Dr Stone Characters: 20+ Most Popular Characters From The Hit Anime

An anime is only as good as its characters, and it is the same with Dr Stone. However, in addition to great characters, this anime also has an amusing story.

It is probably the only shounen anime that uses scientific theories and concepts as its main theme.

The concept of the anime itself is very unique, and the whole series revolves around “science.” 

Perhaps someone who hasn’t heard of this anime is perplexed to hear that. After all, is there actual science in anime that is usually about not-so-realistic stuff? What is this educational program?

Well, after watching the show, I bet there won’t be any confusion. There is science, and it is presented in a purely entertaining way. And it is not necessarily all about science.

Yes, it exaggarates things sometimes, but it is still the greatest science themed anime of all time.

But for this particular article, we are only focusing on the characters of the anime series, because even if the storyline of any series is unique, that doesn’t mean the anime will be good; it takes some of the best characters to make an anime worth watching.

So, without further ado, here is a list of some of Dr Stone’s best characters.

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Top 20 Dr Stone Characters Ranked Based On Popularity

20. Magma

Magma - Dr stone characters

Magma is one of the strongest warriors in Ishigami Village.

He is muscular, tall, and has blonde hair. He was extremely ambitious, and his only goal was to be the chief of his village.

However, the arrival of Senku and science put his ambitions to waste. Regardless, he started to help out the science team and became a reliable member.

19. Xeno Houston Wingfield


Xeno is one of the most intelligent characters in Dr Stone, no doubt!

He is an amazing scientist and one of the members of the “Kingdom of Science.”

He was the leader of the American Colonies and a major antagonist in The New American City Arc.

18. Nikki Hanada


Nikki is one of the characters who was saved by Senku. She was also one of the members of the Tsukasa Empire, but later she defected from there and joined the “Kingdom of Science.”

She is also a member of the “power team,” and her role in the “Kingdom of Science” is disciplinary, as she constantly checks on people like Magma and Yo for never crossing their lines.

17. Homura Momiji


Homura is one of the minor antagonist characters in the Dr Stone series. She used to be a competitive gymnast in the old world.

But as we see in this Pertification world, she is the right-hand woman of Hyoga in the Tsukasa Empire.

But as the story progresses, she joins the “Kingdom of Science” along with Hyoga.

16. Ginro

Ginro - Dr stone characters

Ginro is known to be Kinro’s brother and one of the guards in his village.

He is the first person in the village who has accepted and got to know the power of the “Kingdom of Science.” He used to hang out with Senku when he first visited his village.

Ginro is more of a comedy character, but there are moments when he truly shines.

15. Kinro

Kinro - Dr stone characters

Kinro is one of the strongest characters in Dr Stone series. He known for his strong will and never lets anyone down, even in exceptional situations.

He never lets anyone see his weak side and plays a very crucial role in the first season of the anime.

Kinro was the elder brother of Ginro and the son of Tetsuken. He was a guard in his village, and he soon joined the team of Senku and became a member of the Power Team’s defense division.

One of his best qualities was that he was the best at his work and never got distracted from anything. He was one of the few people in the series who only knew how to work hard.

14. Taiju Oki

Taiju - Dr stone characters

Taiju is one of the first characters to be introduced in Dr Stone. At the beginning, not much attention was given to this him, but as the story progressed, Taiju grew in a way that grabbed attention and love from the fans.

Taiju is also one of the sturdiest characters in all of Dr Stone.

He came back alive on October 5, 5738 AD, after being turned to stone. His only goal was to save humanity alongside Senku. But he was working under the Tsukasa Empire, along with Yuzuriha, as spies, until both factions merged in the latter part of the series.

13. Ruri


Ruri is the elder sister of Kohaku and the daughter of Kokuyu. She mostly referred to herself as a descendant of modern humans.

Ruri has blonde curly hair along with a delicate face, which gives her pretty innocent looks. She also serves as a priestess in the Ishigami Village.

12. Yuzuriha Ogawa


Yuzuriha is a cute and charming girl with adorable qualities. Despite being one of the first characters introduced, she got very little screentime in the anime.

I would say it was not a wise decision, but it was necessary for the plot, and she played a pivotal role in Season 2 of the anime. But still, not giving a waifu more screentime is just sad.

11. Ukyo Saionji

Ukyo - Dr stone characters

Ukyo is one of the characters in Dr Stone who is always good at whatever he does.

In the old world, he worked as a sonar operator on an SDF submarine. He was known for being able to hear everything perfectly. In the post petrification world, he is a marksman and a hunter, who never misses his target.

10. Chrome

Chrome - Dr stone characters

One of the “sorcerers” from the Ishigami Village, well-known for being too jaunty and cheerful in nature, is quite intelligent, as he is the only one who is really quick to grasp Senku’s scientific knowledge and help him.

He was an ambitious boy with little to no knowledge about the science of the world, always experimenting with new things. Around nature, he was very fond of doing creative and new things.

9. Luna Wright


Luna is a girl with curly hair and a great personality, and of course she looks adorable. She used to be a medical student before the world got petrified.

After encountering Senku, she falls in love with him.

She wished to be his girlfriend as well, but like every other shounen hero, he never reciprocates her feelings.

8. Whyman


Whyman (pronounced “why-man”) is probably the main antagonist character in the Dr Stone series. It is assumed that Whyman is the reason for the petrification of the world.

At first, a message was being emitted in Morse code, continually saying “Why,” and later it was known that the message was actually imminent from the petrification Weapons themselves.

Their only goal was to keep humans passive and helpless.

After the war happened on Treasure Island and their cellphones were fixed, Ruri communicated with her teammates that they were receiving some strange messages.

Their connection was eventually lost due to the remote activation of the Pertification device.

This call confirmed that “man” is a threat to humankind and is meant to destroy humanity.

This voice was noted by Ukyo, which she referred to as matching Senku’s voice; this made everyone confused.

7. Hyoga


Hyoga is another character who became popular as the story went on. At the beginning, it seemed like he was just another aboveaverage minion of Tsukasa, but he revealed his true colors later.

It took both Tsukasa and Senku to defeat him. However, his betrayal made the anime more interesting, which made him quite popular among fans.

6. Suika


Suika is one of the most adorable characters in Dr Stone. Her unsettling and endearing personality makes her one of the most enjoyable characters to watch.

At the beginning, she was used to being a little shy and reserved, but after Senku helped her to fix her eyesight, she got her charm, which made her a lighthearted and refreshing character in the series.

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5. Gen Asagiri

Gen - Dr stone characters

Gen is one of the most interesting Dr Stone characters there is. He was more like a double agent, hiding his true face and blending in with the science team.

He desperately wanted to destroy the Kingdom of Science before it became a frightening threat to his tribal world, but later on he realized the true joy of science.

Gen was working under the Tsukasa Empire, but Tsukasa didn’t want to revive him because he was a selfish being who only cared about himself and always did things for his own benefit. But he needed someone with the same level of intelligence as Senku, and the only option Tsukasa had was Gen.

Later, he became a true member of the science kingdom, and was one of the Five Wise Commanders in the show.

4. Tsukasa Shishio


Tsukasa is the main antagonist of season 1 and 2. He is one of the most relatable characters in Dr Stone.

Tsukasa made a really great villain, as he was really just trying to build a better world and had his own ideals and ethics. He wasn’t evil per se, but he was ready to get his hands dirty to build a better world.

His personality is contrary to our main protagonist, Senku, and the fight between two opposite ideals is what made the series more hyped.

3. Kohaku


Whether we talk about an all-around personality or an action-packed badass character, Kohaku stands out in all categories.

She was very diligent to protect her sister, which made her confront her enemies with confidence. As the story progresses, she develops a partnership with our main protagonist in the series.

2. Ryusui Nanami

Ryusui - Dr stone characters

Ryusui Nanami is the only son of the owner of Nanami Mingling and plays a crucial role as one of the characters in Dr Stone.

Senku had revived him because he was excellent at sailing and had the skills to navigate with the help of water and air, making him one of the most important characters.

He was also one of the five wise commanders of the Kingdom of Science. Not only that, but he is also in charge of the crafting and advancement of the kingdom of science.

1. Senku Ishigami

Senku - Dr stone characters

Without a doubt, the main protagonist of the anime and the most memorable character from the series.

Despite his self-centered and arrogant personality, he is actually kind-hearted and a lovable person. He easily stands out when compared to other Shounen anime main protagonists.

Even though he has not been applauded much as compared to other Shounen anime main protagonists, he still has those qualities that make anime worth watching!


This list covers almost all the main characters of Dr Stone who have played significant roles and have exceeded the expectations of their fans.

Recently, Season 3 of anime was announced, so it’s good news for you guys who couldn’t get enough of these amazing characters in Dr Stone.

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