10+ Funniest Gag Anime Of All Time

Anime is not always about high school romance or a shonen protagonist fighting villains to save the world. Sometimes it can be a very light hearted, funny, gag anime too. While this genre are not as main stream as pure shounen anime, they still have decent animation, sound effects and sometimes a very emotional plot.

However, gag anime are not for everybody. If you value plot more in an anime, these are not for you. Most of the following anime barely even have a story. It might not even be as funny for some of you as these are not your regular comedy anime. So, some of you might find these boring. But for those who enjoy this type of comedy, this’ll be a treat.

With that out of the way, here is a list of 12 such gag anime that will give you a good laugh.

Top 12 Epic Gag Anime Of All Time

12. Pop Team Epic – The weirdest Anime there is

pop team epic - hilarious gag anime

This is the weirdest of all anime in this list. It has a crazy character designs and absurd comedies and references to the modern pop culture. This show is hilarious in the weirdest ways possible.

It is a mix of parody, action, drama and comedy fused together!

11. Nichijou


If you’ve been in the anime community long enough, you would have probably come across this anime already. Nichijou shows the daily life of some high school girls. When it comes to this kind of slice of life show, the personality of the character heavily matters. And Nichijou over delivers there. Each and every character in this anime is unique and fun to watch.

10. Daily Lives Of High School Boys

Daily Lives Of High School Boys

Most of the slice of life comedy anime were about girls. There was a need for a boy’s version of this troupe so that the male audience can relate with them.

And that’s exactly what Daily lives of High School Boys was created for. It tells the story of a trio with different personalities living their lives to the fullest.

Unlike regular high school anime, this one does not involve any romance or drama. It is pure comedy.

9. Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase

Asobi Asobase is another anime that follows the ‘daily life of 3 high school girls’ troupe. It is basically a bunch of girls living their lives, doing all sorts of things.

While these kind of shows don’t have much of a plot, they are always appealing to the viewers in terms of relatability. We’ve all had our school moments where we’ve hung out with our friends, doing fun and crazy stuff. This anime will remind you the good old days.

8. Haven’t you heard? My name is Sakamoto


Sakamoto is the very definition of perfection. He does everything in a fashionably perfect manner. Of course, this makes some people to hate him, but seeing him deal with these bullies flawlessly is a treat to watch!

This anime is about this perfect character dealing with all sorts of life’s events in a perfect manner.

7. Great Teacher Onizuka – Best Gag Anime from the 90’s

Great Teacher Onizuka  - Best Gag Anime from the 90's

This one of the oldest hit anime of all time. Great teacher Onizuka is a gag anime well known for its comedy. But that’s not all. It gives its viewers valuable life lessons. It is the story of a former gangster who wipes his slate clean and becomes a teacher.

However, to his challenge, the students of his class are unruly and hard to handle. This anime is about how he captures the heart of his students and how far he goes to help them. Of course, it has a ton of comedy if you’re just looking to have fun.

6. Wasteful Days of High School Girl – Best ‘Highschool girl’s life’ Anime

Wasteful Days of High School Girl  - Best 'Highschool girl's life' Anime

This is another anime like Nichijou, but better. It is yet again about 3 high school girls living their daily lives, but this one is actually super funny.

All of its characters are very interesting and appealing. This anime succeeds in comedy unlike the few other anime like this that only attempts at comedy.

This is completely my opinion, but this is the number 1 anime when it comes to ‘slice of life of high school girls’ kind of anime.

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5. Is This A Zombie? – The funniest Zombie Anime there is

Is This A Zombie?  - The funniest Zombie Anime there is

As the name suggests, this is a zombie anime. But, unlike the traditional scary zombie anime, this is actually a funny zombie anime, and has a good amount of fanservice in it.

This anime features all sorts of fantasy beings! From Magical girls to Dullahan, it’s got them all!!

When you have such a wide variety of characters in the cast, you know it is going to be fun. I remember laughing so hard at this anime when I first watched it.

4. Konosuba – Most Popular Comedy Anime

konosuba -  Most Popular Comedy Anime

Konosuba needs no introduction. It has one of the most healthy and popular fanbase in the anime community. It is about a boy named kazuma who dies and gets reincarnated in another world. Just like any other Isekai anime he is tasked with defeating the demon king.

However, that is a goal so far away for this group of four people who hardly have any money or skills to do that. So, they go about doing tasks from the guild to earn a living.

Konosuba has some of the most quirkiest characters in the history of anime. It consists of: A masochistic female crusader who gets aroused by being treated badly. The crimson demon girl who loves to explode things. And a goddess who causes more trouble than she helps.

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3. The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K.

 The Disastrous Life Of Saiki K

Saiki K is another super popular gag anime that is loved by many. It is about a boy named Saiki who has insane psychic powers. He is capable of doing anything and everything one can imagine. From x-ray vision to telepathy he’s got them all. However, this is all a pain in the neck for Saiki. All he wishes is to lead a normal life without getting unwanted attention.

But as you could’ve guessed from the title, he doesn’t get to have that life. He’s surrounded by people with crazy personalities that ultimately influences him to do crazy things too.

2. SKET Dance – Gag anime that’ll hit you emotionally

sket dance - Gag anime that'll hit you emotionally

SKET Dance is the anime that was once called as ‘poor man’s Gintama’ in Japan. This is because the author of this series was originally working as an assistant for Gintama’s author before creating his own work.

Clearly, SKET Dance is inspired from Gintama, but it is completely different and is amazing in its own ways.

Unlike Gintama, this anime doesn’t have d*ck jokes or any other dirty jokes for that matter. It is set up in a high school environment where three students form a club called “SKET Dan”, where they help people in need.

While it isn’t as amazing as Gintama, this show has amazing characters, decent jokes, tear-jerking backstories and above all, meaningful life lessons that you could use to better life.

1. Gintama – The King of all Gag Anime

gintama - king of all gag anime

Gintama is the anime that stands at the pinnacle of this genre. When people think of gag anime, they think of Gintama. This anime has parodied several other anime, Japanese personalities and a few world famous people like Jackie Chan and Arnold, all for the fun of it.

It might be hard to get into Gintama at first given its unnatural set up and ever so hard to get native jokes, but once you get used to it, this show will entertain you more that you could ever imagine.

What makes Gintama so special is that, it starts off as a regular gag anime, making fun of anything and everything. But as the show goes on, the author brilliantly starts creating mind-blowing story arcs that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is the only anime that makes you laugh hard, cry hard and literally make you feel every emotion there is.

As for the plot, it is about a trio who does odd jobs to make a living. From finding a lost cat to catching interspace criminals, they do it all. However, each of them has their own dark pasts and they have to deal with them when the threats from the past comes to their present.

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