Saitama’s Weakness Revealed: One Punch Man Secrets You Must Know

Saitama is an important figure when it comes to the powerscaling part of the anime community. In this article, we will not be gauging his strengths, but we will be figuring out all of Saitama’s weaknesses.

Saitama is a complete mystery when it comes to scaling his powers. This is mostly because we have no idea about his limits. He seems to be able to defeat all his enemies, even the insanely strong ones, without breaking a sweat.

This makes one wonder. Does Saitama really even have a weakness? Does he really have any limits at all?

Luckily, from the One Punch Man anime and manga, we were able to notice a couple of moments that could essentially be revealing the biggest weaknesses of our bald hero, Saitama.

List Of All Weaknesses Of Saitama

In this section, we will be discussing all the possible weaknesses of Saitama from One Punch Man. Some of these are hard facts, whereas others are assumptions made according to the scenes from the anime and manga.

Without further ado, here are the ten weaknesses of Saitama.

  1. Lack of Technique.
  2. Low level of Intelligence.
  3. His power is mimicable.
  4. Saitama relies on his senses.
  5. Needs to breathe oxygen.
  6. Needs to eat food.
  7. Poison and other bioweapons might be a problem.
  8. Smaller enemies are a nightmare to Saitama.
  9. He is always bored.
  10. Non physical attacks.

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Weakness #1: Lack of technique

Lack of Technique

One of Saitama’s biggest flaws is his lack of technique. He is known for his insane strength, with which he can defeat enemies by using basic punches.

However, Saitama has absolutely no technique or talent for martial arts. While it is true that he had never needed techniques thanks to his absurd physical strength, it is a very big weakness.

If Saitama ever faces someone who is as strong as him, then without proper technique, he will be in grave danger.

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Weakness #2: Low intelligence level

Lack of Intelligence

Saitama is the definition of all brawn and no brain. His answer to any problem is to punch it.

Not to mention, he scored terribly in the written exams of the Hero Selection Process, which shows that Saitama is not really a smart guy.

He never uses his brains, which means he doesn’t really have any strategy in fights. He just punches things till they’re dead or broken.

Because of this, Saitama’s lack of intelligence is a big weakness that he really needs to overcome.

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Weakness #3: Saitama’s Power Is Mimicable

His Power Is Mimicable

Yes, you heard that right. Saitama’s power is mimicable. After all, even Goro was able to copy his limitlessness. While Saitama still defeated cosmic Garou without much trouble, the point is that his strength is copyable.

Scientists like Dr. Genus can easily figure out the reason behind Saitama’s power and try to mimic it.

Since it has already been done in the One Punch Man manga, we clearly know that Saitama’s strength is not unique to himself.

Weakness #4: Saitama relies on his senses

Saitama relies on his senses

Several times in the series, we have witnessed that Saitama needs his vision or hearing senses to defeat his enemies. He has no experience on fighting without relying on his senses.

Without his senses, he really has no choice but to blast out a wide-range attack that could destroy everything. However, as a hero, he wouldn’t do that because he wouldn’t want to harm innocent civilians.

So, if Saitama’s enemies find out that his weakness is his senses, then he would be in serious trouble.

Characters like Virgo Shaka from Saint Seiya specialize in taking away all the senses of their opponents. If Saitama were to fight with such a character, his flaws would lead him to defeat.

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Weakness #5: Needs to breathe oxygen

Needs to breathe oxygen

This is something that was revealed in the first season of the anime series during Saitama’s fight with Boros.

When Boros knocked Saitama into the moon, Saitama had to hold his breath before he jumped back to Earth.

This clearly means that Saitama’s body needs oxygen. However, he also didn’t look panicked at that time, so his lung capacity is probably insane. His organs are also strong enough to be intact after exposure to space.

That said, if he is not given oxygen for a prolonged period of time until his lungs give out, Saitama might actually die.

Weakness #6: Needs to eat food

Needs to eat food

Another factor that all humans need for survival is food. Several times throughout the show, we have seen Saitama shopping for food and eating it. This, in turn, means he also needs water. Depending on the situation, this could be considered as Saitama’s weakness.

From this, we can understand that he is still human and gets his energy from food and water. While it is entirely possible that Saitama could go for a long time without food or water, he is eventually going to starve.

His organs might become damaged if he is not able to eat for a prolonged period of time.

Weakness #7: Poison and other bioweapons

Poison and other bioweapons may be problems

Now, this point is really just my assumption. However, from the above points, we know that Saitama’s biological functions are mostly similar to those of a normal human. He needs air, water, and food for survival.

Not to mention, he is a biological being. His body is made up of several cells and microorganisms. In case someone found a way to destroy Saitama from the inside out, that might be a problem.

Similar to what happened to Meruem during his fight with Netero, Saitama might still be affected by powerful bioweapons.

Weakness #8: Smaller enemies are a nightmare to Saitama

Smaller enemies are a nightmare to Saitama

Let’s talk about Saitama’s complete inability to kill smaller beings like insects and worms.

In the anime series, we witnessed Saitama being incapable of killing a mosquito. He tried punching it, slapping it, and squashing it, but nothing worked. A similar incident happened in the OVA with a dirt worm.

From these incidents, we can see an obvious weakness of Saitama. He has trouble hitting anything that is smaller in size. Maybe he is not able to focus his powers on a very small area.

Either way, Saitama has never succeeded in killing anything that is smaller than his fingers.

Weakness #9: Saitama is always bored

9. Saitama is bored

Saitama is always bored out of his mind, even during fights. He couldn’t care less about the fight because he knows that he is invincible.

Because of this, Saitama tends to take several hits before he becomes serious and finishes off his opponents.

This is a really bad habit that Saitama has. If an attack actually worked on him, then taking a direct hit would end up being fatal for him.

However, from what we know Saitama’s durability is boundless, so there is probably no physical attack that would actually work.

But what if it was a magical attack? For example, what if it was some sort of dimensional prison or instant death magic? That could really be a lethal blow for our beloved bald hero.

Weakness #10: Non physical attacks

Non physical attacks

Magic and other non-physical attacks could be one of Saitama’s biggest weaknesses.

Like I was saying in the above point, non physical attacks like magic and reality bending abilities might be very effective against Saitama. We know that he is probably resistant to mind based attacks because of his spirit, so espers may not be able to do any damage.

But what if it is a magic that attacks his soul directly? Or magic that erases reality itself? Saitama has no way to defend himself against these kind of attack that does not affect him physically.

While we all know that Saitama’s physical body is pretty much indestructible, his meta physical self is probably vulnerable.

That said, there is a theory going on that Saitama is a reality wrapper himself. This is because Saitama punched a hole in reality itself to enter the spiritual space. If that is the case, then it is entirely possible that he could be immune to attacks to his meta physical self.

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