15+ Most Popular Female Characters In MHA

My Hero Academia is known for its amazing plots and well written characters. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the most popular female characters in MHA.

My Hero Academia has a whole lot of girls, be they villains, heroes or just normal civilians. It is pretty much impossible to list them all in one article.

Which is why I will only be listing the most searched MHA female characters in My Hero Academia fandom page. After all, if many people are searching for a particular character, then it means they are popular, right?

With that in mind, here are the top 12 famous My Hero Academia female characters and a brief description of them!

  • Toga
  • Eri
  • Momo
  • Rumi Usagiyama
  • Cathleen Bate
  • Tsuyu
  • Nemuri Kayama
  • Jiro
  • Mina
  • Uraraka
  • Nana Shimura
  • Toru Hagakure
  • Emi Fukukado
  • Camie Utsushimi
  • Inko Midoriya
  • Rei Todoroki

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Toga - female characters in MHA

Toga is currently the most famous female character in MHA compared to any other character,even though she is a villain.

This is because her character is very interesting. Her looks are also very appealing and augument her crazy personality.

Her actions might seem like she’s got a screw loose, but as the series goes on, we are able to see things from her perspective. This only made her even more popular.


eri rewind quirk in bnha

Eri is one of the very few loli characters in My Hero Academia. She was introduced as a sad girl whose life was at the hands of a Yakuza.

She was used as an experimental subject and went through a lot of pain. To add to this, she also had to go through mental trauma regarding the incidents surrounding her unique, yet overpowered quirk.

After being rescued by Deku and Mirio, she now lives in UA high school, training to contain her powers.

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MHA momo - female characters in MHA

Momo has always been the eye candy for weebs since day 1. Her personality is wholesome and her appearance is lovely. Most of all, her relationship with Todoroki is really amusing to watch.

She started off as a girl who had very little confidence in herself. However, thanks to Todoroki’s words, she was able to find the courage to become a respectable hero.

Her quirk allows her to create items out of her body, which is why she wears somewhat revealing outfits.

Rumi Usagiyama

Best Anime Girls With Dark Skin

Rumi Usagiyama, popularly known as the Rabbit hero, Mirko, is the most loved MHA female character by adult fans. You all will know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever set foot in the doujin world.

She is a dark skinned, muscular woman whose confidence and attitude is simply too strong.

Being the number 3 hero she does not fear anyone. She speaks her mind and does what she wants. She is the very symbol of strength, confidence, and freedom.

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Cathleen Bate

strongest heroes in MHA - star and stripes

Cathleen Bate, also known as “Stars and stripes”, is a female superhero in MHA who is very similar to All Might, the symbol of justice.

She is a 42 year old, tall and muscular woman who is the number one pro hero in America.

In her childhood, she and her family was saved by All Might. This lead her to admire him and become a superhero like him.

Her quirk “new order” allowed her to create rules for her surroundings and manipulate the opponent according to her rules.


Tsyu Asui - female characters in MHA

Tsuyu is one of the most adorable MHA female characters from Class 1A. She looks and talks like a frog due to her quirk.

She is a very straightforward girl who does not bend her words. Her personality is somewhat cute, all things considered.

Tsuyu instantly became popular among My Hero Academia fans after a couple of scenes in the anime that featured her. After all, it is not every day you see an adorable frog girl with an amazing attitude.

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Nemuri Kayama

Nemuri Kayama -female characters in MHA

Nemuri Kayama is the real name of the hero “Midnight.” In the My Hero Academia world, she is extremely popular among people.

She is alomst always chosen to represent or host any important event in the super hero society.

Given the fact that she is a 30 year old Onee san female character in MHA, fans in real have also fallen head over heels for her.

Her personality is also quite interesting, as she is kind of unpredictable. She is cheerful and cute, but at the same time, she is scary when angry.


Jiro - female characters in MHA

Jiro is a down-to-earth female MHA character who loves music but is indifferent to most other things. Even though she is a hero, her love for music never fades away.

In accordance to her interest in music, her quirk is also related to sound. It is called “Earphone Jack,” and it enables Jiro to manipulate sound vibrations.

After opening up to her classmates, she has started becoming more cheerful and happy.

At first, she always teases Denki Kaminari for his antics as he annoys her.


Mina Ashido - My Hero Academia girls

Mina is a cute, pink girl from MHA who kind of looks like an alien. Regardless, she is extremely confident and capable.

She used to be Kirishima’s classmate in elementary school. During that time, she was very popular among her classmates.

Her enthusiastic aura never changed, even after graduating, which makes her the most cheerful female character in MHA.


Ochako Uraraka - My Hero Academia girls

Uraraka is the main female character in MHA series who is interested in Midoriya.

Ever since their first encounter, both Izuku and Uraraka have been good friends, supporting each other when in need.

However, seeing Izuku’s dedication and determination to becoming a great hero attracted her.

Although she decided to become a hero for money, her encounter with Midoriya made her want to become the best hero she could possibly be.

Nana Shimura

Nana Shimura - muscular body

Nana Shimura was one of the predecessors of the “One For All” ability. She was also the mentor of Yagi Toshinori.

She entrusted her powers to All Might, who then entrusted his powers to Midoriya.

Nana is also the grandmother of Tomura Shigaraki, who is the main villain of the My Hero Academia series.

Toru Hagakure

Toru Hagakure - MHA invisible girl

Toru Hagakure is the invisible girl from MHA class 1A. Her quirk has made her invisible for life. Because of this we do not know what she looks like.

However, she has a cheerful and upbeat personality to make up for her lack of physical appearance.

Her attitude is very girlish and she loves cute things like plushies and shopping.

Emi Fukukado

Emi Fukukado - My Hero Academia girls

Emi Fukukado is the real name of the pro hero “Ms. Joke.” She is a teacher at Ketsubutsu Academy High School who takes her job very seriously.

Apart from that, she is a very easygoing, cheerful, and carefree individual. She seems to have some history with Aizawa, as she always messes with him.

She openly flirts with Aizawa and tries to break his serious character. Emi is also known for her not-so-funny jokes that she makes to make people laugh whenever she gets the chance.

Camie Utsushimi

Camie Utsushimi - My Hero Academia girls

Camie is a very carefree and laidback female character in MHA who is too airheaded yet too beautiful.

Because of her lack of awareness, Toga kidnapped her and took on her appearance.

This is the scene where Camie becomes ultra popular among the My Hero Academia audience as she pins down Deku in an ecchi pose.

Inko Midoriya

Inko Midoriya - My Hero Academia girls

Inko is the mother of Izuku Midoriya. She raised Izuku as a single mother after her husband went missing.

Inko has always been very protective of her son. She fully understands Midoriya’s obsession with All Might and his desire to become a pro hero.

However, since he did not have any quirk at that time, Inko was very worried. Regardless, she let him chase his dreams instead of standing in his way in the name of love and affection.

Rei Todoroki

Rei Todoroki - My Hero Academia girls

Rei Todoroki is Shoto Todoroki’s mother. She was a loving woman who cared for her family.

However, after having a traumatic relationship with her husband, she started losing her temper and eventually hurting her own son by pouring down boiling water on him.

This incident broke her mind and she has been hospitalized ever since.

That’s it for this post! These were some of the most popular female characters in MHA.

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