Goku vs Saitama: Who Is The Strongest Fighter?

Anime is known for having several overpowered characters with insane powers and abilities. Especially, there are two most popular characters that are often pitted against each other by anime fans. They are Goku and Saitama. The Goku vs. Saitama argument has been going ever since the One Punch Man series aired in 2015.

But seriously, can Goku beat Saitama, or will Saitama defeat Goku? If you’re wondering the answer to this, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I will judge the strengths of both characters and give a final verdict on who wins the fight between Saitama and Goku.

Who is Goku?

who is goku

Goku is the main character of the classic Dragon Ball series that started airing in the late 1980s. From his childhood to adulthood, he has devoted his entire life to training his body and improving his power.

The majority of his life is about fighting and martial arts, as he is obsessed with them. Not to mention, he belongs to an alien race called the “Saiyans,” who are born fighters who are insanely powerful.

However, what sets Goku apart is that he broke every record of strength and power of the entire Saiyan race and became a legend.

His power grows after every fight, and each time he gets close to death. This is a gift he got from being a Saiyan. Not only that, he had some really powerful teachers who made him even stronger.

His strongest form so far is the Xeno version of himself (Xeno Goku). He is the Goku from an alternate timeline apart from the main timeline.

On the other hand, the strongest form of Goku in the main timeline is the MUI (Perfect/Mastered Ultra Instinct).

Who is Saitama?

who is saitama

Saitama is the main character in One Punch Man. He used to be an average human being with average strength.

However, he trained for months until his hair fell off. After that, he became way too overpowered and was able to kill anything with just one punch.

In a world full of evil monsters and villains, Saitama was a perfect protector of his world.

However, because of his strength, his life became dull. There is nothing that excites him anymore. He doesn’t care about battles, as he knows he can win them.

Thanks to this mindset, he tends to take some heavy punches before actually defeating his enemies. But really, it doesn’t matter because he has never been wounded. Not even after fighting the strongest being there is.

Now that we know the two characters, it is time to find out if Goku can defeat Saitama or if Saitama can defeat Goku.

Goku vs Saitama: Speed

Goku vs Saitama: Speed

One of the biggest factors in any fight is speed. The faster one almost always wins, as long as they have the right amount of strength.

Xeno Goku: First, let’s talk about Goku. The Xeno characters are all beyond the concepts of space and time, so Goku is pretty much beyond the concept of speed. Therefore, Xeno Goku is the fastest being to exist.

MUI Goku: But what about the main timeline, Goku? His strongest form is the MUI (Mastered Ultra Instinct), and he is still extremely faster than light.

Saitama: On the other hand, Saitama is several times faster than light. That is pretty impressive, but he is no where near as fast as MUI Goku.

Winner: Goku

Goku vs Saitama: Power

Goku vs Saitama: Power

Power is the most important factor in any battle. This includes both physical strength and other abilities that unleash devastating damage.

Xeno Goku: So, let’s start with Goku. In the Xenoverse version, Goku is powerful enough to destroy the entire multiverse. He has broken his limiters, making him endlessly powerful.

His mind is also extremely strong, as he was able to watch the infinite possibilities of the multiverse, making him nearly omniscient.

Xeno Goku was able to defeat an enemy who was strong enough to erase the infinite history of the DB universe, making him almost infinitely strong.

MUI Goku: Now, let’s talk about MUI Goku. He is far less powerful compared to Xeno Goku, but even then, he was capable of destroying the universe with just a couple of punches.

Saitama: On the other hand, Saitama was able to destroy Jupiter with just a sneeze. Which implies that he should be able to at least destroy the entire solar system and maybe even half the universe.

However, this is just a fan theory. The One Punch Man manga does not have any other great feats of strength for Saitama. That said, according to the official One Punch Man website, the author has stated that he has “infinite” strength.

It is also mentioned in the manga multiple times that Saitama has broken his limiter. Meaning he has become limitless in terms of strength.

In the fight between Cosmic Garou and Saitama, Garou tried to copy Saitama’s limitlessness, but Saitama was always stronger because his strength kept rising limitlessly.

Winner: Saitama (if we don’t count Xeno Goku since he is not from the main timeline.)

Goku vs Saitama: Hax

Goku vs Saitama: Hax

“Hax” is anything that gives a character an unfair advantage. To better understand hax abilities, you should read this article that lists the strongest characters with Hax abilities.

Xeno Goku: Xeno Goku has a ton of hax, including resistance to certain hax abilities like death manipulation. He also has resistance to any abilities that erase existence. In addition, he can manipulate space and time. If he has the key sword, he even has the ability to nullify the abilities of others. He also has immortality, regeneration, and other abilities that make him unkillable. He’s got a few more hax abilities, but I guess there’s no need to list all of them here.

MUI Goku: MUI Goku has pretty much only one hax ability. He can move without thinking and dodge any and all attacks.

Saitama: Saitama, on the other hand, technically does not have any hax abilities at all. However, if you consider the fact that he can one punch his enemies, then you can call that a hax ability. But, then again, we just included his infinite strength in the “Power” section, so it doesn’t make sense to add it here as an “Ability”.

Winner: Goku

Goku vs Saitama: Stamina

Stamina becomes a crucial factor in a drawn-out fight. Whoever loses steam first will be the losing one.

Xeno Goku: As always, Xeno Goku is in a league of his own. He has seemingly infinite stamina.

MUI Goku: MUI Goku does have a stamina limit. He is not boundless and has a very real time limit on his transformation. Goku’s stamina limit has always been an important part of the storyline.

Saitama: Saitama is the man who broke the limit of all physical aspects. So it is safe to assume that Saitama is close to limitless in terms of stamina as well. He has never broken a sweat or even gone out of breath while fighting extremely powerful villains.

But scientifically speaking, Saitama is a living being who needs to eat food to stay alive. Therefore, he is going to ultimately end up losing stamina if he does not eat food for a long time. So we can assume that he has nearly limitless stamina, but he is not completely limitless.

Winner: Saitama (Tied if we consider Xeno Goku)

Goku vs Saitama: Durability

Goku vs Saitama - Durability

Durability is the ability to tank powerful attacks and be capable of taking lethal blows and surviving.

Xeno Goku: When it comes to durability, Xeno Goku is in a league of his own, as he has peak physical prowess. He could tank insanely powerful attacks and move around like nothing happened.

MUI Goku: MUI Goku is known for his ability to dodge attacks. He is pretty much untouchable. However, in the fight with Moro, MUI Goku intentionally let Moro land a punch that broke his fingers. This showed that in addition to being able to evade all the attacks, he also has insane durability to withstand them.

However, it was never mentioned that MUI Goku has infinite durability.

Saitama: On the other hand, Saitama has never once bled in his entire life after he broke his limit. We have seen him fight all sorts of powerful monsters, but he doesn’t even get a scratch.

It is safe to assume that his durability is limitless, as he has never taken damage or been hurt.

Winner: Saitama (Tied if we consider Xeno Goku)

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So, who wins the fight?

VersusSpeedPowerHaxStaminaDurabilityPossible Results
Saitama vs MUI GokuGokuSaitamaGokuSaitamaSaitama1. Tie – None of MUI Goku’s attacks work on Saitama. Goku dodges all Saitama’s attacks. Saitama loses interest and quits.
2. Saitama wins – MUI Goku eventually runs out of stamina.
Saitama vs Xeno GokuGokuGoku
(because both characters have “limit breaker” stat, but Goku starts of several times stronger.)
GokuTieTie1. Xeno Goku wins because he has better speed, power, hax and experience.

Overall, Xeno Goku will completely defeat Saitama, leaving no chance for our beloved One Punch Man to win.

However, if MUI Goku fights Saitama, it could either end in MUI Goku’s defeat or a tie.

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