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Birth of the Samsung Waifu – Samsung’s mascot girl, ‘Sam’ goes viral

The all new Samsung waifu has been the talk of this week! If you’ve been active on social media, you would have come across Samsung girl, a.k.a Samantha, or just Sam in short. Particularly in the weeb community, she is being celebrated as a new ‘waifu’ material.

She took the internet over a storm, and literally became popular overnight. So, what exactly happened? What is the origin of this so called Samsung girl? Why is she so popular?

Samsung Girl – Origin

samsung waifu origin

Samsung Sam was first introduced on May 28th 2021 by Lightfarm, a visual arts production house based in Brazil. This project was done in collaboration with Cheil Worldwide Inc.

Cheil is a marketing company that is under the umbrella of the Samsung group. It is a company that is based in Seoul, South Korea.

They are a massive company with over $984.9 million in revenue.

Sam – The Rejected Mascot

sam mascot virtual assistant

So, the creation of Samsung Sam was an official project seeing how Cheil was involved. However, she has not been used as a mascot, or virtual assistant ever since her initial debut.

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Hence, It is safe to assume that it was a failed project.

Also, the official images and documents of the Samsung girl project were all deleted. So, whether or not we can call her Samsung’s original character design is in question.

Images and videos circulating the internet are actually archived content retrieved from the Wayback Machine. For those who don’t know, the Wayback Machine is a website where all the deleted websites and content can be accessed. It is a massive library of everything that once existed on the World Wide Web.

Samsung Mascot Becomes Samsung Waifu

samantha, the samsung girl

A day after the official release, Twitter user @JanaiArts reposted four images of Sam and it became viral! It had over 5,800 retweets and 49,900 likes in just three days. This laid down the foundation for Samsung girl to become a waifu in the weeb community.

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As you probably know, the weeb community is known for lewding everything. Hell, they even lewd non living objects (this is called “MoeMorphism“, if you didn’t already know.)

So the debut of Sam made them busy.

Following this twitter post, several users started reposting Sam. NSFW artworks of her flooded the internet. A separate subreddit and Instagram page called r/SamsungGirlr34 and @samsung.girl.lewds were created to post hentai/ecchi arts of the new Samsung waifu.

The Internet Loves Her (in more than one way)

Samsung girl / sam waifu hentai

There is a community of people who love the girl for what she is. They either post fun TikTok videos from the original video that is already available, or do cosplays of her. Long story short, what these people do is completely SFW.

The other group are the rule 34 artists and weebs who love her in an erotic sense.

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Rule 34 is to be able to lewd anything and everything on the internet. And according to this rule, R34 artists started drawing lewd arts and making p*rn gif renders with this mascot.

The reddit page r/SamsungGirlr34 blew up and gained over 100,000 subscribes in just 3 days! Similarly, the Instagram page @samsung.girl.lewds had gotten a thousand followers over a night regardless of the fact that they only post censored NSFW content unlike the reddit page.

Do you like the new Samsung waifu Samantha?

There are only 3 types of people when it comes to Sam. They either love her, hate her or they’re an iPhone user so they don’t care about her. Where do you stand?

While it is unknown whether Samsung will take any action regarding all this fuss over their character, people are demanding to make Samantha the official mascot. However, there has been no reply regarding this.

Who knows, we might just get a new waifu in our mobiles as a Virtual Assistant if everything goes well!

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