Amazing Radiant Anime Quotes

Radiant anime quotes from the following characters:

  • Grimm
  • Alma
  • Melie
  • Seth

Nemeses are strong and enigmatic demonic beings that fall from the sky. Any normal human who touches it or comes into contact with it will die. Sorcerers are the only ones who can fight these monsters. The sorcerers are those who have survived an encounter with a Nemesis but were “infected” in the process.

However, the humans resented the sorcerers and hunted them down just for being “infected.” Because there are some sorcerers who use their power for evil, all sorcerers are condemned to be evil by the Inquisition – an organization of humans to protect their race from the nemeses and the sorcerers alike. 

Seth, a Sorcerer from Pompo Hills, sets out on an adventure to destroy all Nemeses by destroying the fabled Radiant – the birthplace of all nemeses. Along with him are Doc and Mélie, fellow Sorcerers who share his ideal. Their main goal is to bring about a world where the Sorcerers are no longer discriminated for being infected.

Here are some of the most amazing Radiant anime quotes. For now, this post only includes Radiant season 2 quotes (because I watched season 1 a long time ago and didn’t make any quotes about it.)

The best Radiant anime quotes :

Grimm Quotes

Radiant anime quotes - Grimm

Even if they see them with their own eyes, they forget the things that have no value to them.

– Grimm

Alma Quotes

Alma quotes from Radiant

Don’t let them confuse you. Believe only what you’ve seen, known and, learned.

– Alma

Melie Quotes

Melie Radiant quotes

We’ll decide where we belong ourselves!

– Melie

Melie quotes from Radiant

If you don’t face anyone… if you avoid getting involved… I suppose you won’t get hurt. But I wanted a friend who’d worry with me, walk with me.

– Melie

Quotes from Melie

You’re not allowed to have friends if you’re not 100% in control of yourself? You’re not allowed to ask others for help when you’re in trouble?

– Melie

Seth Quotes

Quotes from Radiant anime Seth

No matter how long it takes, I’m gonna do it!

– Seth

Radiant anime quotes - Seth

You told me to think before I took running off. But if that’s going to end in regrets, I’ll choose to run as many times as I have to!

– Seth

Seth quotes

Even if you don’t have the title of knight, you’re still you, right? So just do what you think is right, based on what you see and feel.

– Seth

Radiant - seth quotes

If I’m your target, then I’m the only one you need to aim at.

– Seth

radiant anime quotes - seth

You can put us on chains, and throw us in cages. We’ll just smash our way out of them, anyway!

– Seth

seth quotes - Radiant

Orders? What orders? So you don’t care what you have to do to accomplish that?

– Seth

So that’s it for this post! If I ever re-watch Radiant season 1, I’ll make sure to update this post with quotes from it too.

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