JoJo Genderbend – Famous Jojo Characters With Their Gender Swapped!

Jojo Genderbend characters are pretty famous (to the point some people even wrote fan fiction stories with them on Wattpad!) and so, I thought why not make a compilation of the best Jojo gender swap arts, and here we are!

This is my second article in the anime gender swap series, with the first one being a Demon Slayer one. I’m planning on making some more of these in the future, so look forward to it!

For now, let’s feast our eyes on these amazing Jojo genderbend fan arts!!

Jojos Bizarre Adventure Genderbend fanarts

Jotaro Gender swap

jotaro genderbend
Gotta love those mini skirts


The first one is going to be our ever famous Jotaro! Usually he is pretty stoic and is a man of few words. However, in this genderswap art, Jotaro looks pretty outgoing and the “adult-ish” onee-san look kinda suits him.

Kakyoin Gender swap

kakyoin gender swap


This fan art is a perfect 10/10. She wears the same outfit and even does the same pose. The hair style is also kinda similar to the original too.

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Polnareff Gender swap

polenareff genderbend


This is probably the only beautiful Polnareff art work you can find on the internet! (At least, the only one I could find.) Who would’ve thought his crazy hairstyle would suit a girl!

Avdol Gender swap

avdol genderbend


There aren’t much genderbend fan arts for Avdol, but this one is more than enough to compensate for the lack of them. This art work retains the “JoJo” art style unlike most other fanarts in this post.

Dio gender swap

dio gender swap


Here’s chibi Dio– our favorite loli vampire. She kinda looks a bit too short for Dio, but she’s ultra cute nonetheless.

Speedwagon Gender swap



Here she is, the gender swapped version of our kami (god)— Speedwagon. For those who don’t know, Speedwagon is pretty popular in the Jojo community and is loved by everyone. Because he’s a god among men who supported the Joestar family for years without expecting anything in return.

Joseph Joestar and Caesar Genderbend



Here’s my most favorite duo in the Jojo’s bizarre adventure universe: Joseph and Caesar!

Josuke and Okuyasu Genderbend



Here’s my second most favorite duo in the Jojo’s bizarre adventure universe: Josuke and Okuyasu!

Kishibe Rohan Gender swap

kishibe rohan genderbend


I know this pic is a little ecchi, but trust me when I say this is the only decent Rohan gender swap image I could find (but I know you like it. So there’s no complaining, right?)

Yoshikage Kira Gender swap

Kira genderbend


Yoshikage Kira and Killer Queen (an actual queen this time around xD.) The spitting image of a business women and a perfectionist. (I’d totally love to see her hand fetish moments lol)

Giorno Gender swap

b808bb11a57178631d7bf50caf79a005 01


You’ve probably seen this masterful edit in several memes (and yeah, I cut this image out from a meme too.) You gotta admit that who ever edited this did a pretty amazing job!

Narancia Genderbend

Narancia genderbend


So I kinda cheated a little here. This isn’t exactly a gender swapped version of Narancia. It’s actually his femboy version. But, hey he’s pretty and cute! I’m sure you won’t mind it, right? *wink*

Bruno Buccarati Gender Swap

bruno buccarati genderbend


We all know how Buccarati has always played a motherly role in the JJBA series by looking after everyone. Now we get to literally see him as one!

Abbacchio Gender Swap

abbacchio gender swap


Abbacchio kinda looks like a witch in his genderbent form. It kinda suits him nonetheless.

Fugo Gender Swap

Fugo genderbend


A perfect recreation of Fugo in female form. From the dress to the book, everything that represents Fugo is there in this art. I love how they even made holes in the stocking!

Diavolo Gender Swap

diavolo gender swap


What would Diavolo look like when his gender is swapped? Feast your eyes on this beauty!

That’s it! These were the best Jojo genderbend fanarts of the popular JJBA characters. Hope you enjoyed this post~

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