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Hello and welcome to AEO! Today I’m going to write about my top 11 Webtoon recommendation that every fan must absolutely read!

Unlike a typical top 10 list I have segregated the titles according to their genre (although I’m actually doing a top eleven and not a top ten. I just couldn’t give up on that one title UwU).

And a small notice that the following are my top 11 Webtoon recommendation and it doesn’t mean everybody has to agree with the listing.

So without any further ado, let’s jump into the listing.

Anime with power stealing MC

My top 11 Webtoon Recommendation 

Comedy series:

Winter Moon

winter moon - comedy webtoon

Winter moon is a webtoon about a gay dude (they literally called him a “Flaming H*mo” in the comic lol). A girl who’ll rip-off literally anybody for money. And a smart, glassed guy who seems to be the only close to normal character in the trio.

This comic is mostly about them playing a game and their comedic ventures in the game world.

It’s kinda similar to the anime BOFURI or if you want a popular example, Sword Art Online (When I say similar, I just mean that both the stories take place inside a game world. Not the entire plot.)

Unlike all the other webtoon recommendation in this post, this Winter Moon’s chapter are very short. Like, you scroll once or twice and it’s over.

Regardless, it has an awesome story and funny moments that are worth reading.

Toaster Dude

Toaster Dude comedy webcomic

Toaster Dude is like the love child of One punch man and Gintama.

This is by far the funniest comic I’ve ever read on Webtoon.

It’s just so simple, yet creative.

Dude (yeah, that’s the protagonist’s name) has always had a dream. And it was to buy a Toaster machine.

Years later, Dude manages to buy it.However it gets stolen before he even gets to use it. (And yeah the girl next door was also kidnapped but he didn’t even care about it lol.)

Enraged by this, Dude storms into the base of the villains, beats them up and gets back his toaster.

But unfortunately he gets his Toaster riddled with bullets which made it look like a mask. 

In order to conceal his identity from the kidnapped girl who was also there, he decided to use it as a mask (more like a helmet lol .)

And thus Toaster Dude was born. The hero who’d toasters and toast over anything else.

Romantic Comedy Series:

Boyfriend of the dead

Boy friend of the dead comedy webtoon recommendation

Boyfriend of the dead is the story about a human girl and zombie boy during an apocalypse.

In the beginning, the zombie boy, N only wanted to preserve his livestock (the girl) for three days before eating her (to make sure he gets quality meat.)

However, the more time they spent together, the more they got close.

Forging a new bond, they survive together. Both from the zombies as well as the remnants of humans. 

It is a unique Rom-com webtoon that I’ve absolutely fallen in love with.

Drama Series:

I love yoo

I Love Yoo Drama

I love yoo’ started off as a normal rom-com series. It was so normal that I was pretty sure it was going to be like a dozen of other romance manhwa and manga that I’ve read.

But turns out I was wrong. It was not romance, it was drama (I know I should have referred to the description for the genre before I started reading. My bad.)

Yoo is a young girl who has a whole bunch of problems on her plate. In addition to them, she gets acquainted with super rich people which only seems to bring her more trouble.

I love yoo is a beautiful story about how Yoo deals with her problems and overcomes her sufferings. 

Fantasy series:

Tower of god

tower of god fantasy webtoon recommendations

ToG got its anime adaptation recently. That just goes to show how good this manhwa actually is.

 Twenty-Fifth Bam is a boy who has spent all his life trapped beneath a massive tower.

His only friend Rachel has set out to climb the dangerous and mysterious tower.

Concerned for her, Bam went after her and started climbing the tower.

Tower of God is about the adventures of Bam and the friends he made within the tower climbing the tower by passing multiple tests.

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Lumine fantasy webtoon recommendation

Lumine is a werewolf boy who can transform between wolf and human form.

He is hired as a bodyguard for the young witch boy who is antisocial and always alone.

Lumine tries to get close to him and eventually does.

This webtoon is a story of their adventures and perils they overcome together, all the while uncovering great mysteries surrounding them.

Superhero series:


Unordinary superhero webtoon recommendation

Unordinary is currently my #1 most favorite Webtoon and naturally it is on my top 11 webtoon recommendation list.

In a world where superpowers are common, John was one of the very few who doesn’t have powers.

Due to the hierarchy of power in his school- the Welston high, he is often bullied and made fun of.

However, John fights back with his martial arts and deals with most of them. This attitude gained him a friend named Seraphina who was the Queen of the school.

Seeing how John wasn’t acting according to his position in the Hierarchy, the King of Welston High Arlo researched John. Wanting to reveal John’s past, Arlo traps John and ganges up on him.

What kind of past did John have? And what were the consequences of Arlo’s actions?

Sci-fi Series:

City of Blank

city of blank sci-fi webtoon recommendation

Blanks are ghost-like beings that steal the face of humans and take their memories and physical form.

Because of them the human population is always forced to wear a mask.

When the Blanks can’t see a face, they’re docile and are literally like air (They are everywhere and they pass through everything just like a ghost.)

But, Rex – a country boy has just arrived at the city- the place with the highest Blank population, is the only one who is capable of touching them. 

Why is he able to touch them? What reason does he have to visit a city full of Blanks? What sort of future awaits him?


Rebirth sci-fi webtoon recommendations

This one is yet another zombie apocalypse story. Except this time, zombies are actually deadly and humans fight against them instead of falling for them like the webtoon I recommended above.

Unlike a regular zombie apocalypse, ReBirth has time travel, superhuman abilities, mysterious items and of course some gun slinging military action.

ReBirth’s plot is very well made and has a perfect balance between horror, mystery and comedy.

Action series:

The God of High school

The God of Highschool action webtoon recommendations

GoH is the best action/fighting manhwa I’ve ever read.

This webtoon is also getting an anime adaptation which is supposed to be aired sometime this month.

Mori Jin, Dawei Han and Mira Yoo participate in a fighting tournament in order to win the main prize — They get their wish granted. Anything they ask.

There’s a lot more to it though. This tournament is only a tip of the iceberg. It escalates into something really big.

After years of new chapters being published it has come to a point where the characters are not even in high school anymore.

The Gamer

The Gamer action manhwa

What if real life had game-ish elements? Like power ups, hyperbolic training chambers, infinite storage and monsters. Not to mention all the money that we can make from monster drops.

The gamer is literally heaven for those who have dreamed about those kinds of things.

It fuses real life and the game world together making it into a truly amazing work.

That’s it! These are my top 11 Webtoon recommendations for the new fans who are wondering where to get started. Hope you found it useful (^^)

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