Top 5 Non Realistic Anime Swords

One thing that all Japanese anime have in common is the fact that they love to exaggerate things. A simple action sequence is animated in such a way that it becomes engraved in one’s memory. Even the way a character talks is done in an over-the-top manner. Just look at Dio, for example. The same appiles for some swords in anime that are simlply non realistic.

Similar to how the characters get over “characterized,” weapons are also the same case. And in most cases, it’s the sword that gets too much focus. There are countless swords that are powerful enough to be considered one of the best but make no sense whatsoever.

Either they are too big or the design seems impractical. No matter what the problem is, even if they existed in reality, they would have had no use at all. That’s because real life logic doesn’t support their existence! Here are the top 5 non-realistic anime swords that make no sense, even in the anime itself.

List Of The Most Non Realistic Anime Swords

  • Samehada
  • Zanbato
  • Yoru
  • Whip Nichirin Katana
  • Dragon Slayer

#5 Samehada

Samehada sword

Anime: Naruto Shippuden

Wielder: Kisame

Within the Naruto universe, there is no doubt that Samehada is one of the most powerful swords. But the problem is, is that thing even a sword? With a scaley exterior and a big mouth, it looks more like a shark than a sword! It’s true that Kishimoto sensei aimed the sword to seem more like a shark, but still.

Moreover, the powers that this sword possesses are too impractical even for the anime. The Samehada is a living, breathing thing. It chomps at the chakra of any enemy it hits. Such a characteristic is great because it even eats up any chakra-based attacks. But the main issue arises when it attacks the wielder.

Kisame adored Samehada, for this was a sword that suited his taste. Samahada was also a perfect match for Kisame. But when Samehada had a bite of Killer Bee’s chakra, things changed. Samehada attacked Kisame, for he now favoured Bee! So yeah, if you want to wield Samehada, you need to have a great chakra reserve and also a chakra that Samahada likes, which is tough to get.

#4 Zanbato

Zanbato - non realistic anime swords

Anime: Rurouni Kenshin

Wielder: Sagara Sanosuke

When Sanosuke appeared for the first time, he had a huge sword with him. We all know that anime katana have the tendency to be oversized. But this sword, Zanbato, was simply too big and is non realistic. And to make matters worse, it also weighed a ton, probably.

While fighting against Kenshin, Sanosuke used his Zanbato. It had a menacing appearance. Kenshin was a bit hesitant to fight against such a huge sword. But his fear was all for naught. That’s because the way Sanosuke was swinging the Zanbato, it was too slow. Kenshin could easily dodge each of the swings.

Now, having a huge sword is great as it increases one’s reach. But if there is no power behind each swing, the opponent can easily dodge it, and that defeats the purpose of the sword. And the icing on this cake was that the sword had a dull edge. So, that huge weight behind each swing was only able to dent instead of cut.

#3 Yoru


Anime: One Piece

Wielder: Dracule Mihawk

Almost all the weapons shown in One Piece are practically useful. Their designs are as realistic as possible. Yes, there are some that seem too huge, but the wielders of those weapons are also huge! This is true for all except for Yoru. The oversized blade makes no sense when you look at its owner, Dracule Mihawk.

With his small stature, the huge blade seems impractical. But still, Mihawk, being the greatest swordsman, can use Yoru like any other sword. When he swings the blade, all his swings connect and cause earth-shattering damage. No one can survive if he wishes to kill them all.

This is all well and good, but the problem arises when it comes to the hilt. The sword is shaped like a cross, and the hands of the cross are represented by the hilt. And since the blade is huge, so is the hilt. This limits the swing paths greatly. One can’t freely swing it, and this is what makes the sword an awful choice for beginners.

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#2 Whip Nichirin Katana

Whip Nichirin Katana - non realistic anime swords

Anime: Demon Slayer

Wielder: Mitsuri Kanroji

A katana has to be slightly curved on the spine side and have a flexible yet solid body. This is the case for almost all katanas. Even most of the demon slayer katana used in the Demon Slayer anime follow this norm. All except one non realistic anime sword– the Whip Nichirin Katana used by the Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji.

Her Nichirin blade had been custom built as per her requirements by the legendary Tecchin Tecchikawahara. It is a pink blade that is as thin as it could be to give it the whip-like properties. For Mitsuri, it is the perfect katana because it complements her fighting style. But for others, it is a katana that is impossible to wield.

And in terms of realism, this sword is impossible to reproduce. Yes, a traditional Japanese katana is supposed to be flexible. But in this case, the range of flexibility is impossible unless the construction material is cloth. And we all know that such a sword won’t even cut through paper.

#1 Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer guts sword

Anime: Berserk

Wielder: Guts

We have included two oversized swords in this list. One was too heavy, while the other had a huge hilt. In the case of the Dragon Slayer, it is as light as a feather in Guts’ hand and there is no hilt to cause an issue. So why is this iconic great sword included in this list?

Well, this sword is one of the trademarks of Guts. It was forged to kill dragons. The firepower is immense, but there was a slight issue. It was too heavy to be wielded. So the swordsmith who made it hid it away in shame. That is, till Guts laid his hands on it.

The Dragon Slayer is too heavy to be wielded by anyone. It’s not like the Mijolnier where the worthy can wield it, but it’s a matter of raw strength. Only Guts has that raw power, and that is why the Dragon Slayer symbolizes him. If not for the strength, it might still be putting on rust at the corner of the Smiths warehouse.

That’s it for this post. These were some of the non realistic anime swords.

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