Top 10 Female Characters in the Baki Series

Baki has become one of the fan favorites after its new re-production in a modern anime style. Also, the Baki Hanma Version is well received by the otakus. In this article we will be taking a look at the female characters in Baki.

The story is based on Baki Hanma, who has a dream of defeating his father, Yujirou, the strongest human being on the planet. He wants to kill Yujirou because his mother was murdered by him and he wants to avenge her. However, there are different characters with ruthless techniques who put on a show in the series. 

The Anime is stuffed with characters who have godly muscular bodies, which can even wreck a ship in half. However, the manga and anime have literally little-to-no value for female characters. Just because the show is an epitome of masculinity, the women in Baki are not displayed in a good way and are always a part of some problem or used for being sexually humiliated.

This testosterone-filled series is full of bloodshed and half-naked men being violent. On the other hand, the women in Baki have very little screen time, and it shows that the series has no place for women. 

We have got you the top 10 female characters from the Baki Series.

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Emi Akezawa

Emi Akezawa - female characters in Baki

Emi Akezawa had an extra-marital affair with Yujiro while she was married to someone else. Baki is the child of Yujirou and Emi’s relationship. She is the one who put Baki into the world of fighting.

For some weird reason, Emi Akezawa was attracted to Yujirou because of his violent and rough nature. This made her more obsessed with him. 

Yujirou is the one who killed Emi’s real husband before impregnating her. That’s how Baki was born with the strength and strong genes of Yujirou.

Baki was like an experiment raised by his mother so she could impress her lover, Yujirou, and later in the story she gets killed by his hands, which starts the journey of revenge for Baki.

Kozue Matsumoto

Kozue Matsumoto - baki female character

Kozue Matsumoto is the girlfriend of our lead character, Baki, and she is the only female character with such prominent screentime in the show.

She is the daughter of Baki’s land lady. She is the only character who cares about Baki’s human side and wants him to quit fighting.

Whenever Kozue is in danger, Baki runs to her rescue and saves her. Her character is only limited to being his girlfriend and nothing else. S

he helps Baki turn into a real man when they have sex for the first time. She is like a lifeline for Baki, which he never wants to lose. 

Diane Neil

Diane Neil - baki female character

Diane is the third most prominent female character in Baki, after Emi and Kozue. She is a US government assassin who had a mission to kill the strongest human alive, “Yujirou”.

However, Yujirou doesn’t fall into her trap and r*pes her instead in order to put his seed inside her. These gruesome scenes portray how evil Yujirou actually was. She later gives birth to a son, who is a half brother to Baki and a son to Yujirou. 

Late in the series, after this incident, you won’t see much of Diane Neil. That’s how it works in Baki; women are only used for the plot of the male characters.

Kinuyo Matsumoto

Kinuyo Matsumoto

Kinuyo Matsumoto is Baki’s land lady and Kozue Matsumoto’s mother. She is a normal and mysterious woman who appears during some scenes where Baki and Kozue are involved.

She understands Baki’s craving for strength, as her late husband was a martial artist who died fighting in the underground arena. That’s the reason she understands Bakis’s motivation to be the strongest. 

Kinuyo tells Baki about her late husband, who was into underground battles, and tells him to always be careful about his life.

Whenever Baki isn’t able to pay his rent on time, she doesn’t bother him for the money. She also lets him train loudly day and night, even though it can get noisy and disturbing. 

Yujirou’s Mother

Yujirou’s Mother

Despite being the mother of the strongest character in the series, her name hasn’t been known to anyone yet. She is one of the mysterious female characters in Baki.

Yujirou is her only child, and after giving him birth, she turned herself towards Buddhism and became a monk. 

She is deeply ashamed of giving birth to such an evil person when she finds out about his actions in the real world.

It is also not clear if she knows about Baki and Jack, who are Yujirous offspring from two different women. There is little to no information about her in the manga and anime.


Maria - baki female character

Maria is the arrogant, spoiled girlfriend of Biscuit Oliva. She is someone who probably doesn’t care about anyone, and that includes even her boyfriend, Oliva.

However, she is more likely to be a tsundere character. Maria was a beautiful, slim woman when she got into a relationship with Oliva, but later she got a disease and had to take some medications, which made her extremely fat.

She became obese to a point where she couldn’t move her body at all and was always on bed rest. 

However, Oliva still loves her the same, but, on the other hand, Maria treats him very badly and doesn’t appreciate the things he does for her.

The reason for her behavior is her body’s making her almost a handicap. She knows that she isn’t a beautiful blonde anymore. Maria is based on Carol Yager, who is known as the fattest woman in the world.

Natsui Orochi

Natsui Orochi

Natsui Orochi is the wife of Orochi Doppo and the adoptive mother to Katsumi Orochi. Her character is very much like Kozue Matsumoto, who is always scared for her loved one’s safety.

You can see her appearing throughout the series in the arena supporting Doppo during his battles. She supports his dream and calls him “Superman”.

It’s also still unclear if she survived the invasion done by Dorian on Doppos’ house. This makes Natsui mysterious and one of the best female characters in Baki.

Hanayama’s Mother

Hanayama’s Mother

Hanayama’s mother was in her late 30s and isn’t as old as she looks. The reason she looks the way she does is because she was going through terminal cancer, which made her body age faster.

She was the daughter of the 5th boss of the famous Fujiki Clan. She wasn’t a fighter but a good mother to Hanayama.

Hanayama used to pay her visits when she was on bed rest because of her disease. She used to love roses, which Hanayama used to get for her. She passed away later due to terminal cancer.


Mai - baki female character

Mai is a supporting female character in Baki. She is a friend and classmate of Kozue and Baki, but more importantly, known to be Kozue’s best friend.

Maki is a very funny character who always keeps teasing Kozue about how much she looks like Baki’s wife and how they should get married soon.

She only appears in the anime. Her character is that of a happy-go-lucky girl who always cares about her friends.

When Kozue gets kidnapped, she rushes off to the police station to inform them about the dangerous situation, but they end up not taking her seriously. She informs Baki about how Kozue was kidnapped by thugs, and that’s how she helps Kozue be saved.

Sabuko Tokugawa

Sabuko Tokugawa

Sabuko Tokugawa has the coolest character design for a woman in the Baki Series. She is an old woman who sports her grey hair and wears jet black glasses with her earrings made out of fangs. She has real psychic abilities, which she uses to contact souls from other worlds. Her speciality is making contact with the soul and bringing it inside her own body. 

Once she made contact with Musashi Miyamoto’s soul and made it possess the clone of Musashi’s body, she is one of those cool characters who appear only a few times, but you’ll remember them.

That’s it for this post. These were the top 10 most popular Baki female characters. Hope you liked what you read (^^)

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