MHA Ships: 20+ Adorable Couples In My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is packed with interesting characters, and its fans often debate over their potential relationship as a couple. While many characters in the series have hinted at having a romantic interest in another, we rarely get to see these relationships play out. In this article, we will explore some of the more popular MHA ships and what they might mean for the series overall.

The couples have been separated according to their nature as straight ships, yaoi ships, and yuri ships.

It should also be noted that they are not ranked by any means. I’ve listed them as they came to mind. If you want an actual ranking, you should check out this post, where I’ve ranked the top 10 My Hero Academia ships by popularity.

Also, there is a poll at the end of this post. Be sure to vote for your favorite BNHA couple there!

13 Best Straight Ships In MHA

Want to know about the popular straight MHA ships and couples, along with their ship names? Here’s a list of some of the most popular My Hero Academia straight ships in the fandom.

CoupleShip Name
Kaminari & JirouKamiJirou
Todoroki x MomoTodoMomo
Izuku x OchakoIzuOcha
Kirishima x MinaKiriMina
Tokoyami x TsuyuTokoTsuyu
Tooru x OjiroOjiTooru
Toga x DabiHimiDabi
Bakugo x UrarakaKacchako
Todoroki x UrarakaTodoChako
Bakugo x TogaBakuToga
Toga x DekuTogaDeku
Midoriya x TsuyuMidoTsuyu
All Might x InkoInkoMight

1. Kaminari x Jirou (KamiJirou): The Most Compatible MHA Couple

My hero academia couples - kaminari x Jirou ship

There could be no My Hero Academia couple more suited for each other than Kaminari and Jirou. From their quirks to their personal interests, they have a lot in common.

And seeing how things went in the anime, this ship is very likely to become canon.

2. Todoroki x Momo (TodoMomo): The Most Adorable Couple Of All MHA Ships

my hero academia couples - Todoroki X Yaoyorozu ship

This is one of the most popular ships in My Hero Academia. From the anime, we can obviously tell that Momo likes Todoroki. She always idolized and admired him.

Todoroki also had deep respect for Momo and appreciated her skills. It became evident when he voted for her to become the class representative and chose her as a partner in the cavalry battle.

There is a high possibility for them to end up as couples by the end of the anime.

3. Izuku x Ochako (IzuOcha): Most Loved Among All Straight MHA Ships

midoriya x uraraka

Midoriya and Uraraka are made for each other. Literally. The author of My Hero Academia has clearly shown how Ochako secretly has a crush on Deku and how she admires him.

In the beginning, Midoriya used to get flustered interacting with her (like when he saw Ochako wearing a skin-tight suit); however, they’ve managed to become great friends, and Midoriya has overcome his shyness.

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4. Kirishima x Mina (KiriMina): The Childhood Friends MHA Ship

My hero academia couples and ships - Kirishima x Mina

These two went to the same middle school. Kirishima was weak back then, while Mina was strong and athletic. He admired her for being able to stop the bullies that he couldn’t.

Later on, after they joined U.A. High and Kirishima learned his unbreakable form, Mina was clearly impressed. She even created her own super move called “Acid Man,” inspired by his new form.

5. Tokoyami x Tsuyu (TokoTsuyu)

My hero academia ships - Tokayami x Tsuyu

This ship just feels right. I couldn’t agree more on this one. This couple is so popular that there are several fanfictions and fanarts shipping them together.

6. Tooru x Ojiro (OjiTooru)

Toru x Mashirao

I didn’t know people were shipping Tooru and Mashirao until recently. As a matter of fact, I thought invisibility would only make things complicated in a relationship. So I never expected Tooru to be shipped to anyone.

However, MHA fans have successfully made these two a couple and have even written several fanfictions about their relationship.

My hero academia villain ships - Dabi x Toga

By far, Dabi is the only My Hero Academia character who has managed to become so popular despite having very little onscreen time. On the other hand, Toga had decent screen time and became the fans favorite right after her fight with Uraraka and Mioriya.

While these two belong to the same villain group, there is no sign of them showing any interest in each other. However, this doesn’t stop the fans from shipping Dabi and Toga together.

Now that I think about it, they make a pretty decent couple, don’t they?

8. Bakugo x Uraraka (Kacchako)

My hero academia couples and ships - Bakugou x Uraraka

Bakugou has always had a foul mouth and a salty personality, which bothered most people. However, Uraraka is the only one who said that his way of saying and doing things made her laugh.

In the U.A. sports festival arc, Bakugou fought her with all his strength instead of going easy on her. Even though he was booed by the audience for “toying” with Uraraka, he took his fight with her seriously.

These events sparked the beginning of the Kacchako fandom.

9. Todoroki x Uraraka (TodoChako)

Todoroki x Uraraka (TodoChako)

Todoroki x Ochako are a rare pair in the MHA fandom. Fans are either neutral about it or they are not aware of this ship at all.

This is mostly because Todoroki and Uraraka don’t interact all that much. They respect each other as friends and as fellow heroes, but that’s as far as they go in the anime.

10. Bakugo x Toga (BakuToga): The Most Interesting Couple Of All MHA Ships

Bakugou X Toga My hero academia couples and ships

I’d honestly love to see this ship come to life. Bakugou and Toga have completely different personalities, but that’s exactly what makes this couple better.

Bakugou is very self-reliant and righteous, whereas Toga has this “crazy” personality and does whatever she feels like doing.

These two, as a couple, would probably be more interesting than the rest of the MHA ships.

11. Toga x Deku (TogaDeku)

Toga x Deku (TogaDeku)

In the anime, Toga has an eye for Deku. She gets really happy whenever she gets a chance to meet him. But the only thing was that she wanted to see Deku suffer rather than just be with him.

Regardless, her obsession for him is real, which led to the creation of this ship.

12. Midoriya x Tsuyu (MidoTsuyu)

Tsuyu x Deku

Both Midoriya and Tsuyu have cute personalities. They are both kind, self-reliant, and also a bit oblivious at times.

When I imagine them dating each other, it sure seems like a nice pair.

13. All Might x Inko (InkoMight)

All Might x Inko (InkoMight)

I think this is a beautiful ship. The father figure becomes the father. That’s all I’ve got to say about this one, lol.

5+ Best MHA Ships: Yaoi Couples

CoupleShip Name
Kirishima x BakugouKiriBaku
Todoroki x DekuTodoDeku
Bakugou x DekuBakuDeku
Todoroki x BakugouTodoBaku
Eraser Head x Present MicEraserMic
Endeavor x HawksEndHawks

1. Kirishima x Bakugou (KiriBaku): Most Loved My Hero Academia Ship

Bakugou x Kirishima

It is no secret that Bakugou and Kirishima are best buddies. Bakugou has higher expectations and faith in Kirishima than the rest of class 1-A.

2. Todoroki x Deku (TodoDeku)

Todoroki x Midoriya My hero academia couples and ships

Todoroki learned to accept and harness his fire powers because of Midoriya. And Midoriya went great lengths to make Todoroki accept his powers and break his psychological barriers.

This event made Todoroki respect Midoriya. It also gave birth to this ship.

My hero academia couples and ships - Bakugou Katsuki x Midoriya Izuku

Can we take a moment to appreciate how cute they look together?

Bakugou is always at odds with Midoriya. At first, it simply seemed like Bakugou hated Midoriya. But later on in the series, we can see that he legitimately cares about him and acknowledges him as a rival.

4. Todoroki x Bakugou (TodoBaku)

Todoroki x Bakugou (TodoBaku)

Todoroki was never scared of Bakugou’s wild personality, while others would prefer to restrain themselves in his presence. We can also see Todoroki making comments that tick Bakugou off.

Basically, they’d be one of the wildest My Hero Academia couples if they went out with each other.

5. Eraser Head x Present Mic (EraserMic)

Eraser Head x Present Mic

Eraser Head and Present Mic have known each other for a long time. So they pretty much know everything about each other.

Present mic makes up for Aizawa’s lack of enthusiasm and liveliness. If they dated each other, they’d be the couple that filled each other’s shortcomings and made a complete relationship.

6. Endeavor x Hawks (EndHawks)

Endeavor x Hawks (EndHawks)

This is a pretty new MHA ship (for anime-only fans) that came into existence after seeing how Hawks wanted to make people acknowledge Endeavor as the No. 1 hero.

3+ MHA Ships: Yuri Couples

CoupleShip Name
Tsuyu x OchakoTsuChako
Momo x JirouMomoJirou
Mina x JirouMinaJirou
Ochako x MeiOchaMei

1. Tsuyu x Ochako (TsuChako)

Tsuyu x Uraraka

This MHA couple has a lot in common. They both had a lonely childhood and cared a lot about their families. We can also see that they sit next to each other most of the time during lunch.

2. Momo x Jirou (MomoJirou) – Cutest MHA Lesbian Couple

My hero academia couples - Yuri ships

In my opinion, Momo and Jirou are one of the hottest My Hero Academia couples when it comes to Yuri. They are very close friends. We can see them pairing with each other most of the time in the anime.

It is also clear that they care for each other. Jirou defended Momo when Hanta made an unpleasant comment on Momo’s quirk. Similarly, when Jirou was being pressured to sing at the cultural festival, Momo jumped in and said that it was Jirou’s decision.

3. Mina x Jirou (MinaJirou)

Jirou x Mina

The singer x the dancer! Both Jirou and Mina have an upbeat personality, which would make them one of the most cheerful couples in My hero academia.

4. Ochako x Mei (OchaMei)

ochamei week | Tumblr

Mei and Ochako aren’t very fond of each other in the anime. As a matter of fact, we can even say that they’re at odds with each other. This is evident from how Ochako was annoyed with Mei during the Sports Festival arc.

However, the fandom has yet again somehow shipped them together. Most fans are either neutral about this ship or simply do not know its existence.

MHA Ships/Best Couple Poll

Which is your favorite MHA ship?

That’s it for this post. These were some of the most popular My hero academia couples in the mha fandom! Also check out my other MHA related posts here!

Did I miss any couple? If yes, comment them down below~

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  3. Here are a couple more that people ship:
    Shinsou and Kaminari
    Momo and Iida
    Eri and Kota
    Dabi and Hawks
    Toga and Twice
    Momo and Kendou

    I don’t really like all of these I’ve just seen some people who do…

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  5. unofficial therapist

    I think that Aizawa x Joke should be on this list, Joke says, “Marry me.” While we are unsure if below his hard exterior Aizawa actually likes her, it is probably one of the closest things we have to romance in the show (aside from Uraraka having a crush on Izuku).

  6. keep calm and go watch mha

    someone tell me why deku x hospital bed isn’t on here? (jk I actually ship tododeku but I still think deku x hospital bed is funny tho)

  7. I LOVE BakuDeku and I’m glad it’s the most popular one on the poll, It’s not toxic and there’s a lot of reasons why people should ship it (although I’m not forcing anyone to ship it i’m just saying it’s a really good ship) my favorite straight ship is Idachako, I only have 3 ships I like and that is Bakudeku, TsuChako, Idachako.

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  9. I wish I could’ve voted many ships….becuz I ship
    Tokoyami x Tsui
    And yea….pls no hate, and I’m not a toxic shipper, I just love these ships, mostly Kiribaku and Tododeku

  10. Bkdk or BAKUDEKU forever I’m so happy this place make my happiness come back thank you so so much for shiping bkdk thank youuuuu….

  11. Hudson Grieser

    Why isn’t ida here also why are some ships here who even ships half of these there’s only good ones like deku x urakaua and pikachu and headphone and red porcupine and pink alien those are the only ships that are good and might work izuka and floaty girl is a gonna be a real ship that will work and some of these ships are dumpster fires idk like the last one please make straight one then it’s weirder toga and mineda with eri might be better then tsuchako

  12. I simp for killua

    I ship almost all of these except TsuChako,EndHawks,InkoMight,TogaDeku,MidoTsuyu,TodoMomo,IzuOcha. PLEASE DON’T HATE ME IF YOU DO ;-;

  13. Dabi x hawks is better then endeavor and hawks and dabi and hawks are a canon relationship and plus they are childhood friends so there fir i think its better then endeavor and hawks cues hawks and Tonya which is dabi are together.

  14. Ochako Uraraka

    May I Please Please Just Say The Reason For My Name Is Cause I Look Like Them And I Adore BakuDeku ! I Ship : BakuDeku , HotWings , TokoTsui , MomoJirou , EraserMic , TodoKiri (A Bit) , ShinDenki , Takami X Mirio And Nejire X Yuyu <3 ! Is You Like One Of These Please Like Feel Free To Leave A – Or A + ^^ !

  15. lmao not the mfs in the comments being like “i wish there were more straight ships not these weird gay ones” damn didn’t know we had homophobes in the house hmm i should have brought a bucket to hold all the bullshit coming out of your mouth.. ANYWAYS EVERYONE ELSE IS SO SUPPORTING AND NICE i was scared people were gonna get upset cuz the western side of the fandom is gross…but nope! i was also shocked that bkdks the most popular cuz it’s my favorite ship and ofc everyone hates on it :’) so YAY BAKUDEKU <3

  16. Not the people being pressed about Bakudeku’s Success lol. Anyways just don’t make a deal about actual LEGAL ships like some of ya’ll actually make anti accounts for the great success it’s been getting. I haven’t seen a single hate page or Allmight x Deku or Deku xEri like tf, somethings really wrong with some of this fandom.

  17. I really don’t like the ship hawks x enderver because there is a literal 22 year age difference hawks is 23 and endeavor is 45 also he has a wife I personally like the ship dabi x hawks much better

  18. I like..
    Kamirou(Idk the name)

    Most I hate:

    sometimes I like todobakudeku duhh

  19. Ik hou heel erg van
    bakugou + deku
    All might + inko
    shinso + kaminari
    dabi + hawks
    pres mic + aizawa
    tyusu + ochacko maar ook toga + ochacko
    momo + jirou
    En ik ship kirishima en mina soms

    Ships die ik niet leuk vind
    en helemaal todokiribakudeku
    enji todoroki + hawks
    aizawa + miss joke
    kaminari + jirou
    en nog veel meer

    alleen snap ik niet waarom mensen bakudeku giftig vinden

  20. I just realised that the gay ships are more popular in some anime I watch,I mostly ship straight ships or cannon ships like Izuocha kamijiro kirimina tokotsu todomo and more but don’t be angry at me for not agreeing with the ships you ship,because I respect them even I don’t like them.

  21. Honestly whoever ships Bakugo and Uraraka is stupid in assuming. Respect is different from Love interest. Also Bakugo’s new costume is full of Holes not two Buttons. You can clearly tell He is closer to Kirishima.

  22. alpha bakugo disliker

    i’d love to see a deku villain arc where he straight up just kills bakugo for always being such a dick to him, that’s probably just me tho lolol (i strongly dislike bakudeku)

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  38. In all honesty, whoever assumes Bakugo and Uraraka are a couple is foolish. Respect is not the same as romantic interest. Moreover, Bakugo’s new outfit has far more holes than buttons. He is unmistakably closer to Kirishima, as you can see. In all honesty, whoever assumes Bakugo and Uraraka are a couple is foolish. Respect is not the same as romantic interest. Moreover, Bakugo’s new outfit has far more holes than buttons. He is unmistakably closer to Kirishima, as you can see.

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