Who Is Xeno Goku? How Strong Is He?

Xeno Goku is crowned as the most powerful character in all of Dragon Ball. He is a Goku from an alternate timeline who seems to have endless power. So, just how strong is Xeno Goku?

In this article, we will be taking a look at all of his feats and gauging his strength. We will also take a look at all of his passive and active abilities and powers that make him one of the most overpowered anime characters of all time.

Who is Xeno Goku?

Who is Xeno Goku?

Xeno Goku, also known as Time Patrol Goku, is a version of Son Goku from another timeline.

He is basically a better version of Goku, both in terms of power and personality. He is far more responsible and serious about his actions.

Xeno Goku does not play around with his enemies to gauge their strength and have fun. Instead, he focues on finishing them off quickly.

His powers far surpass anything that our main timeline Goku has accomplished. This is because he has experienced everything in the DB franchise, including the GT verse.

Not only that, he has experienced the story of every DB game, manga, and series, meaning he has a huge array of skills and abilities.

Because of this, he has a ton of experience that the main timeline Goku does not have, making him much stronger.

His only drawback is that he has not trained with Whis, so he has kind of yet to unlock his full potential.

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Xeno Goku’s Feats

In this section, we will be taking a look at all of the noteworthy achievements of Xeno Goku that could stand as a testament to his strength.

  • Beat Demon God Demigra in His Base Form.
  • Reversed existence erasure hax ability.
  • He nullified a multiverse-destroying attack.
  • Defeated Chamel, whose mere presence was about to destroy the multiverse.

Xeno Goku Beat Demon God Demigra In His Base Form

Xeno Goku Beat Demon God Demigra In His Base Form

Demigra is easily one of the most overpowered threats that the Dragon Ball universe has ever had.

He was going to destroy all of history along with its infinite timelines. Not only that, he was even going to destroy the real world (the world in which we live). 

Demigra more than had the power to make his ambition come true, if not for Xeno Goku. After all, he had absorbed Toki-Toki, the being responsible for the existence of all dimensions.

Goku absolutely humiliated Demigra and defeated him in his base form. He didn’t even have to go Super Saiyan to defeat such an all-powerful, all-mighty demon god.

Reversed Existence Erasure Hax

Demigra erased the timeline with Xeno Goku and tried to destroy the multiverse. However, Goku, still in his base form, somehow managed to reverse the destruction of the timeline.

He literally reformed the infinite multiverse in the Dragon Ball franchise in his base form without even much effort.

Xeno Goku nullified a multiverse-destroying attack

Xeno Goku nullified a multiverse-destroying attack

In DB Xenoverse, one of the greatest anime fighting games, Goku was able to literally stop a multiverse-destroying attack and completely nullify it.

Since Xeno Goku’s experience is cumulative of all games as well, we can count this as Xeno Goku’s feat.

Yet again, he was in his base while defending against the attack. We can only imagine the kind of power he would have in his SSJ4 form.

Xeno Goku defeated Chamel

Xeno Goku defeated Chamel

If there was any villain who was even more powerful and worse than Demigra, it was Chamel.

Chamel is a guy whose mere presence is about to destroy the entire multiverse.

Goku fought and defeated this multiversal threat, who even had magical abilities. As always, Xeno Goku wanted to fight him once again if he could, not only because he is a battle maniac but also because he is so confident in his abilities.

Xeno Goku’s SSJ4 Is A Threat To Time Itself

Xeno Goku’s SSJ4 Is A Threat To Time Itself

In the manga, Xeno Goku is hesitant to transform into SSJ4 form. This is because the Kaioshin made Goku promise that he would never use it.

After all, if he did, all of time itself would be in danger. His SSJ4 form is that powerful. But wait, just transforming into SSJ4 is not his limit.

He went ahead and broke his limiters, giving us the SSJ4 limit-breaker form. In this form, he is boundless in every manner. He has infinite strength, stamina, speed, and durability.

Has Experienced All Canon and Non-Canon DB Stories

As I’ve mentioned before, Xeno Goku is an accumulation of all the canon and non-canon versions of Goku. He has experienced GT, so he can transform into SSJ4, which is not something our main timeline Goku could achieve.

He is also the MC of all Xenoverse games, where we see tons of battles in the multiversal level.

Also, he possesses any items that Goku had at any point in the series, game, or manga.

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Xeno Goku’s Powers and Abilities

In this section, we will be going over some of the passive and active abilities of Xeno Goku. This includes skills like instant transmission and space-time transcendence.

  • Space-Time Transcendence.
  • Immunity to Reality-Wrapping.
  • Instant Transmission: teleport through timelines and dimensions.
  • Probability Manipulation.
  • Damage Reduction.
  • Power Nullification.
  • Time Manipulation.
  • Life-force absorption.
  • Conceptual Manipulation.
  • Matter Manipulation.
  • Pocket dimension creation and manipulation.
  • Resistance to speed altering.
  • Regeneration and immortality are negated.

Space-Time Transcendence (Immeasurable Speed)

Space-Time Transcendence (Immeasurable Speed)

Xeno Goku is beyond the conception of space-time. This means he is not bound to time by any means.

Normally, time is used to measure the duration in which a certain action takes place.  Sicne Xeno Goku has transcended time; all of his actions happen at an infinite speed.

I know it sounds crazy and is probably beyond what most of us can understand, but the Xeno version of Goku is just that powerful.

Immunity to Reality Wrapping

Xeno Goku is immune to reality’s wrapping. What does “reality wrapping” even mean? Well, it means any power or skill that changes reality.

For example, erasing something in existence and making it as if it was never real, is a reality wraping ability.

Time manipulation is another good example of this.

This is the power that Demigra had after consuming the infinite timelines. He destroyed the timeline in which Xeno Goku existed, but it was reversed thanks to Xeno Goku’s immunity to reality wrapping.

Instant Transmission

Now, this is not the normal instant transmission that we saw regular SSJ Goku use in the Dragon Ball Z anime series.

We’re talking about a power that far surpasses anything that was capable in the main timeline.

Xeno Goku can use instant transmission to instantly teleport himself to any timeline or dimension.

Yeah, you heard that right. Xeno Goku can hop timelines and travel through dimensions without even breaking a sweat.

Probability Manipulation

Probability Manipulation

Probability is one of the laws of the universe. Any action has a probability attached to it. For example, if you throw a punch, there is a probability that it will hit or miss the target.

Xeno Goku does not have to worry about that because he can manipulate the probability and make sure that his attacks land without fail.

The best part is that he does not even have to activate this effect. It is always there, making it a passive and permanent skill.

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Damage Reduction

Damage Reduction

This is yet another skill from the game that Xeno Goku possesses. He can reduce the percentage of damage he takes.

No matter how powerful an attack is, Xeno Goku only takes reduced damage. This is also a permanent ability that is passively activated at all times.

That said, it is not damage “nullification,” so he will still take some damage, but thanks to his durability, that shouldn’t be a problem for him.

Power Nullification

Power Nullification

This is one of the most overpowered skills that Xeno Goku has gained from the Dragon Ball games.

Thanks to this skill, he can use the key sword to nullify a power completely and seal it away.

There are certain restrictions on the conditions under which he could activate it, but overall, it is pretty amazing that Xeno Goku can seal the powers of his opponents.

Time Manipulation

Time Manipulation

Time manipulation is the ability to have any sort of control or influence over time. Xeno Goku, by himself, does not have much control over time other than the fact that his SSJ4 could have an impact on the concept of time.

However, with the key sword that is charged with the energies of the Supreme Kai of time and TokiToki, Xeno Goku would have complete control over time.

Life Force Absorption

Life Force Absorption

This is a technique that should only be usable by gods and demon gods. However, Xeno Goku can also use this ability thanks to his God ki.

Using life force absorption, Goku can drain the life energy of his opponents and heal himself or his friends.

This is an OP ability that allows him to both damage his opponent and regenerate himself at the same time.

Conceptual Manipulation

This point is kind of speculative and does not have explicit evidence. However, the fact that Xeno Goku was able to defeat Demigra means he must have engaged in some sort of conceptual manipulation.

Because time is a concept that Demigra had complete control over, And Xeno Goku was able to not only defeat him but also reverse any damage he had done using the concept of time.

Not to mention, Xeno Goku also has other abilities that destroy the concept of immortality in a person. This is pretty good evidence that Xeno Goku possesses concept manipulation.

Matter Manipulation

Matter Manipulation

Xeno Goku’s ability “Super warrior freeze attack” allows him to freeze his opponents and then attack them.

What this actually means is that he can use his ki to affect his opponents on a molecular level and completely freeze them.

This also means that his attacks can destroy his opponents on an atomic level.

Pocket Dimension Creation

Pocket Dimension Creation

Xeno Goku can use his god ki to create a pocket dimension around him, with which he can slow down anyone else entering the space.

Since he is the one that creates the dimension, he can completely bypass the slow effect and make use of this to demolish his enemies.

Immunity to Speed Alteration

immune to speed alteration

Xeno Goku is immune to speed-alteration abilities. For example, if someone tries to use an ability that slows down Xeno Goku, it will not work.

This is thanks to a skill called “Unshakable Unit,” which cancels any effect that tries to alter Goku’s’ speed.

Regeneration and Immortality Negation

healing and immortality negation

Anyone who has instant regeneration or immortality could be a pain to deal with. They can literally keep fighting until their opponent dies, as they have transcended the concept of death.

However, Xeno Goku has the ability to nullify immortality and any sort of regeneration ability.

That’s it for this post! These are all the feats and powers of Xeno Goku.

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