Top 10 Most Hated Female Characters In Anime

It is no secret that hardcore weebs love female anime characters. However, that is not the case all the time. Sometimes, there are these anime with annoying female characters that everybody dislikes. In this article, I’ll be listing ten of the most hated female characters in anime.

This list will include both good and bad characters. That is, this list includes psychotic villains and regular heroines whose personalities are just disappointing. I know some of the characters on this list do not deserve as much hatred, but hey, if people hate them, there’s nothing that can be done about it.

With that said, here is the list of the ten most hated anime girls of all time.

  1. Sakura Haruno
  2. Nina Einstein
  3. Malty S. Melromarc
  4. Seryu Ubiquitous
  5. Gabi
  6. Rachel
  7. Nora
  8. Lust
  9. Chi Chi
  10. Makima

10/10. Makima from Chainsaw Man

Makima - most hated female characters

Makima is introduced as a godly girl who saves our main character from hell, gives him food, and gives him a place to stay. She also encourages him in many ways, some of them lewd, but it motivates Denji to do what he is asked for.

So far, so good, right? There’s nothing wrong with seeing a woman who is 100% supportive of the main character.

Well, here’s the thing: She is the control devil, and she has just been controlling Denji and everybody else all along. She only treats him as a dog and does not have any good intentions in her interactions with him.

9/10. Chi Chi from Dragon Ball

Chi Chi - most hated female characters

Chi Chi is one of the oldest anime characters on this list and is the wife of Goku. She is also one of the most hated female characters, even though she is actually a good person.

Chi Chi was introduced in the original Dragon Ball as a child. She was cute and adorable back then, making her a fan favorite among fans.

However, as the series progressed, she grew into something that every man hated. She became more violent. She always scolds Goku and Gohan.

Chi Chi forbade Gohan from training or fighting, even though he is the son of the legendary Saiyan warrior. She clearly does not respect what her husband and child want.

But she was doing all this out of love. She wanted Gohan to be safe from the battles and wanted him to study and get a job. She did not want Goku to endanger him by taking him to fights.

While I can understand her emotions, we can all agree that having a violent and noisy partner is the last thing any of us would want.

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8/10. Lust from Fullmetal Alchemist


Lust is one of the villains from the Fullmetal Alchemist series. Throughout the series, she has killed several people without showing any remorse.

But that is just not enough to make fans hate her. After all, she is doing her job as a villain, right?

However, when she killed one of the most innocent and beloved characters in the series, everybody raged. This is why when Roy Mustang burned Lust to the afterlife, it felt so satisfying for many fans.

7/10. Nora from Noragami


Nora is a weird, ghost-like girl who seems to like our MC. But she does everything she can to make his life miserable. She has her own reasons for it, but if I had to put it simply, she is twisted.

Nora was close with our main character long ago, but she conspired with his father and betrayed him.

This same scenario happens several times as she betrays him again and again. All this is reason enough to make her the most hated female character in the Noragami anime.

6/10. Rachel from Tower of God

Rachel - most hated female characters

Next up, we have Rachel from Tower of God. ToG was an anime adapted from the webtoon comic of the same name. And fans of the comic knew very well that Rachel was going to be the most hated female character in the series once the anime adaptation got released.

The reason for this is that our main character goes through hell to find Rachel. He thinks she is in danger, and he has to save her.

After a lot of hardships, he does find her and try to save her. But Rachel ends up betraying him, pushing him back into hell.

5/10. Gabi from Attack on Titan

Gabi - most hated female characters

Normally, anime fans nowadays are very kind towards kids in anime. Even if they are annoying, we know they are kids, and that’s how they act.

However, Gabi from Attack on Titan is the only one who has pissed off thousands of fans. She has a misguided sense of justice and kills people even though it is very clear that she is in the wrong.

She also discriminates against people and treats the Eldians like trash. Gabi is mostly crazy and unstable at the beginning, and she even kills one of the fan favorites in the series.

While she eventually sees the truth and understands her faults, whatever she has done cannot be undone. This is why Gabi is the most hated female character in the anime.

4/10. Seryu Ubiquitous from Akame ga Kill

Seryu  - most hated female characters

Seryu is a good-looking girl who could’ve been a waifu from the series. However, she is a psychopath who deserves no kindness or sympathy.

She cold-bloodedly killed one of the main characters of the series. As if that wasn’t enough, she also put the decapitated head on a skewer for display.

What really ticks people off is her twisted sense of justice. She thinks whatever she does is right, no matter how cruel and injust it is.

It just pissed everyone off when this fake hero of justice killed the one who was actually fighting for justice.

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3/10. Malty (Myne) from The Rising of the Shield Hero

Malty (Myne) - most hated female characters

Oh, here comes THE MOST hated female character in all of anime. Just seeing her face would make fans angry.

I know I’ve only ranked her third, but she deserves the first place because of what she did.

However, this list also depends on the number of people who hate her. And The Rising of the Shield Hero is a much less popular anime than the next two listings. So, there aren’t as many haters of Malty compared to the next two.

Anyway, Malty is the princess of the kingdom in which the shield hero gets summoned. She acts cute and friendly and treats Naofumi nicely.

However, that was all just to frame him and ruin his entire life. She pretended as if Naofumi had assaulted her and made the entire kingdom hate him.

Wherever Naofumi went, all he got was scorn and hatred for a crime that he didn’t commit.

2/10. Nina Einstein from Code Geass

Nina Einstein - most hated female characters

Nina has always been weird in many ways. At first, we think of her as a shy and introverted girl who is just a side character.

Not to mention, she was also a genius. So there was literally nothing to like or dislike about her in particular. But then she did the one thing that turned the plot of the show upside down.

She ruined the main character’s plans because she is psychotic and tries to kill a number of people. Despite being a genius, she couldn’t even think straight when it mattered.

At the end, Nina became a true mad scientist, and fans were disgusted by her personality and her doings.

1/10. Sakura Haruno from Naruto

Sakura Haruno

There are a multitude of reasons why Naruto fans hate Sakura. Some of the reasons are as follows:

  • Sakura chose Sasuke over Naruto, who was very kind and caring.
  • She treated Naruto very badly.
  • She was useless in battle.
  • Sakura was saved by Naruto countless times, but she has no gratitude towards him.

You pretty much get the idea. She was the “b*tch” of the series, and fans did not like her personality at all. Although, I don’t really think she actually deserves such hatred.

Even though there are several other heinous villains who deserve all the rage, Sakura somehow managed to turn fans against herself.

Since Naruto is a worldwide hit with a huge audience, a lot of people have come to know her and hate her.

At the end, Sakura stands as the number-one most hated female character of all time.

That’s it for this post! These were the top 10 most hated anime girls of all time.

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