Dr Stone Female Characters: Popular Girls From The Sci-Fi Anime

Hello and welcome to Anime Everything Online. In today’s article, we will be taking a look at the top 10 most popular female characters in Dr Stone.

Dr Stone is easily one of the greatest sci-fi animes of recent times. It is centered around a brilliant young boy who tries to save the planet with the help of science. What makes the anime interesting are its characters.

Each character has a unique personality and thought process, which makes the audience connect to them on a personal level.

And as always, it is the female characters that drive the motivation of weebs to watch an anime, and Dr Stone has a good amount of them too.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 most popular female characters in Dr Stone.

List Of The Most Popular Dr Stone Female Characters:

  1. Kohaku
  2. Suika
  3. Luna Wright
  4. Yuzuriha
  5. Ruri
  6. Homura
  7. Nikki
  8. Mirai
  9. Darya
  10. Lillian

10. Lillian Weinberg

Lillian Weinberg

Lillian was one of the selected few people who were onboard the international space station during the global petrification incident.

She was a famous singer in America, with a beautiful voice and appearance. As a woman, she was fun, outspoken and sometimes shy person. In short, she was a perfect waifu material.

She helped Senku’s father and other astronauts to re-grow humanity and direct them on the right path.

9. Darya Nikitina

Darya Nikitina

Darya was a Russian astronaut who was onboard the International Space Station along with her husband during the global apocalypse.

She was one of the very few female characters in Dr Stone who was into science, being very diligent in her work. But that doesn’t affect her love life at all, as her husband is also a fellow astronaut and they both do everything together.

As a woman, Darya was a bold, aggressive, and sometimes sarcastic individual. It can be assumed that the majority of the surviving humanity that Senku met during the post apocalypse are descendants of Darya and her husband.

8. Mirai Shishio

Mirai Shishio

Mirai is the adorable younger sister of Tsukasa, the main antagonist of the first two seasons of Dr Stone.

Even though she is just a little girl, she is capable of handling her emotions very well. She is kind, understanding, and smart despite her young age.

Before the global petrification incident, she was always hospitalized because she was brain dead. However, the petrification cured her, and she was able to experience the world once she was unpetrified.

7. Nikki Hanada


Nikki is one of the female characters in Dr Stone that Senku ended up helping out in the end. She was initially a member of the Tsukasa Empire; but, later on, she betrayed that organization and joined the “Kingdom of Science.”

She also serves as a member of the “power team,” and her job in the “Kingdom of Science” is disciplinary. For example, she makes sure that Magma and Yo do not overstep their bounds in any way.

6. Homura Momiji

Homura - Dr stone female characters

Homura, one of the Dr. Stone series’ secondary antagonistic characters, plays a supporting role in the series. Before the apocalypse, she competed in gymnastics at the highest level.

But after the global petrification incident, she becomes Hyoga’s trusted assistant in the Tsukasa Empire. Her flexibility and agility were excellent for snooping purposes.

But as the story goes on, she eventually becomes a part of Senku’s “Kingdom of Science.”

5. Ruri


Ruri is the eldest sister of Kohaku and Kokuyu’s daughter. Initially, she was down with illness, and Kohaku had to take care of her until Senku cured her.

Ruri has light blonde hair that is curled at the ends and a delicate face, both of which contribute to her pretty appearance.

She was the very definition of a pure and innocent girl who is beautiful beyond compare. One can even say that she has a pretty submissive personality because of her innocence. But this also makes her one of the best female characters in Dr Stone.

Ruri also performs the duties of a priestess in the Ishigami Village.

4. Yuzuriha Ogawa

Yuzuriha - Dr stone female characters

Yuzuriha is a kind and alluring young lady who possesses endearing features. In spite of the fact that she was one of the first characters introduced, the anime only gave her a very small amount of screentime.

I wouldn’t say it was a good choice, but it was essential to the story, and she ended up playing a crucial part in the second season of the anime series. Despite this, it’s safe to say she’s one of Dr Stone’s best waifus.

3. Luna Wright

Luna - Dr stone female characters

Luna is a new female character introduced in the Dr Stone manga. She has a wavy hair and a wonderful personality; it goes without saying that she has a cute appearance as well. Before everything started to go to hell, she was studying medicine at the university.

In the post apocalypse, she develops feelings for Senku after meeting him for the first time.

She had the same desire as everyone else to be his girlfriend, but just like every other shounen hero, Senku never showed any interest in her.

2. Suika

Suika - cute Dr stone female character

One of the cutest and most lovable of the female characters in Dr. Stone is Suika. Because of her attitude, she is one of the most enjoyable individuals to watch because she is both energetic and endearing.

After Senku helped her fix her eyesight, she acquired an extra charm, which made her a joyful and refreshing character in the series.

It is also cute that when she removes her helmet (which has the glasses), she looks like an old woman as she squints too hard.

1. Kohaku

Kohaku - best Dr stone female characters

Kohaku is without a doubt Dr Stone’s best girl. She stands out in every aspect of personality and character, whether we are discussing an all-around personality or an action-packed, ferocious character.

She took a lot of precautions to ensure the safety of her sister, which gave her the courage to face down her adversaries. As the plot develops, she develops a relationship with the primary protagonist of the series, which ultimately leads to her become his trusted friend.

Kohaku is a strong and brave girl who has a fun personality. She might not be as smart as Senku and others, but she shines in her physical abilities.

That’s it for this post! These were the top 10 most popular Dr Stone female characters of all time.

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