15+ Strongest Anime Characters Of All Time

Anime is known for insane fights where the characters are so powerful beyond our imagination. The usually have super human strength, magical abilities or some other combat ability. Anime like Dragon Ball z have went beyond the laws of physics, in order to show us the ultimate battle between the strongest characters ever in the history of any fictional comics.

Strongest Main Character In Anime

There are a lot of powerful main characters in shonen anime, and there have been several arguments about who the strongest one is. These main characters all have their own unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses. Among them all, here are the top 10 Anime main characters whom we believe to be the strongest!

10. MOB (MOB PSYCHO 100)

Mob psycho 100- Anime with overpowered Main character

Mob is normally a weak, introverted teenager who might seem harmless at first sight. However, he is actually the number one esper there is. Especially when his emotions overflow, he loses all control and becomes a deadly being that can destroy anything. In this form, he has the ability to absorb matter around him and convert it into energy. Mob has the ability to unroot an huge multistorey building with a flick of his fingers.


meliodas demon form - top 10 strongest anime MC

Meliodas, the sin of wrath, is a demon. He is an extremely powerful character and possibly the strongest character in his anime. This becomes obvious when he was even able to wipe a country off the map using his powers. He keeps coming back to life due to his curse, making him kind of immortal. His most powerful form is demon king Meliodas, where he can reverse the effect of magical attacks on him.


naruto - strong anime main character

One of the few characters who can rival Goku in terms of powers. Naruto like Goku had kept attaining several forms and powers like KCM 2 and KCM 3. Naruto can fire tailed beast balls that can wipe out countries and physical ability enough to match Isshiki Otsutsuki. His most powerful form is known to be Baryon mode.


Ichigo - top 10 strongest anime main characters

Ichigo is a shinigami which means he can’t be seen by humans. He is a hybrid of many races like shinigami, hollow and Quincy. He has buttloads of spiritual energy, enabling him to shoot lasers, cut through anything and has even fought the likes of Aizen Sosuke. His strongest form is True bankai which is the combination of hollow second release and soul reaper powers.


powerful anime character list

Saitama is one of the most overpowered characters in anime. After his training he broke the limiters of his body that allowed him to gain monstrous physical ability like jumping from the moon to earth in a matter of seconds, punches which caused clouds to split, etc. Saitama had never bled in his entire lifetime after achieving his powers.  His most lethal attack (as of now) is the serious punch which split a beam that could destroy the earth.

5. Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord)

ainz ooal gown - strongest anime character

Ainz is super powerful in terms of both physical and magical combat. He was able to annhilate an entire nation’s army using his magic, and was able to defeat powerful villains with just his sword. Not to mention, he has a bunch of loyal servants who are almost as powerful as him.


mori jin god

Mori Jin is a rather new addition to the anime medium, and he is not even 1/1000 of his original power right now in the anime (which he gains later in the manhwa series.) For the sake of this article, I’m only gonna talk about the latest, manhwa version where Mori could easily fling planets if he sees fit. He is also a martial artist (the strongest one there is), so he doesn’t purely rely on brute strength or magical abilities (which of course, he has a ton of deadly ones.) His iconic weapon is a pole that can extend, shrink or change its size and weight at will. As the Monkey King, he has fought insanely powerful gods and demons. These feats are more than enough to earn a place for him in this top 10 list of the strongest anime characters.


Goku - top 10 powerful anime characters

Not only is Goku the strongest of all the anime main characters, the dragon ball verse is also the most powerful verse in all of anime. Goku is also very popular in the anime community. We can always see fans buying and bragging Dragon Ball Merch. This just shows how much fans love Goku and the DB saga in general.

The power levels in the DB franchise are simply on a different scale. Goku has attained several powerful forms like the super Saiyan 3, blue and red, and have been proven to be multi – planetary. He has fought  Beerus, a god of destruction in the Dragon Ball universe who can easily destroy an entire galaxy, and Whiz who is an angel. Goku’s most powerful, yet recent form is known to be Ultra instinct, also known as “state of the gods”.

Now, some of you might be dissatisfied that Goku still sits on top half of this list, but the truth is Goku’s character is built to overpower his oponents eventually. Meaning, his strength is literally infinite. More time and training will keep making him more and more powerful.


The misfit of demon king academy - Anos Voldigoad strongest demon lord

Anos Voldigoad is the former demon king who has reincarnated after thousands of years. What makes him special is the fact that he is virtually unbeatable. He is so strong that just the sound of his heart beat could tear apart your average joe. Not to mention, he can use all kinds of magic (yes, even reincarnation which literally makes him immortal.) If this isn’t enough to convince you that Anos is overpowered, he also has a sword that can destroy anything in creation. Everything is at the mercy of this sword, including distance, dimension itself. Even infinity is not safe from his sword of destruction (RIP Gojo.)


rimuru slime - strongest anime character of all time

Rimuru’s power is ever increasing. From being a regular slime at the bottom of the monster hierarchy, Rimuru has crawled all the way to the top. He is capable of absorbing powers from his enemies, which means he grows stronger and stronger as he faces more powerful foes. At the end of the novel, he is also able to manipulate space and time. He is also able to destroy or create multiple universe. That is, he has attained Goodhood and has become a character with incomparable strength.

Strongest Side Character In Anime:

This article was supposed to be only for main characters in anime, but I figured I could mention at least one side character whom I think is the strongest.

6. Big Mom (One Piece)


There are tons of anime villains like Aizen, Jiren, etc who are second only to the MC when it comes to power. But Big Mom is one of the few villain characters in anime who is stronger than the main character. (At least, for now. It is inevitable that Luffy defeats her eventually.) Big Mom has super human physical strength, stamina and durability. She is can easily get shot by bullets and rocket launchers and can come out without a single scratch. What’s more fearsome is her devil fruit ability. She ate the Soru Soru no Mi Devil Fruit that gives her the power to manipulate anything in existence- both living and non living thing. With her ability she can take a human soul and put that into an object, giving it life.

5. Meruem (Hunter x Hunter)


Meruem is the king of all chimera ants and was literally undefeatable in a fight until the very end. To put it into perspective, he was literally the One Punch Man of Hunter x Hunter. His strength, speed, agility, stamina, durability and intelligence were all unfathomable. He was even able to survive a direct hit from a nuke.

4. Julius Novachrono (Black Clover)


Anyone with time manipulating ability is overpowered in my book, and Julius is one of them. He has the ability to stop, slow down or even reverse the time for himself at will. However, his true magic is to steal the time from his targets and use that to manipulate time. Once it gets depleted, he can’t manipulate time as much. Other than that, he is also able to use transformation magic and restraining magic.

3. Escanor (Seven Deadly Sins)

Escanor sds - strongest anime side character

Escanor is the synonym of strength. There is no limit to his power as he has overcome his limitations time and again. He is the strongest human in the anime who is even able to beat demons like it is child’s play. He is second to none when it comes to raw physical abilities. The downside is that he becomes a weak human in the absence of the sun.

2. Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Top 5 Most Popular Characters Who Are Not Main Protagonist

Gojo Satoru is one of those side characters who are more popular than the main character. And for a good reason. He is the strongest “jujutsu” user there is and was even able to fight toe-to-toe with the fully recovered Sukuna, who is considered to be the king of sorcery, in the manga. His abilities include hollow purple which can obliterate anything and infinity which gives him absolute defense by slowing down his enemies. Other than these, he also has a ton of other jutsu that give him advantage in a fight. For example, his ability to heal himself by reversing cursed energy is a valuable passive skill.

1. Dio (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

ascended dio

Now, many of you might not know this but Dio has one last form, popularly known as “Heaven Ascension Dio” with his stand “The World Over Heaven”. In this form, Dio is able to rewrite virtually anything in his timeline. Of course, he also has his original ability to stop time for everyone except for himself which is an overpowered ability by itself.

In addition to his stand’s abilities, he also has his own super strong powers. He is able to teleport, travel dimensions, mind control, summon lightning, and even resurrect the dead. Not to mention, he has a fast regeneration ability as well.

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3 years ago

This hurts my brain


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Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder
2 years ago

Doesn’t include any of the demon lord anime characters (Rimuru, Anos, etc). Demon lord MCs would easily solo anyone on this list.

2 years ago

Lmao Giorno isn’t here with GER….


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Akuto Sai, Featherine and Gilgamesh solo this list ez


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