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List Of The Most Masochistic Anime Girls of All Time

Today’s post is going to be a list of the most Masochistic anime girls of all time!

Why, you ask?

Well, let’s just say this is fan service for you guys, my readers!!

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You guys’s reaction (prolly)

Okay, let me be honest. I’m just running out of ideas, and I’m desperately trying to write about anything at all to keep up my 2 posts per week routine. So I’m going to write about this topic (which I thought of like, 2 months ago, and was in my draft for all this time. But now that I have nothing else to write, I might as well go with this.)

So, without any further ado, let’s jump into the list of the most Masochistic anime girls of all time! (more like the only Masochistic anime girls I know, but whatever!!)

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Top 10 Masochistic Anime Girls of All Time

10. Touko Fukawa from Danganronpa

Fukawa Touko

Touko is a super smart girl who is called the “Ultimate writing prodigy.” However, her social skills are too low that even she considers herself an outcast. She has trust issues and also has a quick tendency to self victimize herself and not listen to people. But in front of the boy she likes, she is pretty obedient and submissive. She even goes around calling him her “Master.”

9. Ruby Toujou from Rosario+vampire

ruby - rosario+vampire top 10 masochist anime girls

Ruby is a witch who always dreams of the main character, the man she likes “punishing” her. She loves BDSM and is open to experience a little pain. At one point, after being heavily electrocuted she states that she could not come to dislike it. She is too into this fetish to the point that she says she wants to be a “toy” for the man she loves.

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8. Virgo from Fairy Tail

virgo asking for punishment

Virgo is one of Lucy’s summons who barely shows any emotion on her face except when she’s talking about “punishment”. She always asks to be “punished” and also wears erotic outfits that fit her request every now and then. For instance, she was bound in ropes this one time and she casually explained that she was punishing herself in her free time. It’s kinda funny how she says those kinda ecchi things with a straight face.

7. Eto from Tokyo Ghoul

Eto - anime girls who love pain

Ghouls are beings that have some insane regenerative powers. Because of this most ghouls are masochistic to an extent. Eto, however, is the queen of all these pain loving ghouls. This is because she laughed gleefully and claimed that she loves Kaneki, right after he cut her in half.

6. Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man

Road - Female masochistic anime characters

Road is a different type of masochist. Instead of directly deriving pleasure from pain, she gets pleasure out of seeing the reactions of others when they see her getting tortured. For this sake, she even goes as far as getting herself impaled and mutilated. According to her, all the pain is worth their reaction.

5. Satou’s Aunt from Happy Sugar Life

Aunt - Happy sugar life - Top 10 masochistic anime girls of all time

Like most other characters in this anime, Satou’s Aunt (yeah, they don’t reveal her name) also has a unique thought process. She believes that love is to take all the pain and burden away from the person whom she loves. She also believes that love should not be directed at only one person and she should love everyone.

As a result, she is mostly covered in bandages as she always offers herself to random strangers and seduces them to satisfy all their “needs” (you know what  I’m talking about) and to take all their burden away.

Aunt - Happy sugar life

At the end of the show, we can even see her taking the blame for a murder and series of other crimes, in place of her niece who always treated her with hatred, because she believed that too is love.

4. Ullmina Bagliore from Radiant

Ullmina Radiant

On the first look, Ulmina looks like an honest, kind and naive girl who is a firm believer of God. Her dressing style suggests the idea too. However, in addition to doing injustice in the name of god and justice, she actually only cares about satisfying her desires. She hasn’t had much screen time in the anime yet, but we can already see her lust for pain when she willingly tried to suck away all the dark energy from the MC into herself. Her facial expression and her lustful voice pretty much gave away that she was enjoying that experience. She also treated the MC as nothing but an object of pleasure, which we can see from the quote she made when the MC’s friends saved him from her. She said, “return that jet-black soul at once. It belongs to me.”

3. Sarutobi from Gintama

Sarutobi gintama masochist

Sarutobi is a ninja who is head over heels for Gintoki, the main character of this anime, as he always insults her. We can see her stalking him and getting shooed away all the time. She even gets called a pervert, stalker and a masochistic ninja in the anime. This is because every time she sees Gintoki, she is always ready to do masochistic things with him.

Sarutobi Gintama

2. Tio Clarce from Arifureta

tio clarence | Tumblr

Tio was introduced as a fearsome dragon who was causing a huge trouble. But after being defeated and being taken down rather oddly (she literally had a huge pole shoved inside her bottom. Thank goodness, she was in her dragon form. Else, it would’ve become a kinky hentai), she went back to being a perverse, masochistic girl. Apparently, her mind was being controlled and she was forced to attack innocent people. After the incident, she devoted her life to the main character and began calling him her “Master.”

1. Darkness from Konosuba

Darkness - Top 10 masochistic anime girls of all time

Darkness needs no introduction in this list. She’s infamous for this kinda stuff. We can always see her being the meat shield and taking all the enemy’s attacks on her body. She enjoys it to the point that she would volunteer for it. Her love for insults and torture is so obvious that it’d make the enemy hesitate. She doesn’t have much when it comes to attack power, however her defense is so strong which allows her to enjoy being attacked.

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