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Crazy Kakegurui Faces – Insanity At Its Finest!

Kakegurui is a one of a kind gambling anime. It is known for its characters who tread on the thin line between sanity and insanity. At times they even go as far as gambling their own lives. What’s more amazing are the facial expressions in Kakegurui. You can feel the intensity, the thrill, the craze and the rage so much just out of their expressions. This post is going to be all about such crazy Kakegurui faces!

Crazy Kakegurui Facial Expressions

Kakegurui crazy face

It is amusing to see the beautiful animation of the girls go full on JoJo’s when they’re in gambling mode. That, and the insane eye glow and crazy laughter takes Kakegurui’s character animation to another level.

Here’s compilation of the crazy Kakegurui faces with insane smiles/laughter from both season 1 and 2.

Jabami Yumeko Crazy Faces

kakegurui crazy faces - Jabami Yumeko
Kakegurui crazy facial expressions - Jabami Yumeko
Imagine having so much fun risking your life, gambling to the point of getting aroused.
crazy jabami yumeko
Kakegurui insane face expressions - yumeko jabami
kakegurui insanity - Jabami Yumeko

Midari Ikishima Crazy Faces

Midari Ikishima Crazy laughter
crazy Kakegurui faces

Mary Saotome Crazy Faces

insane kakegurui wallpapers
Kakegurui crazy smile compilation
anime insane laughter

Itsuki Sumeragi Crazy Face

crazy Kakegurui smile

Yumemi Yumemite Crazy Face

Crazy kakegurui faces + smile compilation

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Kakegurui Angry Facial Expression

kakegurui angry facial expression

Anger, rage and frustration are all a part of gambling. And this anime does a great job expressing those emotions. You can see the maddening rage building within a character as clear as a crystal. Here are some of the angry facial expressions from Kakegurui!

Mary Saotome Rage Face

Kakegurui angry face
Mary Saotome angry face

Yumemi Yumemite Angry Face

Kakegurui disgusted face
kakegurui rage face

Jabami Yumeko Angry Face

yumeko jabami angry

Yumeko is not the kind of person who gets angry easily. She often comes off as a happy-go-lucky character who just loves gambling way too much. In the entire anime, this is the only scene where she outright expresses her anger. This happened because Yumemi wanted to give up on her gamble and admit defeat.

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These were all some of the craziest facial expressions from Kakegurui. Hope you enjoyed it! Also, consider hitting the bell icon on the bottom right corner to subscribe for post notifications if you want to read more of these upcoming anime related articles~

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