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Top 20+ Strongest Devils In Chainsaw Man Series Ranked

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s manga series Chainsaw Man is one of the most popular and hyped in 2021. Due to its huge popularity, the Chainsaw Man manga series got an anime adaptation by MAPPA in 2022. In this article we will be ranking the top 20+ strongest devils in Chainsaw Man anime and manga.

What Are Devils In Chainsaw Man?

The world of chainsaw man is one in which many devils and humans coexist. Devils are the personification of humanity’s anxiety over particular issues. They can be as basic as tomatoes and cucumbers or as frightening as Hell, darkness, and other such entities.

The concept of a devil coexisting in the human world is the main reasons for the popularity of Chainsaw Man. They are fascinating and intriguing personalities who have been shown to be frighteningly powerful. They created an unforgettable impact on fans with their great strength and vicious personality.

In the series, there are many powerful devils and a variety of devils, such as normal, hybrid, and fiend. So, it will be hard to rank them because each devil has its own abilities and powers that make them strong. That’s why I’ll rank them based on their level of power and ability, as well as how they contributed to the series.

So, without further ado, here is a list of strongest Chainsaw Man Devils of all time.

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Top 20+ Powerful Devils In Chainsaw Man Ranked

21. Zombie Devil

Zonbi no Akuma

The Zombie Devil is a fearful embodiment of zombies who transformed Yakuza members into zombies and targeted Denji for elimination.

He struck a deal with a mafia group, lending them his power, which ended with them being turned into his zombie servants.

In the fight, Denji died but revived thanks to Pochita. He transformed into Chainsaw Man, and quickly destroyed the zombies. The Zombie Devil wanted Denji as one of his own, but Denji confronted him and delivered a fatal blow by driving his chainsaw into the Devil’s head.

20. Future Devil

Mirai no Akuma

The future devil, despite lacking offensive powers, has other notable traits that make it valuable. Its ability to see the future provides strategic advantages to devil hunters, allowing them to anticipate and prepare for upcoming events.

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The future devil’s predictions can potentially save lives by warning individuals about imminent dangers or tragic events. Its unique perspective on time and events adds an intriguing layer of complexity to the story, sparking curiosity and speculation among fans.

Its foresight provides strategic advantages, saves lives, and adds depth to the Chainsaw Man narrative, making it a fascinating character.

19. Blood Devil (Power)

Chi no Majin

This is the true form of our beloved Chainsaw Man female character who, as the blood devil fiend, personifies chaos. Blood Devil has a special talent for making weapons out of her own blood, which she uses to battle devils in a variety of ways. She is known for spreading mayhem. She gains flexible characteristics as a result, which confuses her adversaries.

But hidden beneath her untamed exterior is a strong force that has the ability to win any conflict. Both devils and their equivalents in the Chainsaw Man universe have the capacity to heal themselves by ingesting blood. Power, however, goes a step further by modifying the capabilities of her own blood. When Makima is confronted, whose regenerative skills seemed unbeatable, this ability becomes essential. Makima’s final demise is made possible by Power’s skill of blood manipulation.

18. Eternity Devil

Eien no Akuma

In Chainsaw Man season 1, Denji versus Eternity Devil was easily one of the most badass fights that showed the true power of the chainsaw devil. Eternity devil is a sadistic Devil takes pleasure in causing fear and suffering. Its core resembles the infinity symbol, with eyes and mouths all around.

Inside the Eternity Devil’s stomach, countless arms and heads are fused together in an endless mass. The Devil can create a pocket reality within its stomach, trapping victims with no means of escape. Once inside, time freezes in the outside world.

17. Ghost Devil

Yūrei no Akuma

People’s fear of ghosts and other mysterious things is shown by the Ghost Devil. Its body can’t be touched, just like a ghost. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have eyes, but it can still feel fear. If someone doesn’t think ghosts are scary, it can’t see them. But it can use people’s fears against them.

Himeno made a deal with the Ghost Devil. In exchange, he got the power of the Ghost Devil’s right arm and the ability to talk to it. The Ghost Devil is very strong physically and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

16. Katana Devil

Katana no Akuma

In Chainsaw Man, we encounter the Katana Devil, who, like other Devils, merges with a mob boss’s grandson, becoming the Katana Man. This hybrid form grants him katana blades on his hands and head, resembling Denji’s hybrid form.

Both the Katana Man and Denji possess comparable strength and endurance, but in the end, Denji emerges as the victor. Despite his formidable appearance, the Katana Man is unable to overcome Denji’s determination and skill.

15. Fox Devil

Kitsune no Akuma

The Fox Devil represents the fear of foxes. It doesn’t hesitate to kill and devour other devils. Surprisingly, the Fox Devil is on good terms with humans and forms contracts with Devil Hunters. However, it has a preference for attractive individuals who can summon its head. Over time, the Fox Devil settled in Kyoto and made agreements with Devil Hunters like Aki Hayakawa and Hirokazu Arai.

14. Snake Devil

Hebi no Akuma

The Snake Devil, who resembles a massive snake with interlocking arms and hands that resemble teeth, stands in for the fear of snakes. It features a crimson eye, green scales, and a black sclera. The Snake Devil’s contract was made by Sawatari, who then uses it to fight Denji, Himeno, and their allies. Sawatari may fully summon the Snake Devil and use its ability to absorb beings by sacrificing one fingernail for each order.

13. Doll Devil (Santa Claus)

Ningyō no Akuma

Imagine the danger of facing not just one knowledgeable enemy, but hundreds of weaponized enemies with a hive mind. That’s the terrifying power of the doll devil under the right circumstances. In Chapter 59, we witnessed a glimpse of this power when Santa Claus made a contract with the devil.

With a simple touch, the doll devil can create a group of dolls that can transform their arms into blades, making them formidable hunters of devil hunters. What’s more, her control extends to others when the dolls touch them. However, it’s important to note that this ability doesn’t work on fiends or devils, so the controller must be close by to be effective.

12. Bomb Devil (Reze)

bomb devil - strongest devils in Chainsaw Man

The Bomb Devil is a hybrid devil form of Reze. This is one of the strongest devils in Chainsaw man series. She serves as the primary antagonist in the Bomb Girl Arc. She is a Russian spy with the sole purpose of stealing Denji’s heart.

The Bomb devil is capable of defeating the entire public safety division on her own. 

Reze’s human personality is very kind and polite. However, she became nasty and badass after becoming the Bomb Devil.


Bomb devil shows her tremendous physical strength and speed in the fight against Denji. She quickly sliced through Denji’s throat and wrist during this fight.

She also has a tough body that can resist the Violence Fiend’s full-power kick. In addition, she can create powerful explosives by blowing up her own skin.

11. Angel Devil

Angel Devil - strongest devils in Chainsaw Man

Angel Devil is one of the pure devils who serves as a Devil Hunter for Tokyo Special Division 4. He is a one-of-a-kind devil who has no hatred for mankind.

He is considered the strongest devil hunter in Japan after Kishibe. Despite the fact that, due to his laziness, he always keeps his strength in reserve.


Angel Devil also has the terrifying ability to absorb human life spans simply by touching them. His skill also allows him to turn his life span into very strong weapons that he can use in battle. The longer his life span is sacrificed, the more powerful his weapon becomes.

His most powerful weapon creation is a spear, which is made up of a thousand years of life span. Makima used this spear in the fight with Chainsaw Devil. In addition to his terrifying abilities, his wings are tough enough to block bullets. He even used his wings as a shield.

10. Crossbow Devil (Quanxi)

crossbow devil - strongest devils in Chainsaw Man

Crossbow Devil is a hybrid devil form of Quanxi. She is the first devil hunter who is recognised as a Chinese Assassin. She also became the Arrow Devil hybrid by signing a contract with him. This makes her one of the most powerful devils in the anime.


Her quick reflexes and superior speed enable her to easily deal with multiple opponents. She has the ability to fire a bunch of arrows at lightning speed. She also uses her bow to exterminate crowds of enemies at close range. 

Crossbow Devil has excellent swordsmanship skills as well as brutal combat skills. She is capable of using multiple blades to attack her opponents and also defend herself. Her extraordinary regeneration ability enables her to resurrect her entire body from near-death encounters.

9. Curse Devil

Curse Devil

In the face of deadly assaults from formidable devils, curses may appear insignificant. However, the Curse devil in Chainsaw Man transforms curses into a potent weapon. Those who form a contract with this devil can summon it to eliminate their desired targets.

Once summoned, the Curse devil grasps its target, biting their neck and shoulder, and ultimately crushing them with its powerful arms. However, to be targeted, one must first be struck by a cursed nail. While we lack information on how the curse devil fights individually, its powers are undeniably fearsome.

8. Hell devil

Hell Devil

Hell Devil is one of the most powerful devil of the Chainsaw Man who is born out of human fear of hell. The shape of his body seems like a monster with a featureless head. His entire body is engulfed in hellfire, which is covered in flesh.

He appears from the sky’s door with a giant hand with six fingers. This door is linked to Hell’s entrance.


Hell Devil has the ability to send any individual to hell. He can also recover his health by consuming blood. 

He grants a contract for an exceptionally high price. Anti Makima squad made a contract with him to kill Makima. Their price was to slit their throats in exchange.

7. Punishment Devil 

Punishment devil - strongest devils in Chainsaw Man

Punishment Devil is the only devil who does not manifest on his own. He can only be summoned through great sacrifice. He had only two contracts in his entire life, making him one of the rarest and strongest devils in the series.

Makima summoned him and made a contract with him. She sacrifices a bunch of criminals in order to achieve the contract. 


Makima summoned the Punishment devil in order to take down the Gun Devil, one of the most powerful devils in chainsaw man. Punishment Devil is supposed to be the only devil capable of defeating the Gun Devil. Whenever he is killed, he is reincarnated in hell, making him immortal.

6. Cosmos Devil 

Cosmos Devil

Cosmo Devil is a fiend devil and one of the girlfriends of Quanxi. She is immortal because if she dies, she is resurrected in hell. This girl can also heal herself by ingesting blood. 

She usually has a neutral expression on her face with a smile.


The cosmo devil possesses a remarkable ability that allows her to defeat even the most formidable opponents. This ability allows her to put her opponent into a semi-coma state and learn everything there is to know about the universe. 

If they are unable to discover everything, they enter a state of unconsciousness. In this state, they can’t think of anything else and will only say “Halloween” until they die. She used this ability in the fight against Santa Claus. In this fight, she defeated her and saved Quanxi from her. Because of her terrifying abilities, she deserves a higher position on this list.

5. War Devil (Yoru)


The War Devil, known as Yuro, is one of the most powerful Chainsaw Man devils on this list. She is one of the “Four Horsemen”, the top 4 most feared devils. She resides in Asa Mitaka’s body, having left half of Asa’s brain intact.

Although her powers have been slightly diminished, the War Devil possesses the unique ability to turn her belongings into weapons. She can also transform humans, as well as other Devils and Fiends, into living weapons.

4. Gun Devil

Gun Devil - strongest devils in Chainsaw Man

Gun Devil is one of the primary antagonists of the Chainsaw Man manga series and is one of the strongest devils in the series. He is a terrifying devil covered in guns who has killed more than 1.2 million people. The gun devil is the embodiment of human fears about guns.


Gun devil has immense speed, allowing him to kill countless people in a small fraction of the time. 

His superior accuracy in firing bullets enabled him to kill his opponents from a great distance. For instance, he can easily shoot an adult man’s head from a distance of 1000 metres. He can also regenerate his body, even if only fragments remain.

His body is extremely durable, allowing him to deflect opponents’ attacks. When another devil eats his flesh, his strength grows infinitely. His most memorable battle was with Makima and her squad. He defeated Makima in this fight, despite the fact that she had used all of her contracts and controlling abilities.

3. Control Devil (Makima)

Strongest Devils In Chainsaw Man Ranked

Makima is the Control Devil who is one of the strongest characters in all of CSM. She is the devil who terrified the entire world for over a century. She appears as a protagonist at first, but by the end of the series, she reveals her true identity as an antagonist.


Makima has incredible physical strength and martial arts skills. It allows her to easily defeat formidable opponents with her bare hands. She can also shoot an invisible force from her finger and kill her powerful enemies. In addition, her extraordinary senses of smell and hearing help her spy on her enemies. Her keen intelligence and analytical mind are true assets. It helps her to defeat powerful opponents in tough circumstances. 

Makima has the ability to control anyone who is weaker than herself. She also makes a contract with any devil in order to gain their power by controlling them. She possesses a fearsome ability. It enables her to sacrifice random people in order to gain strength from an unknown force.

2. Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil embodies the fear of darkness which is easily the most feared thing in the world. Therefore, he is the strongest of all devils in Chainsaw Man. He is an omnipotent being with multiple hands. He has existed for generations and came to existence from the human fear of darkness. 


Darkness Devil’s power, incredible speed as well as a highly durable body makes him overpowered. He can easily defeat his opponents with his multiple hands and incredible strength. He also has an exceptional ability to manipulate the darkness and cover the entire battle field in darkness. This ability also summons a sword made of darkness to attack his opponents. He attacks anyone who poses a threat to him. 

He can easily kill anyone simply by staring at them. If he makes direct eye contact with anyone, they will vomit blood till they die.

1. Chainsaw Devil (Denji)

Chainsaw devil - strongest devils in Chainsaw Man

Denji is the primary character in the Chainsaw Man series. He became the chainsaw devil after fussing with his pet devil, Pochita. He wanted a large amount of blood in order to remain in Chainsaw Devil form. That’s why he made a contract with Blood Devil, a.k.a. Power. 


Chainsaw Devil possesses incredible strength and great speed. He has incredible speed and a strong endurance body. He remained conscious after taking a point-blank blast from the Bat Devil.

The Chainsaw devil demonstrates his excellent combat skills and super reflexes against the Leech Devil. He also has exceptional regeneration abilities that allow him to recover from near-death situations. 

His most potent ability allows him to eliminate any devil’s existence permanently by simply eating their flesh. As a result of this ability, he became the most powerful devil in the Chainsaw Man manga series.

That’s it for this post! These were the top 20+ strongest Devils in Chainsaw Man. Hope you found this article interesting!

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