Top 10 Most Toxic Fandoms In Anime Community

One of the biggest problem with the anime community is its toxic fandoms. As much as these fans love their anime, they are also one of the reasons why people from non-anime background hate anime.

When a bunch of such toxic fans starts influencing other fans, they create more hate and disharmony.

Here is a list of such worst anime fandoms and fanbases & the worst kind of anime fans to exist in the community.

Most Toxic Anime Fandoms Of All Time, Listed

1. Naruto – the most toxic anime fandom ever

Naruto - Toxic Anime Fandom (Narutards)

Even though the anime had finished airing years ago, the number of toxic anime fans in this fandom is still high. This fandom’s toxic group has earned itself the title ‘Narutards’. Just imagine how many people they must have pissed off to get their own title in the community.

These are the people who can’t help but call every other shonen anime a rip off of Naruto.

“Black clover? Naruto rip off!”

“Jujutsu Kaisen? Bro it’s totally Naruto!”

“Izuku Midoriya? You mean green Naruto?”

*Sees a ninja in any anime* “IT IS A NARUTO REFERENCE!” (as if ninjas were not originally from the Japanese history.)

If this isn’t annoying enough, they rub off about how mainstream the anime is.

“Naruto is better than any anime out there because even your mom would know about it” – the poor thing that doesn’t know just because it is mainstream and popular doesn’t mean it is the best. (It is good, yes, but not necessarily the best.)

Now, if you think they only trash characters from other anime, you’re wrong! Because they always whine about how Sakura is useless and Boruto is shit, not realizing that each anime or character is entitled to have its own characteristics, regardless of what they think about them.

How about you just stop comparing everything to Naruto for once, my dear Narutards?

2. MHA – fandom with so much hate and negativity

My Hero Academia - Toxic Anime Fandom

The one major problem with the MHA fandom is their internal quarrel.

The shippers vs the non-shippers.

There are fans who love to see the MHA characters in a romantic light, and so they “ship” characters together and create their own imaginary romance story. What’s wrong with that though? They’re free to like what they like, right?

But some people don’t think so. They hate people shipping characters from their favorite shonen anime and lewding them. Shonen must have no romance is their rule.

But instead of ignoring what they don’t like, they still bother to go start a fight with the people who ship characters and end up immersing themselves deeper into the shippers community.

Non-shippers are not the only problem though.

There are shippers who force their favorite ship on others and call every other ship a trash.

There are also people with homophobia who are okay with straight ships but rain down rage upon all gay ships.

In short, MHA fandom is a place filled with people who can’t respect other people’s opinions, likes and dislikes.

3. Dragon Ball Z – the ex-most toxic anime fanbase

DBZ Toxic Anime Fandom

The hard truth is that DB fandom is dying. Or to put it the right way, Dragon Ball fandom is not gaining much new fans. It has the loyal fans who’ve been watching it since their childhood and very few newer fans, but most of the newer generation of otakus/weebs aren’t into this anime at all.

How do I know?

I’ve an Instagram page with 50k followers and I created a poll asking if Dragon Ball franchise is overrated or not. And guess what, majority of them said it was overrated.

This is also one of the facts why the older fans get defensive and toxic. They’re very passionate about the anime that marked the beginning of the entire shonen genre, which is understandable. However, they force others to believe and like the same.

In addition there are these people who believe Goku is the strongest anime character ever and mess with the other fandoms saying Goku can wipe the said fandom.

Can he beat Goku tho?” – The one phrase that is overused to the point of annoyance.

4. Attack on Titan – toxic anime fandom that betrayed their Mangaka

attack-on-titan-Toxic Anime Fandom

The very people who should be supporting the author (mangaka) for giving them an amazing story to enjoy, have turned against him in this community.

It’s sad to see how much fans love the work, but not the man who created the work.

Recently, the AOT manga ended but fans didn’t like the ending. So they started criticizing the mangaka and trashed him. Some even went as far as sending a death threat to the mangaka to show their hatred towards how he ended the story.

In addition, they even started writing their own ending, discarding the original author’s work and wishes.

The one thing these guys could learn from the One Piece, Jojo and Berserk community is to respect their mangaka and treat them well.

Also, the AOT fandom has the same shipping problem similar to the MHA fandom, although not to the same extent.

5. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

jojo ranked

The jojo fandom is more on the annoying side than toxic if you ask me, but few of you guys nominated the jojo fandom on my Instagram page when I asked you guys to tell the fandoms you hate, so I’m adding it to the list.

This fandom just makes a jojo reference out of everything and asks literally every single anime watcher to watch Jojo.

“Watch Jojo, Watch Jojo, Watch Jojo”, that’s all they say when they meet a new anime fan.

6. Demon Slayer – the spoiler gang

Who are the demon slayers

This is a relatively new anime fandom, so it isn’t as toxic. However, the only thing I don’t like with this community is the spoilers.

They seem to forget not everyone is a seasonal watcher/manga reader. While this is a problem with several other fandoms too, the amount of spoilers were way too much.

And of course, there are people who believe in demon slayer superiority and wouldn’t just accept people saying they didn’t like Demon Slayer very much.

7. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – Fake Reviewers

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood anime

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood has been the highest rated anime in MyAnimeList for years. And the reason for it is not just because the anime is that great.

It is also because its fans are hella toxic.

Fullmetal Alchemist has one of the worst anime fandoms of all time, because whenever a new anime gets higher rating than FMA, they go and spam bad rating.

They have done this several times over the past few years. Even after being caught and exposed, the fanbase has learned nothing.

I have no idea how so many people are so orgainzed in doing this. Just how much free time do they even have?

8. One Piece Fandom & Its Neverending Recommendation

List of all arcs in one piece

There are three kinds of groups and opinions when it comes to One Piece anime:

  1. Who has watched One Piece to the latest episode. These guys love the show and over recommend it.
  2. They have watched the first few (maybe just a hundred) episode and dropped it. These guys don’t know the show but call it a trash anime when they’ve no idea about the full story.
  3. Never watched One Piece and are adamant that they will never watch it. These guys don’t care and just wants to hate.

The first kind have watched literally everything and can’t get enough of it. While I can’t blame them for falling in love with a legendary anime, they kinda shove their recommendation every chance they get.

But they only do it because, they too were ignoring the anime at one point, and maybe even hated it and thought it was overrated. But after experiencing the epicness of the anime, they want to share it with the world and force them to see the “truth.”

Obviously, this could get annoying.

Oh, and let’s not forget about the power scalers. They really are a menace in most shonen fandom.

9. Haikyuu Fandom is… a bit weird

Haikyuu characters

Look, this is the 21st centuary and we all accepted the LGBTQ+ community. But the Haikyuu fandoms can’t stop creating lewd fantasies about school boys trying to do some actual sport.

While the anime is excellent and deserves all the praise for its impressive storyline, the fandom does not seem to care about the actual story at all.

Apparantly, all they see are hot sweaty boy that needs to couple up and get busy.

Like seriously, a healthy amount of ships and coupling is welcome, but when it becomes an obsession, it really gets creepy.

Especially the cosplayers and other fans on Tik Tok need to chill out.

10. Literally Any Anime That Is Popular

shonen manga target audience

The sad truth is the more popular an anime is, the more ugly and toxic it is probably going to get.

When humans in general are attached to an idea, they will belittle every other people who do not agree with them.

This is a very unique and disappointing way of the fans “showing love” for their favorite anime series.

Whenever someone says they don’t like an anime, its fandom gets offended because they take it personal. They cannot understand the concept of someone disliking the thing that they loved.

This is very common specifically with the anime fanbases because it truly is the home for teens and immature adults.

Of course, there are mature fans too, who can accept and respect others opinions and likes or dislikes. Only if the entire community was like that, the anime fandom would be a better place.

33 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Toxic Fandoms In Anime Community”

    1. Every anime that mentioned in this article is underrated, ALL of them has a good plot,stories etc. The only problem is your making “that” anime to become superior. It’s ok if youre a fan of “that” anime but being toxic can affect others. Toxicity can affect because 80% (i think) of anime watchers is underage (like me) so because of your toxicity their brains affected and followed the thing that they shouldn’t follow.

  1. Your opinions about aot fandom is completely half-assed. You collected opinions about it at surface level. You didn’t collect opinions about the shipping part of the fandom and aot’s mangaka. Criticizing the people who deserve that is not even toxic to begin with. And also, aot’s author is the one who betrayed and disrespected his readers, his story, his characters and even himself. This article completely ignored that. And how making doujinshi is toxic? There were so many doujinshi in past. Why only that fanfic is toxic?

    1. Firstly I didn’t “collect” any opinion. These are my thoughts as a person who’s been a part of the community. Secondly, Criticizing is not toxic at all. True criticism is about giving useful feedback so that the author can grow. It’s good as long as it’s useful. What is toxic is trash talking about the author without giving any useful feedback. Criticizing isn’t as simple as tagging the author and saying “you suck and your work sucks”. Besides you criticize the content, not the creator. That’s how criticism works. I understand there were plot holes and the ending was dissatisfying. Leave a bad review about the series, there’s nothing wrong with that. But hating the man who has been doing is best for years, just because he screwed up one time is just heartless and immature. There’s a difference between actual criticism and just plainly hating someone online. Now, I’m not saying the entire fandom is like this either. There’s always a mix of toxic and non-toxic fans in any fandom.

      And I don’t even know what part of this article made you think that I’m saying “doujinshi is toxic”. I mean, I didn’t even use the word ‘doujinshi’ lmao. You might wanna re-read that part again cuz this is a complete misunderstanding.

  2. Man this was spot on except you forgot the FMAB fandom they toxic af they keep trashing other animes with poor reviews and 1s soo their ratibg drops most noticeable is on MAL whenever a new gintama season vomes out it gets way higher ratings then fmab and for some reason fmab fans can’t handle their show not being the highest rated so they kept on giving the show 1s and gintama having a smaller fanbase it soon dropped now this has made me hate fmab cuz its fans are toxic af

    1. No odies a FMAB, odia al estúpido grupito de inmaduros entre el fandom. Yo he visto FMAB y he visto Gintama, y hasta la fecha, Gintama es especial para mi, no puedo creer que los fans de Fullmetal le hagan eso, decepcionan como fandom de Fullmetal.

  3. Lmao dragon ball fandom still defeats Naruto fandom in terms of toxicity whoever made this list is dumb af and where is toxic bleach or OP fandom dumb author

  4. Andrene Colthirst

    Anyways…Sakura is useless and Boruto is a trainwreck And don’t forget Natsu is a Pink-haired Naruto and Gray is naked Sasuke

    1. Behold, people. This is the kind of toxic fan I was talking about. If you’re gonna criticize me, at least try to be useful and let me know what you think is wrong so I can try and improve. What exactly on this article made you comment this? That would be a useful feedback. And what do you mean inaccurate? This is my personal experience with those fandom and you find it inaccurate? And trust me, I didn’t wanna ignore your comment entirely, so I actually went and read the first 10 search results for “toxic anime fandoms” in Google (excliding my site ofc) and they all pretty much say the same thing. Are you sure you’re the one who haven’t done any research before commenting such thing?

      1. The behold killed me
        And your article too, I found it really accurate, I hope you’ll write another like that

  5. The entire comment section just proves what the person is trying to prove.
    And its true about Boruto. My brother said it’s not good so I didn’t watch it at first but when I did I was kinda mad at myself for blindly believing him.
    Sure, after watching Naruto you have high expectations for Boruto and it might not meet your expectations but that doesn’t give you the right to completely trash it. It doesn’t give you the same level of excitement(?) as Naruto but it is a pretty decent anime.

  6. Man don’t you have anything else to do in life other than writing up this whole nonsense? You even made types of them? Thanks for making me laugh

  7. Mf himself is a hardcore OPtard and is calling other anime fanbases toxic
    These mf always bring Naruto in their convo because no one talks about their manga.
    OP fanbase is one of the most toxic fanbase and this blog proves it, they attack other anime fanbases for no reason at all and ofcourse trashing on Naruto before anything else.

    1. Firstly, I removed all the offensive words from your comment. We don’t need those kinda toxic words in our site’s community. I could’ve deleted yoour comment as a whole, but I need to let other readers like you know what I’m about to say. Secondly, look, just because I don’t like the naruto FANBASE doesn’t mean I’m a hardcore One Piece fan. It is not binary like that. Sure, I watch OP, I like it, but I won’t call it the best anime there is. Or I wouldn’t say it is better than naruto either. I’ve also read Naruto and I wouldn’t compare it with OP or any other anime either. Besides, do try and understand that I’m not saying Naruto is bad. It is the people that’s the problem. And of course, not all naruto fans are toxic either. I’m also not saying any anime fanbase that is not in this list is toxic free. One Pice has its toxic fans too. Any anime that has a considerable amount of fans is bound to have some bad fans. But one good thing about One Piece fans is that they hold their author (mangaka) so dear and respect him. I’ve no idea why you’re so butt hurt about this.

  8. I started watching sailor moon after not watching it for years, and watching the Viz redubbed it was like watchinga whole new show, it was fun. It’s also not fun when your favorite character is the most hated, and being called a all sorts of names is not cool either. I’m soured on anime and ever watching sailor moon again.

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  10. This article is poorly written and lacks evidence. It’s kinda like saying u wake up, get an idea, and write all your opinions. Plus your jokes are cringe asf

    1. Well, I understand poorly written, but you want EVIDENCE? Dude, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade or something you would know these are plain facts.

  11. eu realmente concordo com tudo oque vc falou . e eu realmente acho a fandom de naruto toxico e tem uma prova, eu estava num video de um cara falando que não gostava de naruto, vou ver os comentários e era gente massacrando o cara falando que ele não era digno o suficiente pra entender o melhor anime de todos eu fiquei bem triste com isso literalmente eles não conseguem respeitar a opinião dos outros

  12. Actually i really agree with your opinion on haikyuu fandom, like fans are getting a little too obsessed with shipping either themselves with characters or shipping characters with eachoter, some ships sure are welcome and im one of those who actually ship some characters, but seriously I don’t forget about what the anime is actually about.

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