13 membri più potenti della MHA League Of Villains, classificati

MHA is the home to one of the notorious villain gangs of all time– the league of villains.

My Hero Academia is undoubtedly one of the greatest superhero anime of all time. It is filled with numerous powerful heroes and villains blessed with incredible powers and skills.

Just after releasing the first season of its current sixth season, the series kept growing its fan base across the world. At first, fans only gave their attention to the Heroes team and students of UA High School.

However, after the debut of the League of Villains, the situation changed, and fans began taking an interest in villains.

The League of Villains was first created by All for One and given to Tomura Shigaraki in order to bring evil into society.

This group is filled with several powerful villains who come from different places and backgrounds to join Tomura and All for One.

Most of its members serve as the main antagonists of their respective arcs and defeat several powerful pro-heroes. Some of its members already have a huge fan base thanks to their captivating personalities and excellent character development.

In this article, we talk about all the members of the League of Villains and their incredible powers and skills. Here, you can also learn about some of its members who have limited screen time. So let’s get straight to this informative article.

Notes: This article will contain major spoilers from the My Hero Academia manga.

What is the League of Villains in My Hero Academia?

The League of Villains is an evil group of villains under the leadership of Tomura Shigaraki. They were created solely to bring the evil era back into society, just as All for One had done for a long time.

After evil society was completely destroyed by All Might’s arrival, All for One went underground and created a fearsome group known as the League of Villains.

Later, several powerful villains join the groups, such as Dabi, Twice, and Himiko, and make them more fearsome.

Aside from these members, Doctor Kyudau also regularly deputized some of the most fearsome, artificially created Nomus to fight against villains. With the presence of Nomo and All for One himself, the league of villains became more formidable and powerful.

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13/13: Mustard

Mustard - league of villains characters

Quirk: Gas (Sleeping gas)

Mustard is the least popular member of the league of villains. He first appeared in the forest training camp arc as the one who came to capture Bakugo.

He is a very capable villain and always thinks before acting to prevent failure. His powerful quirk, gas, allows him to produce an enormous amount of sleep-induced gas that no one can stand.

Mustard himself can’t stand for a second without wearing his own masks. Aside from the power of quirk, he is a skilled marksman, born with precise aiming skills.

He can even shoot out his target in a cloudy place filled with gas, which makes him so powerful.

This is because, by using his quirk indiscriminately, he can sense motion between the gasses and is able to pinpoint his target’s location.

12/13: Magne

Magne - league of villain members

Quirk: Magnetism

Magne is an extremely tall and muscular woman who looks very similar to a man. Even though she looks tough and is physically strong, she also possesses keen intelligence and a logical mind.

Magne possesses a powerful quirk named magnetism that allows her to apply magnetic polarity to people around her.

She excellently uses her quirk both in an offensive and defensive manner. Her excellence in using quirks is the only thing that makes her so strong.

Despite having fearsome abilities and skills, she is still no match for legendary villains such as Revisione.

11/13: Mr. Compress

Mr. Compress

Quirk: Compress

Mr. Compress is another great member of the League of Villains. He usually covers his entire face by wearing several types of masks.

His reason for joining Tomura’s team is completely different from others’. He just wants to destroy the corrupt system of hero society and expose fake heroes.

Mr. Compress possesses a very rare quirk called “compression” that allows him to change anyone’s or anything’s shape as he wishes.

Due to his creative mind and exceptional skills, he proves to be the toughest opponent for the heroes’ society. He not only works as an attacker for their team but also helps them escape from difficult situations.

10/13: Spinner

Spinner - strongest league of villains

Quirk: Gecko (can stick to walls like lizards), Body Bulk and Scalemail

Spinner is one of the true followers of Hero Killer Stain and believes in his words and ideologies.

As a result, he wears the same type of cloth as Stain and copies his style and technique. However, he still chooses to join the League of Villains in order to create a world free of fake villains.

Spinner currently possesses three powerful quirks: gecko, body bulk, and scalemail, which make him so powerful. In the first few arcs, he does not get much to show, but in the current war arc, he demonstrates his incredible powers.

9/13: Twice


Quirk: Double (create clones)

Twice is a significant member of the league of villains. He usually participates in all of the major activities of the team, from kidnapping Bakugo to taking part in the Shie Hassaikai Raid.

He never saw his team as just members but as his family, and he molto curato about them, especially Himiko.

Aside from his clumsy look and immature activities, he is quite a powerful villain and possesses a fearsome quirk.

At first, he was only capable of creating two clones of himself, but after the series of events, he can now create a whole army that is incredibly powerful and difficult to defeat.

In the latest fight against Hawks, the second strongest pro hero in Japan, he finally shows his hidden potential.

8/13: Himiko Toga

Toga- league of villains members

Quirk: Transform (can transform into anyone)

Himiko Toga is the most unpredictable member of the league of villains. She did all types of supportive work for her team, such as infiltrating the enemy’s base, stealing something from them, and distracting loro.

As a result, Tomura highly regards her exceptional skill and sees her as a valuable asset for his entire team.

She also possesses only a single quirk, “Transform,” that allows her to take anyone’s appearance by ingesting their blood.

Aside from her quirk powers, he is quite a skilled fighter, especially at wielding multiple knives, and can handle several powerful pro heroes at a time.

7/13: Muscular


Quirk: Pump Up (Enhance muscles)

Muscular first appeared in the forest training camp and was assigned to kidnap any student from Deku’s class.

His original name is Goto Imasuji, and his only goal is to kill people until his last breath.

Due to holding back and taking Deku very lightly, he was defeated by him and arrested in Tartaro.

However, after being released from jail, he became more powerful and decided to give it his all, no matter how weak the opponents looked.

In his fight against Grand Terrano, one of the strongest pro heroes, he easily overpowers and severely damages him.

Il suo second match with Deku is the only thing that makes him stand out from other members of the League of Villains.

6/13: Dabi


Quirk: Blue Flame

Dabi is one of the coolest and most stylish members of the League of Villains. He became more popular and liked by fans after revealing his own backstory.

He is not born as a bad person, but after going through several tough times in his life, he changes a lot and chooses the evil side.

Dabi never thinks too much about his opponents, such as how potente they are; he is just ready to put his all into the fights.

He only possesses a single quirk, Blue Flame, but he is capable of defeating several pro heroes who were blessed with multiple quirks.

He became an incredibly powerful villain of the series after developing new powerful moves such as Phosphor e Flashfire.

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5/13: Daruma Ujiko

Daruma Ujiko - league of villains characters

Quirk: Life Force

Daruma Ujiko is widely known by his other name, Dr. Kyudai Garaki, and is always seen in a dark place that seems to be his laboratory.

He is the real reason for the enormous strength behind the entire league of villains.

If he does not take interest in creating Nomus, who is blessed with multiple quirks, then villains do not stand a single chance against the hero’s society.

Throughout the series, he created several powerful Nomus and high-end Nomus who truly served his orders.

Aside from his vast knowledge and expertise at quirks, he possesses a very special quirk, called Life Force. It extends his lifespan and makes him young.

He also shows his medical skills by restoring All for One after his deadliest fight against All Might.

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4/13: Gigantomachia


Quirks: Endurance, Pain Blocker, Gigantification, Dog, Energy Saver, Fierece Gains and Mole

Gigantomachia is one of the strongest members of the League of Villains, except for Tomura and All For One.

He is the only one who blindly follows all of his master’s orders without any single thought. Due to having a very muscular and huge body, he is very difficult to handle by any single opponent.

During his first encounter with the league of villains, he already demonstrates his terrifying abilities by defeating their entire teams.

Aside from his endurance quirk, which allows him to convert physical morale into stamina, he possesses six other powerful quirks.

All of these six were incredibly powerful, which he got from Doctor Kyudai to make him a more formidabile villain just like his leader.

3/13: Kurogiri

Kurogiri - league of villains members

Quirk: Warp Gate

Kurogiri is the first chosen member of the league of villains and serves as the guardiano of Tomura Shigaraki.

His work is to guide him and find some fearsome members of his evil groups. He is extremely loyal to All for One and is considered the most intelligent member of the league of villains.

Aside from his excellent decisive skills, he possesses a very rare quirk named “Warp Gate.” He has the ability to teletrasportarsi anyone from anywhere by opening a dark portal.

Later in the series, his real identity is revealed, and he states that he is one of the closest Amici d'infanzia of Shota Aizawa and Hizashi Yamada.

2/13: Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki - league of villains leader

Quirk: Decay, All for One

Tomura Shigaraki is currently declared the new leader of the League of Villains. He gets complete trust and authority over his fellow members.

Despite being the grandson of Nana Shimura, one of the successors of the One For All quirk, he unfortunately became the heir of All For One.

He is born with a destructive quirk named “Decay,” which is why he unintentionally killed his entire family and was adopted by All For One.

Questo destructive quirk allows him to turn anyone into dust just by touching them, whether he wants to or not.

However, he continued enhancing his power and mind to the same level as All For One’s and became the true face of evil society.

Furthermore, he also inherited the “all for one” quirk and provided us with some of the deadliest battles.

1/13: All For One

All For One

Quirk: All for One

All for One is the greatest and the evilest villain in the My Hero Academia series. He formed a league of villains in order to resurrect the villainous era that All Might had destroyed.

In his entire life, he killed all of the successors of “One for All” through his formidable powers and skills.

He only lost due volte in life, and both times All Might was the one who defeated him. However, he also severely damaged his body, making him incapable of using the One for All quirk.

The reason for his formidable strength is his fearsome quirks, which allow him to steal anyone’s quirk and make it his own.

As a result, he currently possesses numerous powerful quirks, and he has distributed some of them to the members of the League of Villains.

That’s it for this post! These are all the members of the league of villain group in MHA, ranked according to their power.

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