What is the Influence of Anime on Today’s Generation?

Over the years, we’ve seen the popularity of anime continue to rise. It has now risen to the point where we can say it has influenced or is influencing a generation of people. Teenagers in America have been won over by anime, starting from the Japanese anime, which helped break the widespread assumption that kids should watch all types of cartoons. Like movies and music, anime has its genre, with Shounen being one of the well-known ones. Shounen, for instance, was created for boys aged 12 to 18, even though it has managed to garner the followership and viewership of many. 

Many avid anime fans claim that it has influenced their way of life. Some claimed that it affected their career choice, while others say it gives them a knowledge of the Japanese culture, helps their storytelling analysis, etc. One thing that’s undisputed in these claims and backed up by Superiorpapers is that anime entertains its viewers and influences them. 

The growth of anime is many years in the making. A short while ago, many people in the art world considered anime to have little to no influence. However, that can no longer be the case. The discussions around anime are now about how much impact it has and not whether it influences the younger generation. Evidence of this is seen in an old thesis writing service when experts first warned about the growing influence of anime and described it as “attaining the status of a cult hero among the younger ones.”

This article discusses a few ways in which anime influences the present generation. 

Behavioral traits:

anime influence on weebs

Too many characters in anime have very ugly characters that aren’t and shouldn’t be condoned in society. This is one of the major problems that people mention as an influence of anime. This is because some teenagers pick up habits and traits from these bad characters as they lack the cognitive ability to help them judge what they should learn and shouldn’t learn. They choose to imitate these characters and pick up some bad traits. 

It is all worth noting that many scenes in the manager include violent, blood spilling, and pornographic content that may negatively affect the mental and physical development of this generation. This is in addition to the negative themes such as sexual abuse, jealousy, hatred, resentment, etc., which some of them have. 


over indulgence influence of anime on kids

According to Essaywritingland, overindulgence in anime is one of the least obvious ways in which anime influences the younger generation. The stories are always beautiful and rich and are written to appeal to the younger generation. So, it catches their attention, and they are unable to stop. They end up spending too much time than they should watch anime. 


anime cosplay fashion

This is another effect of anime on the younger generation that is not mentioned often. The creators of these anime, especially the Japanese anime, create the characters and dress them in a particular way to fit the storyline and their roles. However, this generation of fans has taken it one step further. Rather than leave the dressing in the anime where it belongs, many of them have gone out of their way to dress themselves. Cosplayers dress according to the favorite characters in their favorite anime and showcase their love for anime. This craze to look like their favorite characters has led to a new sense of fashion that should not exist. This is even dominant in Japan and other Asian countries where Japanese anime is a stronghold. 

Communication and teamwork:

anime communication and teamwork

While some people might find it hard to admit it, anime has some positive influence on this generation. One of these effects is developing good communication skills, teamwork, and cooperation among the viewers. This is because these traits are strongly emphasized in anime. The protagonists in anime always seem to work in a team and find success with their team. Regularly watching this builds a mindset in the viewers and helps them understand the importance of compensation. Writers at an essay writing service say that this will help to increase their social and communication skills. They also learn from the rich cultural background of much Japanese anime. This way, they are more knowledgeable about many things that can increase their knowledge base. 

Development of character:

anime character development

This is another essential and positive train about anime and how they influence the younger ones. It can be very useful in helping them to develop their strong will. This will be even more effective for people who have learned not to be moved by setbacks. A significant reason for this is the numerous setbacks that the protagonists in anime face and how they could pull through with their strong will and determination. This is an essential lesson in building a strong will and in the development of character mentally. It will motivate these young ones and teach them never to stop dreaming and pursuing their dream. Anime its fans to be able to overcome whatever setbacks come their way by trying again and harder. 


Can Saitama beat Goku

This is another possible influence for people of the youngest generation that watch anime. While the producers are now making efforts to make the stories more about cooperation and communication, it is impossible to ignore the myriad of animes with individual heroism at play in it. This can create a one-man army mindset in the youngest generations, which goes against the ideal values of teamwork and cooperation that they need to learn. 


While anime can affect the way young people perceive the world, it is not expressly the cause of aggression or aggressive behavior in teens. Like on social media, where many users claim to pick up numerous habits, teens can pick habits from anime. The type of anime they watch would determine the kind of trait that they like. 

In an article signed by a manager at a fast essay writing service, anime is similar to other fandoms. It has a vast community that relates to itself based on common ground. Inability to relate with or understand these common grounds is why outsiders find it strange and crazy. This becomes even more accurate when this person tries to express themselves in fashion styles that relate to their favorite characters. It looks off and weird because outsiders can’t relate to it. It should, however, not be a bad thing. 

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