Top 10 Most Brutal Anime Ever!

Hello everyone! Today’s post is going to be about some of the most gruesome, brutal anime of all time.

Anime is not all fun and games. While the nice side of anime, like comedy, ecchi and shonen genre are shining the brightest, there are some insanely dark and twisted anime out there too. These are the anime that show brutal deaths and murders without holding back and being sensitive. Some of these shows have insane psychopathic murderers who kill people in the most gruesome ways possible. In others, there are these unbelievable monsters that make a gory mess out of people. 

Leave it to anime (and Japan) to kill people in every twisted way possible.

The way how these anime portray the pain, despair and suffering of the dying characters are so realistic, it’ll give you chills.

This article is going to have GIFs of some of the most goriest, brutal anime deaths I’ve ever seen. So, spoiler alert!


Before you scroll any further, be warned that there’ll be GIFs of anime characters getting slaughtered to death. Some of them might be random mob characters, but the others are a part of the main cast. Also, if you’re uncomfortable seeing anime characters die brutally, you might wanna skip reading this article.

List Of Anime With The Most Brutal Scenes Of All Time


another gore

Another is a popular horror anime and one of a kind in its genre. As you can see, getting stabbed to death by an umbrella is a crucial part of the plot in this anime, which is pretty gruesome. Not to mention it also has a decent plot making it worthwhile.

Akame Ga Kill

akame ga kill gore

While Akema ga kill isn’t exactly a horror anime nor does it have much brutal scenes, this one scene alone makes it earn a place in this listing. Now, I know that it’s pretty common in human history to behead people and showcase their head to make a lesson out of them, but still, this scene hit hard.

Happy Sugar Life

happy sugar life anime murder

Happy sugar life isn’t as happy and sweet as it sounds. It’s an anime about this Yandere girl who has a crush on someone else’s little girl. She kidnaps her and lives with her, and they both come to love each other. Sweet. But the real problem starts when the little girl’s family starts to search for her. As we all know, Yandere’s aren’t exactly stable and wouldn’t mind killing someone so that they can spend more time with their loved ones. And that’s exactly what happened in this scene.

Attack On Titan

attack on titan death

Attack on Titan is clearly one of the most goriest anime of all time. We can see people get killed in literally every other episode. While, they don’t directly show people dying (most of the time), the bloodied bodies are always left brutally wounded, making the entire atmosphere sad and gloomy.

Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

Higurashi no naku koro ni brutal anime scene

What could be more worse that killing people? Torturing people. The one sided onslaught, along with gruesome sound effects is all that is necessary to make into this list. And Higurashi no naku koro ni does a very good job doing exactly that.


Berserk gore

Berserk is a super popular manga that is known for it’s brutality. Living up to its fame the anime adaptation also had such moments. Although many people would argue that the manga was better, the anime stands for itself.

Corpse Party

corpse party gory scene

There’s nothing for me explain here, is there? The title “Corpse party” says it all. If that isn’t enough, see this person getting stabbed right in their eyes! If that doesn’t count as gore I don’t know what will.

Elfen Leid

elfen leid gory scene

Here’s another popular classic horror anime: Elfen Leid. It is about this cute pink haired girl with multiple personality; one is soft and kind, and the other is… well, as you can see it above– a cold blooded murder machine. With her invisible hands, she just tears through flesh and bones.

Hellsing Ultimate

hellsing ultimate brutal anime moment

Let’s take on a little more fantasy route, shall we? Hellsing Ultimate is about vampires, ghouls and other beastly things fighting and killing each other. In addition it actually has a good plot. This series is also the origin of the most popular vampire in the anime community, Alucard. (Although, I guess Dio is more popular among the new anime fans these days.)

Angel Cop

angelcops gore

Angel cop takes place in the late 20th century where terrorism is common and the cops are as rough and brutal as the terrorists. In between the fight between the cops and terrorists, a new third party of psychics start murdering the criminals in a cold, unpleasant manner. Now, the cop named Angel has to fight against these psychic murderers too, and bring true justice.


Genocyber brutal anime death

Genocyber is a hidden gem (in the gore anime genre, of course. It is a treasure for those who love some good bloodshed) from the early 90’s. This anime got cancelled half way, but the few episodes that were released will show you some of the strongest negative emotions and the goriest anime deaths of all time. The being called “Genocyber” is a deity who’s born out of the suffering and bitterness of two differently abled sisters who were used as lab rats in a government research. They get back at the humans who toiled with their souls in the name of science, by mass murdering them.

Blood C

blood c gore

Look at this! How creative can they get with killing off people!? They clearly didn’t hold anything back with treating humans as food, alright. Living up to it’s title Blood-C sure doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the blood bath.

That’s it for this post! These were some of the most brutal anime of all time!

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