made him incredibly difficult to defeat. 

This is why the others had to resort to a technique called fusion that involved the combination of powers of two characters. Majin Buu also joined the gang later as we further got to see his backstory in Dragon Ball Super.

4. Vegeta

vegeta antagonist

It seems hard to believe that Vegeta used to be an antagonist way back in this Dragon Ball series. Now, he works side by side with Goku and always tries to prove his supremacy. He was the prideful Saiyan prince who had invaded earth in search of Kakarot

His battle against Goku is one of the most iconic fights in anime history. His introduction in the Saiyan Saga further set up the story perfectly to follow the introduction of Frieza about whom we will discuss later. Vegeta was the biggest threat that Goku faced at that time and being a Saiyan, Vegeta’s power also increased with each passing second of the battle.

3. Cell


The cell was introduced as a villain in the story just after the Androids. He was also a product of Dr. Gero and the world was almost destroyed by him. The funny thing is that we were all led to believe that the Androids were the final bosses but it was Cell all along. 

Cell came with a different power of absorbing people that certainly seemed to leave Goku and the others at their wits’ end. Unlike the previous dragon ball villains, Cell also showed a higher level of intelligence that was evident from the way he tackled his opponents.

2. Jiren


Jiren holds conflicting opinions among the Dragon Ball Fans. He is also perhaps one of the most loved dragon ball villains ever. This is why fans always argue if he should be put under the category of villains. Because let’s be real, Jiren did not have any bad intentions. He just wanted to save his universe just like everyone else. 

From a tournament perspective, he was definitely the number one foe and Goku had to bring out his Ultra Instinct to combat him. It wasn’t enough and they had to resort to trickery to knock Jiren out of the ring. This is a further testament to his power that it took so many people just to take on one guy.

1. Frieza

Frieza - best dragon ball villain

There is no doubt that Frieza is the best villain ever in the Dragon Ball universe. He was after the Dragon Balls and almost any sly act can be traced back to him. When Frieza was introduced in the story, he was certainly a big deal. 

He went about killing Namekians and collecting Dragon Balls. If that wasn’t enough, Frieza could also change forms and attain different levels. Although Frieza joined their side in the Tournament Saga, he remained cunning as ever and always resorted to lowering hand moves.

This concludes our epic list of the best Dragon Ball villains. Each one of them posed the biggest threat at their time of introduction which ultimately benefited our heroes. Goku and the others grew strong in that process which always made them prepared for any future threat. This is why we have to agree that one of the best parts of Dragon Ball is the villains.

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