One of the biggest problem with the anime community is its toxic fandoms. As much as these fans love their anime, they are also one of the reasons why people from non-anime background hate anime.

When a bunch of such toxic fans starts influencing other fans, they create more hate and disharmony.

Here is a list of such worst anime fandoms and fanbases & the worst kind of anime fans to exist in the community.

Most Toxic Anime Fandoms Of All Time

Naruto – the most toxic anime fandom ever

Naruto - Toxic Anime Fandom (Narutards)

Even though the anime had finished airing years ago, the number of toxic anime fans in this fandom is still high. This fandom’s toxic group has earned itself the title ‘Narutards’. Just imagine how many people they must have pissed off to get their own title in the community.

These are the people who can’t help but call every other shonen anime a rip off of Naruto.

“Black clover? Naruto rip off!”

“Jujutsu Kaisen? Bro it’s totally Naruto!”

“Izuku Midoriya? You mean green Naruto?”

*Sees a ninja in any anime* “IT IS A NARUTO REFERENCE!” (as if ninjas were not originally from the Japanese history.)

If this isn’t annoying enough, they rub off about how mainstream the anime is.

“Naruto is better than any anime out there because even your mom would know about it” – the poor thing that doesn’t know just because it is mainstream and popular doesn’t mean it is the best. (It is good, yes, but not necessarily the best.)

Now, if you think they only trash characters from other anime, you’re wrong! Because they always whine about how Sakura is useless and Boruto is shit, not realizing that each anime or character is entitled to have its own characteristics, regardless of what they think about them.

How about you just stop comparing everything to Naruto for once, my dear Narutards?

MHA – fandom with so much hate and negativity

My Hero Academia - Toxic Anime Fandom

The one major problem with the MHA fandom is their internal quarrel.

The shippers vs the non-shippers.

There are fans who love to see the MHA characters in a romantic light, and so they “ship” characters together and create their own imaginary romance story. What’s wrong with that though? They’re free to like what they like, right?

But some people don’t think so. They hate people shipping characters from their favorite shonen anime and lewding them. Shonen must have no romance is their rule.

But instead of ignoring what they don’t like, they still bother to go start a fight with the people who ship characters and end up immersing themselves deeper into the shippers community.

Non-shippers are not the only problem though.

There are shippers who force their favorite ship on others and call every other ship a trash.

There are also people with homophobia who are okay with straight ships but rain down rage upon all gay ships.

In short, MHA fandom is a place filled with people who can’t respect other people’s opinions, likes and dislikes.

Dragon Ball Z – the ex-most toxic anime fanbase

DBZ Toxic Anime Fandom

The hard truth is that DB fandom is dying. Or to put it the right way, Dragon Ball fandom is not gaining much new fans. It has the loyal fans who’ve been watching it since their childhood and very few newer fans, but most of the newer generation of otakus/weebs aren’t into this anime at all.

How do I know?

I’ve an Instagram page with 50k followers and I created a poll asking if Dragon Ball franchise is overrated or not. And guess what, majority of them said it was overrated.

This is also one of the facts why the older fans get defensive and toxic. They’re very passionate about the anime that marked the beginning of the entire shonen genre, which is understandable. However, they force others to believe and like the same.

In addition there are these people who believe Goku is the strongest anime character ever and mess with the other fandoms saying Goku can wipe the said fandom.

Can he beat Goku tho?” – The one phrase that is overused to the point of annoyance.

Attack on Titan – toxic anime fandom that betrayed their Mangaka

attack-on-titan-Toxic Anime Fandom

The very people who should be supporting the author (mangaka) for giving them an amazing story to enjoy, have turned against him in this community.

It’s sad to see how much fans love the work, but not the man who created the work.

Recently, the AOT manga ended but fans didn’t like the ending. So they started criticizing the mangaka and trashed him. Some even went as far as sending a death threat to the mangaka to show their hatred towards how he ended the story.

In addition, they even started writing their own ending, discarding the original author’s work and wishes.

The one thing these guys could learn from the One Piece, Jojo and Berserk community is to respect their mangaka and treat them well.

Also, the AOT fandom has the same shipping problem similar to the MHA fandom, although not to the same extent.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

jojo ranked

The jojo fandom is more on the annoying side than toxic if you ask me, but few of you guys nominated the jojo fandom on my Instagram page when I asked you guys to tell the fandoms you hate, so I’m adding it to the list.

This fandom just makes a jojo reference out of everything and asks literally every single anime watcher to watch Jojo.

“Watch Jojo, Watch Jojo, Watch Jojo”, that’s all they say when they meet a new anime fan.

Demon Slayer – the spoiler gang

Who are the demon slayers

This is a relatively new anime fandom, so it isn’t as toxic. However, the only thing I don’t like with this community is the spoilers.

They seem to forget not everyone is a seasonal watcher/manga reader. While this is a problem with several other fandoms too, the amount of spoilers were way too much.

And of course, there are people who believe in demon slayer superiority and wouldn’t just accept people saying they didn’t like Demon Slayer very much.

The Most Toxic Weebs – Worst Type of Anime Fans

Worst type of toxic anime fans/weebs

The Toxic Shipper

“I ship these two but every other ship is trash.” Again, it’s one of those overly passionate fans who want people to acknowledge and love what they love.

But their approach is plain bad. You just don’t trash talk other people’s preference to prove your ship is better.

The “Heterophobist”

These are the anime fans who don’t like Gay/Yaoi stuff. They’re so close minded they can’t see different people have different preferences. They say they’re free to hate what they want and express it. But they don’t realize others are free to like what they like and express it too.

These people are so full of double standards, they don’t even see how contradictory they are.

Just like how male anime fans lewd their waifus, the female fans lewd their hisbandos. That’s all there is.

yaoi ships

The Trap/Futa Hater

These are the people who watch anime but are not very deep into the anime/weeb community. Now, remember this has nothing to do with how long you’ve been watching anime/how many anime you’ve watched. It has nothing to do with how deep you’re into the community.

Why do I say that?

Because the more you’re into the community, the more you’re gonna get used to these kinds of things.

As a new anime watcher, you probably didn’t like fanservice. But after a few years, you get used to it.

Likewise, at first you’re uncomfortable with traps and futa, but as you spend more time in the weeb community, you’re going to get used to it too. Hell, you’ll even join the trap/futa lovers for the heck of it.

But if you don’t like traps and futa, all you have to do is stay away from that part of the community. You don’t have to tell the trap/futa lovers how what they love sucks. That’s just uncalled for.

The Toxic Recommender

toxic recommender

Recommending anime to the people who wants recommendation is a good deed. But there are weebs who keep recommending their favorite anime to other fans who never asked for their recommendation.

The problem with this is, when you over-recommend something, people start hating it.

You want so badly to share an amazing series with someone, so you annoy them with recommendations hoping they’ll watch it one day just to put an end to your annoyance. I understand. And it works sometimes.

But sometimes, just because you recommended the same thing to the point of annoyance, they probably will never watch it.

The Mainstream Hater

It is a part of the human psychology to hate the popular thing. Most millennials and gen z, including myself, think liking popular thing is not cool. That’s why they like things that are not so popular. The underdogs are what they love.

So, if a lot of people say that an anime is amazing & brilliant to a weeb who hasn’t watched it, chances are they don’t like what they’re hearing. They’ll want to be the “cool” person who doesn’t side with popularity.

This eventually leads them to hate all things popular. They’ll hate things without even knowing whether it is actually good or not.

The Toxic Spoiler Dude

toxic spoiler

Ah, do I even need to explain this. The best way to make a fan disappointed is to reveal what’s going to happen next.

I admit, I’ve been this person and I know it feels nice to spoil people. But you gotta realize that it’s bad. It’s childish to feel pleasure from destroying someone else’s expectations.

But, some weebs want to feel cool and superior, so they prove that they know more than someone else by spoiling them.

The Dominator

They want everybody to like only what they like and have the same taste as them. If not, its war. They’ll call you a fake anime fan. They’ll say you have trash taste and bully you to no end.

Too bad they missed a chance at dictatorship by being born in this time.

The Blind Hater/ The Inheritor

These guys always give their opinion about how an anime sucks, but in reality they haven’t even watched it. They simply saw a few people hating it online, so they just inherited the hate without thinking for themselves.

blind haters

Simply put, they’re the worst kind of anime fan there is. They don’t think for themselves, and they’re close minded beyond help.

“Hundreds of people hate it, so majority wins right? They must be right, so I’mma join them blindly”, this is probably what goes on in their brains.

They couldn’t be any wrong.

Because, the truth is if hundreds hate something, a few hundred more will be there who love it. They’re just not in the same part of the community as them. So one can’t choose majority just be watching that one big guy hate on an anime. You have to see it for yourself.

A better example here would be One Piece.

I heard people say it was long and boring, it didn’t get interesting until 200 episodes, it had crappy animation. Blah, blah, blah.

And I believed them blindly and didn’t watch it at all. But a few years later (when my mental awareness grew with my age), I noticed how stupid it was.

There were these people saying it sucked, but on the other hand it was selling millions of copy and had a high rating where ever I saw. So I gave it a shot, and I loved it!

That’s when I realized about this entire “hate inheritance” thing and how blind people are.

Here’s the truth. Most people who hate an anime, probably have not even watched it in the first place.

However, remember that there will still be people who’ve watched and dropped a show after watching over half the anime because they’re dissatisfied. That’s okay, because that’s their true opinion, not inherited.

The ‘True’ Anime Fan

These are the anime veterans. The people who’ve watched hundreds of anime and feel superior to everyone else. So, if a new anime fan has an opinion that doesn’t go along with what they think, these “true fans” will call them out for being a normie/ a weeblet.

The Sadist

anime sadist

The most toxic kind of anime fans/weebs to exist. They just want to feel good by making others feel bad.

These are the kind of people who go out of their way to offend someone by trashing something they love and start an argument just for the heck of it.

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