Weeb Vocabulary! – Most commonly used Weeb words

This post is going to be way different than my usual ones. Instead of going with another anime/game recommendation, this time I thought I’ll do this: “weeb vocabulary”!

So basically I’m going to talk about those Japanese words that we weebs often use in our conversation (for no particular reason, even though we could just say it in English.) Ahem. Let’s get started.

Edit: An updated version of this post with over 50+ anime and otaku terms is available. Click here to read it.

Most commonly used Weeb words


most commonly used weeb words - onii chan

This word means “Brother.” It is most effective when used by a little girl with a cute voice. Most men of culture have a weakness for this word.


most commonly used weeb words - daijoubu meme

This word means “all right” or “okay.”  If used with a question mark at the end, it means “Are you alright?” Say this to yourself at rough times. It’ll work wonders.


most commonly used weeb words - nani meme

You’ve probably heard this more than any other word in this listing. “Nani” means “what.” This word became quiet popular because of the ‘Fist of the North star’ meme that is still popular and liked by weebs all around the world.

Omae wa shinderu

Image result for omae wa mou shindeiru meme

It means “you are already dead.” This is also from the same ‘Fist of the North Star’ meme. For some weird reasons a group of people I knew were saying that it was from JoJo, but no. It is from Fist of the North Star.

Yare Yare

Image result for yare yare

Yare Yare means “good grief.” If you find anyone using this word, they are 100% JoJo fan.

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most commonly used weeb words - tsundere meme

Tsundere is used to describe a person who is tough and cold on the outside, but is actually soft and nice person on the inside. They are just too shy to let people see their nice and kind self.


Image result for baka meme

Baka means “idiot” or “stupid.” This word is mostly used by Tsundere anime characters, so it could be used as a Tsundere detector xD.


Image result for senpai meme

Senpai is one of the most commonly used Weeb word which means “upperclassman” or someone who has had more experience than you in something. 


Image result for sensei meme

Sensei means “teacher.” A honorific for someone who is teaching you something.


Image result for kawaii meme

Kawaii is a cute word for “cute.” 


most commonly used weeb words manga

Well, it’s kinda unfair to put this on this list, but hey, literally everyone who watches Anime uses the word “manga” every now and then, so why not? And by the way, if you actually didn’t know what a manga is, it a Japanese comic.



happy sugar life - anime where the mc is a villain

Yandere. These are the people who’ll kill for somebody they are obsessed with. Literally. I can’t believe there are a lot of Yandere lovers out there. Like, do you people really enjoy walking on a thin ice? 


Image result for chibi meme

Chibi are the small and cute version of the anime characters. The Japanese word chibi actually means “short.”

Onee san

Image result for onee san meme

Onee san means “sister.” These Onee san characters are highly likely to say “ara ara~” giving that mature feel (and you know you like it.)


Image result for loli meme

Loli are “little girls” or girls with an underdeveloped body. And remember, Loli are for patting, not for fapping. But if you must , go for the legal one.


Image result for moe anime meme

Moe is subjective word. It may mean different things for different people, however, mostly it is used to denote a girl with “girlish” kinda cuteness.

“Moe is the quality in a fictional female character of being youthfully innocent and vulnerable in an idealized way, perceived as eliciting feelings of affection or protectiveness”, says Google-san.


Image result for Doujinshi meme

Doujinshi or Doujin for short is a self published manga, magazine or novel. Here the artists are allowed to steal characters and themes from other popular sources like anime and create their own Parody. There are also original doujin where the artist uses their own characters and settings.

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most commonly used weeb words - hentai

Ah yes, the good stuff. Hentai means “pervert”, but this word is also used for anime p*rn.

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So that’s it for this post! These are the most commonly used weeb words!! If you know some other word that I missed, on’t feel shy to comment it down below~

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