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Best sites for reading Manga Online

Have you just discovered the world of Manga and are interested to dive into it? Or are you a veteran who’s looking for a better site to read manga on? If that’s the case, this post is for you. Here are some of the best sites for reading Manga online! – Scrollable Site To Read Manga Online

Read manga online

This is one of my favorite sites for reading manga online! I was only introduced to this site a couple of months ago, but I absolutely love it!!

Manganelo allows you to scroll through the manga, instead of having to hit the “next page” button each and every time. Just this feature alone skyrockets the manga reading experience to a whole new level! – Site With A Massive Collection Of Mangas

sites for reading japanese comics

Kissmanga probably has the largest ever manga database. If you’re looking for some rare manga that isn’t available elsewhere, then this is your best bet.

As you know, these some of the “kiss-” sites are pretty infamous for their ads, but fear not, none of those ads actually obstruct your reading. Not to mention it also has a scroll down feature like Manganelo, which makes Kissmanga one of the best sites to read manga online. – Popular Site To Read Manga Online

Read manga online

Mangakakalot has a pretty refreshing outlook and its ads placement are pretty intelligent. The ads don’t stand out as much because their size are optimized to enhance the user experience.

It also has a scroll down feature which makes it another amazing site to read manga online.

sites for reading japanese comics

Mangahere is another manga reading site which has a “click to go to the next page” kind of interface. It also has quiet a few ads. Regardless, this site is still a good alternative to read some quality manga.

Best sites for reading japanese comics

This site, like Mangakakalot has a pretty refreshing look. But it does not have a scroll feature, and there are quiet a few ads on this site.

Crunchyroll Manga – Legal Site To Read Manga Online

Best sites for reading manga online

Crunchyroll is obviously the best site for reading manga online legally. And the manga are updated almost within a day of the original release which is pretty amazing. It is a paid website, but worth it nonetheless.


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1 year ago

Nice collection of manga websites.really love them.. Thank you for sharing this great article with us. Keep sharing this kind of post in the future. I am usually read manga using my mobile device. Hence i use manga reader app. Tachiyomi the manga reader app I use and it supports all of above listed manga websites, so i can read them in one place.


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7 months ago

Mangakakalot is a pure piece of fresh shit. The comment section dont show anymore, the ads only have obscene shit and the e-mail for contact them in case of problems is just for show because they dont answer shit.