CSM Antagonists: Top 10 Chainsaw Man Villains Of All Time

Chainsaw man is well known for its antagonist characters, with majority of its badass characters being villains. However, since this is a dark fantasy show, all of the characters are not necessarily good people.

So, for this article, we will be listing down only the characters that has played the antagonist role in any of the arcs in CSM.

Top 10 Villains In Chainsaw Man

  • Darkness Devil
  • Gun Devil
  • Makima
  • Yoru
  • Santa Claus
  • Quanxi
  • Reze
  • Eternity Devil
  • Katana Man
  • Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari

Akane Sawatari

Akane is a character in the Chainsaw Man series who plays a supporting role as an antagonistic female character. She was working with the Gun devil despite the fact that she had a history of working as a devil hunter. She has worked with a bunch of other devils as well.

Akane maintains a level head and a composed demeanor in most situations. When things, however, do not go according to her plan, she becomes a little off her game and starts to panic.

In addition to this, she has a deal with the serpent devil. She is probably one of the weakest villains in chainsaw mang given the fact that she is a human.

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Eternity Devil

Eternity Devil

The main villain of the Enternity Devil arc of Chainsaw man is none other than Eternity Devil. He is a manifestation of fear of eternity that takes pleasure in torturing people and seeing them in fear.

He is also a smart devil that schemes with other humans, and sets traps for his enemies.

Eternity Devil gains power sensing the fear of his opponents, that makes him pretty overpowered against humans who have led to believe that Eternity Devil cannot be defeated.

Katana Man

sword devil - katana man

Much like Denji, Katana man is also a human-devil hybrid. His grandpa was one of the people that Denji had slaughtered. So, in order to exact revenge, he teamed up with Akane and tried to kill Denji.

And to do that, he uses people, sacrifices and hurts people who does not have anything to do with Denji or himself. This shows how much he loved his grandpa, as he is willing to do anything to avenge his grandfather.

He is the primary antagonist of the Katana Man Arc in Chainsaw man.

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Reze – Bomb Devil

bomb devil - chainsaw man villains

It would appear that all of the most attractive characters in Chainsaw Man are villains, and this is true in the case of Reze.

The Bomb Devil is the name of the hybrid devil form that Reze is capable of manifesting. She plays a significant role as the antagonist throughout the entirety of the Bomb Girl Arc.

She is a Russian agent, and her purpose is to manipulate Denji emotionally and intellectually so that she may win his affection.

It is not completely out of the question for the Bomb Devil to emerge victorious over the Public Safety Division on her own. She is that powerful.

Reze’s human side is characterized by a great level of politeness and friendliness toward other people. Having become the Bomb Devil, however, resulted in a change in her personality, and she eventually evolved into a badass.

Santa Claus

santa claus - chainsaw man villains

Santa claus is a hive mind of human-like dolls used for assassination. The doll devil is the one that hepls a mysterious character controls these dolls.

She has the appearance of an adult female, but her true form is truly horrifying. She has multiple hands and legs made up of human heads.

Santa Claus is a very logical being, that is more intelligent than your average villain in chainsaw man. That said, she is also evil to the core. In return for capturing the Chainsaw Devil, Santa Claus asked for several Japanese children (both male and female), so that she can use them as her plaything and convert them into dolls.

From this, it is clear that she does not value human life and is cold hearted towards everything.

Quanxi – Crossbow Devil

crossbow devil

In the Chainsaw Man series, Quanxi is a formidable Chinese devil hunter. Her nickname is “First Devil Hunter,” and it fits her well.

She is not a evil villain, but she did come after Denji as she followed orders from the Chinese military. She is also the primary antagonist in the International Assassins arc, so I’m adding her to this list.

The power that Quanxi possesses, according to Hirofumi Yoshida, is “inhuman.” She possesses superhuman strength, but that isn’t the only talent she possesses; she’s also a skilled swordswoman.

During combat, she wields a large number of blades, constantly replacing them when they are broken. Because of her quickness, she is able to easily navigate through opposing crowds.

In her crossbow devil form she can shoot arrows several times powerful than bullets. She is also capable of precisely shooting multiple arrows at the same time.

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Yoru – War Devil

Yoru - chainsaw man villains

As a demon, Yoru is a member of the Four Horsemen. She has taken over the body of Asa Mitaka. She is also recognized by the title “the War Devil.” After making her first appearance in the Public Safety Saga, she goes on to play a key part as a villainous character in the Academy Saga after that.

Yoru is a great example of a villain who considers her foes to be nothing more than a warmup. She has a pompous disposition to go along with the self-assurance that she exudes over her abilities.

She is also manipulative because she has no problem exploiting other people to further her own agenda.

Makima – Control Devil

Strongest Devils In Chainsaw Man Ranked

Control Devil has terrorized the world for over a century. She pretends to be a good person but later on , she’s revealed as a villain. Despite being a villain character, she is very popular among chainsaw man fans.

Makima is a strong martial artist. She can defeat powerful opponents with her bare hands. She can kill formidable adversaries with an unseen energy from her finger. Her exceptional sense and hearing let her spy on her opponents. She’s smart and analytical. It helps her beat tough opponents.

Makima controls weaker people. She contracts with devils to control their strength. In simple words, s he’s just frightening as a devil. It allows her to sacrifice random people for her personal gains.

Gun Devil

Gun Devil - chainsaw man villains

Gun Devil is one of the fiercest villains in the Chainsaw Man series. He’s a gun-headed, gun wielding devil. This terrifying creature was formed from the fear of weapons.

Gun devil’s quickness allows him to kill many victims quickly.

His pinpoint accuracy allowed him to slaughter opponents from afar. He can shoot an adult’s head from 1000m range. Even if only fragments remain, he can regenerate.

His sturdy body deflects opponents’ blows. Strength grows enormously when another devil eats his flesh. Makima’s squad was his most unforgettable foe. Despite her contracts and manipulating talents, he beat Makima.

Darkness Devil

Darkness Devil - chainsaw man villains

Darkness Devil is the strongest villain in Chainsaw man. Omnipotent and multihanded, he is an undefeatable killing machine. He’s existed for eons due to human fear of darkness.

Darkness Devil is fast and tough. His numerous hands and strength make him unbeatable. He can manipulate darkness to hide the battlefield. This ability conjures a black blade to assault enemies. He attacks his threats without giving it a second thought.

Just by gazing, he can murder anyone. If he looks at someone, they’ll spew blood until they die.

That’s it for this post! These are the top 10 strongest CSM villains of all time.

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