MHA Nomu And Its Types Explained – All You Need To Know

My Hero Academia is has some of the most powerful villains there is. The villains in this show has managed to mass produce hero killing machines known as “Nomu.”

The introduction of these artificial beings changed the game for the anime as they were made way too powerful than most pro heroes. It was a thrill to see our main characters deal with them, and eventually defeat them.

In this article we will be taking a look at all the types of Nomu that has been introduced in MHA so far.

What Are Nomus?

What Are Nomus?

Nomus are the powerful group of artificial humans created by Doctor Garaki to serve Tomura Shigaraki, the successor of All For One.

They drew a lot of attention shortly after their first appearance due to their incredible power and abilities.

They were able to possess several strong quirks and utilize them to their full potential since they were artificial humans.

Nomu was one of the most dangerous foes of the Hero’s squad, capable of easily murdering a number of Pro Heroes.

Some are not as powerful as Pro Heroes, while others can even defeat top-ranked heroes. They have extraordinary physical strength, speed, and deadly skills due to their many quirks.

Many fans are curious about Nomu and its different types. So don’t worry; I’ll give you all the information you need on Nomu, including their abilities and quirks.

You will also learn about their different types and the characteristics that distinguish them.

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How many types of Nomu are in My Hero Academia?

types of Nomu

According to All For One and Doctor Garaki, each Nomu is classified into several categories depending on their power, intellect, and number of quirks.

In the My Hero Academia series, there are 5 types of nomu: lower tier, medium tier, upper tier, near high end, and high end.

So, without further delay, let us discover more about their different types, as well as their abilities and intelligence.

1. Lower Tier


Lower Tier Nomu are the weakest type of Nomus, although they are powerful enough to beat low-ranking Pro Heroes.

They could not think for themselves owing to their lack of intelligence. Therefore, they always needed an order from their superior to do anything.

They often have pale skin tones and possess one or two quirks. However, their quirks are quite distinctive and they possess special abilities.

Doctor Garaki, the creator of Nomus, keeps several unique lower-tier Nomu beside him, such as Johnny and Mocha.

Johnny possesses a unique warping quirk that allows him to transport somebody from one location to another in an instant. On the other hand, Mocha has the ability to become a flawless clone of anybody. 

The Four-Eyed Nomu is one of three Hosu Nomu that belong to the lower tier Nomu.

He is one of the key villains in the Hero Killer Arc and possesses three quirks: absorption, muscular enhancement, and a tongue web.

Despite being a lower tier Nomu, he is quite powerful and can inflict massive damage to many Pro Heroes.

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2. Middle Tier Nomu

Middle Tier

Middle tier Nomu are more strong than lower tier Nomus, but they lack intellect.

They have a vivid skin tone and possess one or two quirks, but their quirks are stronger than those of lower tier nomus.

In the entire series, just a few middle tier Nomu were seen, such as Winged Nomu and Chainsaw Nomu.

Winged Nomu is one of the Hosu Nomu who is assigned to wreak devastation on Hosu City by Tomura Shigaraki.

As a result of his wing quirk, he can fly and has become one of the series’ rarest Nomu.

The Chainsaw Nomu is the most powerful middle-tier nomu who works with Dabi and is the main enemy of the Forest Training Camp Arc. He possesses a unique quirk that allows him to develop six additional limbs from his body that are made up of various artificial equipment such as drills, claws, and chainsaws.

3. Upper-Tier Nomu

upper tier nomu

Upper Tier nomu has the same or greater power level as top level pro heroes. They are mostly black in color, and their quirks are far more powerful than any middle tier nomus.

They all have incredible regeneration abilities that can instantly heal any major injuries or even restore their limbs.

The series only features two upper nomus, Nomu USJ and Eyeless Nomu.

USJ Nomu made his first appearance alongside the League of Villains as one of the main villains in the USJ Arc. His battle against All Might, the No. 1 hero, is one of the most popular fights in the entire series. He nearly eliminates All Might in this fight by using his shock absorption and super regeneration abilities.

However, he was defeated by All Might because he couldn’t stand up to all of his incredible punches.

While the Eyeless Nomu made his debut as the main antagonist in the Hero Killer Arc alongside two other nomus. He also demonstrates his incredible physical strength and speed in the fight against Endeavor, the new No. 1 hero.

4. Near High End Nomu

Near High End Nomu

Near High End Nomu are incomplete forms of top-grade Nomus because they have not yet entered the testing phase.

They are far stronger and have far more physical strength and abilities than upper tier Nomus.

They have the same amount of power and abilities as High End Nomus, but their intelligence level is lower.

There are a total of six Near High End Nomus active right now, with little information available.

In the Star and Stripe Arc, two of the Near High End Nomu can be seen alongside Tomura Shigaraki.

One of them used his burst quirk to explode himself, distracting the Star and Stripe and opening the way for Tomura.

Other Near High End Nomu took advantage of their wing quirk to allow Tomura to fly on top of their backs and fight the Star and Stripe.

5. High-End Nomu

high end nomu

High End Nomu is a more advanced and comprehensive version of Near High End Nomu.

They were created as a result of Doctor Garaki’s tireless search for the most battle-crazed villains capable of passing through all of his torturous experiments.

This type of nomu retain their original personalities and are able to think for themselves after becoming the High End Nomu.

They have superior physical strength, speed, and regeneration abilities, as well as possess nearly six powerful quirks.

After All Might and other Pro Heroes arrested All For One, the production of High End Nomus was halted.

As a result, Doctor Garaki was only able to successfully create 12 High End Nomus because it is impossible to create them without All For One.

Hood, who played the main villain in the Pro Hero Arc, is the first debut High End Nomu.

He possesses six powerful quirks, including Super Regeneration, Muscle Augmentation, Transforming Arms, Storage, Power, and Shoulder-Mounted Jets.

As a result, he is outmatched in battle against the two most powerful Pro Heroes at the time, Endeavor and Hawks.

There were 5 High End Nomus who debuted as one of the main villains in the Paranormal Liberation War Arc. They were all freed to fight Endevor’s team during their raid on Jaku General Hospital.

The five High End Nomus are Woman (three quirks), Chubs (four quirks), Eleph (three quirks), Ribby (three quirks), and Robot (three quirks). In the fight against Endevor’s team, they all show off their incredible strength and abilities.

That’s it for this post! This is all you need to know about Nomu in MHA and their types. Hope this article helped!

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