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Amazing Dr. Stone Quotes [Anime Quotes]

Dr Stone is one of the best anime of 2019. It is an interesting prehistoric, survival, sci-fi anime where the humans are petrified due to some unknown phenomenon.

Thousands of years later, Senku Ishigami, a genius science enthusiast, comes back alive from the petrification. 

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By that time, the world as he knew was completely destroyed and he took on the responsibility to start a civilization again from scratch and sprint all the way to the digital age where he once belonged.

Here are some of the most awesome quotes from Dr. Stone! 

Senku Ishigami Quotes

Senku Ishigami quotes 1

“I am 10 billion percent sure.”

Senku Ishigami Quotes

“It’s a slow but steady effort. I’m going to beat fantasy with science!”

Anime Quotes - Senku Ishigami

“All I can do is improvise one step at a time.”

There's nothing you can't do if you try- Senku Ishigami

“There’s nothing you can’t do if you try!”

Dr Stone Senku quotes

“A man who praises a man to his face is full of ulterior motives.”

Amazing Dr Stone - Senku quotes

“I’m going to use the power of science to rescue every single person.”

Dr Stone quotes Senku Ishigami

“Science is just a name for the steady, pain in the ass effort that goes behind it.”

Byakuya Ishigami Quotes

Byakuya Ishigami quotes

“It may be a worst-case scenario, but I have to do what I can.”

Byakuya Ishigami quotes 1

“If you’re serious, you can accomplish anything through diligent application of science.”

Byakuya Ishigami quotes 3

“10 kilometers is nothing. I’ll swim the whole way, fully clothed if I have to.”

Tsukasa Shishio Quotes

Tsukasa quotes Dr. Stone

“I’ll promise you one thing: You two will never be in danger again.”

Taiju Oki Quotes

Taiju Oki quotes

“I’m built to last I’ve got plenty of energy left to spare. I’m not giving up.”

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