10 Most Powerful Devils In Black Clover Of All Time

Black Clover is one of the greatest anime series of all time, beloved by many fans around the world. It features a world filled with magic and magical creatures as well as an abundance of adventure and epic battles. In this article, we will be taking a look at the top 10 most powerful devils in Black Clover, ranked according to strength.

Devils in Black Clover are powerful magical beings with the ability to use a wide variety of spells, as well as enhanced physical capabilities. Some of them are weaker than the rest, but even they are definitely stronger than your average human wizard.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our list of the top 10 most powerful devils in Black Clover.

Types of Devils in Black Clover

There are different types of devils in Black Clover, classified according to their power and influence. The Devils of Black Clover have a total of four ranks, so they can be put into four different groups:

  • the highest ranking devils (Qliphoth Devils)
  • the high ranking devils
  • the mid ranking devils
  • the low ranking devils

There is a further division among the highest ranking devils, with three of the most powerful devils known as the rulers of the underworld.

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List of the most powerful Devils in Black Clover

  1. Lucifero
  2. Beelzebub
  3. Astaroth
  4. Megicula
  5. Lucifugus
  6. Adramelech
  7. Lilith
  8. Nahamah
  9. Liebe
  10. Zagred

10/10: Zagred

Top 10 strongest characters In Black Clover manga

If we don’t count Liebe inside Asta’s grimore, Zagred is the first devil that we meet in Black Clover.

He is a high ranking devil and was the source of the conflict between the humans and the elves.

Regardless of being one of the weakest devils in the series, he possesses an overpowered magical ability called Kotodama Magic.It allows him to make his words a reality.

While there are limitations on what words become reality, he still uses it like a pro and almost wipes out the good guys. However, Captain Yami’s dark magic was one of its weaknesses, which ended up costing his life.

9/10: Liebe

Liebe - strongest devils in black clover

Liebe is one of the key devil characters in the Black Clover series. He is responsible for Asta’s anti-magic abilities.

Liebe once lived in the underworld as the weakest demon and was bullied by everyone. He escaped but wound up inside a grimore. After years of being alone, Liebe found Asta and saw him as a kindred spirit.

Liebe is a very unique devil, as he does not have any magical talents. However, he ended up with anti magic abilities that make him capable of nullifying any and all forms of magic.

8/10: Nahamah


Just like Lilith, Nahamah is one of the highest ranking devils who lives on the first level of the underground.

Nahamah is able to wield demon fire magic, that can burn light, shadow, and even the concept itself. It is also capable of fusing with Lilith in order to become a powerful entity. The result of a fusion is a monstrous devil that is capable of using both demon ice magic and demon fire magic at the same time.

7/10: Lilith

Lilith - powerful devils in black clover

Lilith is a female devil from Black Clover and one of the highest ranking devils in the series. Along with Nahamah, she lives on the underground’s first level.

Both Lilith and Nahamah act as a unit, and they attack their enemies together. They are also able to combine into an even more powerful form.

Lilith is well-versed in demon ice magic, which allows her to freeze anything in the world. By anything, I mean ANYTHING. It can freeze light, shadow, and even concepts themselves.

6/10: Adramelech


Adramelech is one of the most unique devils in Black Clover and has the appearance of a teenage boy.

He does not care about anything and has a lazy attitude. He even ignored the demands of the King of the Devils when he was asked to fight alongside him. Despite this, he is a powerful entity who holds immense authority in the Underworld.

We have not seen him fight yet, so his magical skills are not known at this point. But he was able to easily resist Lucifero’s gravity manipulation and float around with his flight magic, so we can assume he is going to be a powerful devil.

5/10: Lucifugus

Lucifugus - devils in black clover

Lucifugus is a mysterious entity that was first summoned during Nacht Faust’s ritual. The plan was to overpower Lucifugus and make him Nacht’s subordinate devil.

However, despite Faust’s best efforts, Lucifugus was too powerful and managed to break free from his control. He killed the majority of the people present at the site, before he was forced back into the underworld.

From what we know, he is only next to the three rulers themselves in power, making it almost impossible to control him.

4/10: Megicula

Megicula - strongest devils in black clover

Megicula is the most powerful devil in Black Clover and is feared throughout both the Kingdom of Clover and its neighboring kingdoms.

She was the replacement for Astaroth, who took over his position as one of the rulers of the underworld.

She is an evil entity that has the power to cast powerful curses, in addition to her ability to use steel and blood magic.

Megicula plays the role of a major villain in the Spade Kingdom arc. She is easily one of the most formidable characters in the series, due to her insane magical powers and her talent to manipulate others.

3/10: Astaroth


Astaroth was one of the three rulers of the underworld before he went missing. After his disappearance, Megicula filled the role of the underworld’s ruler.

It was later revealed in the manga that he had made a contract with a human named Lucius Zogratis and had been living in the human world ever since.

He is an insanely powerful devil in Black Clover who has the ability to control time itself.

2/10: Beelzebub


Beelzebub, like Lucifer, is a high-ranking devil who can manipulate space and minds and has an insane amount of mana. He is one of the three rulers of the underworld, along with Lucifero and Megicula.

Beelzebub has made a contract with Zenon Zogratis of the Spade Kingdom, and has taken his body as his host.

It is a noteworthy feat that Beelzebub was able to overpower the vice captain of the Golden Dawn with just about half of his strength. And this was when he was in his host’s human body. One can only imagine how powerful he will be in his actual form.

1/10: Lucifero

Lucifero - most powerful devils in black clover

Lucifero is the most powerful devil in the Black Clover anime and manga series. He is an exceptionally powerful being who commands fear from even the strongest demons, and his strength surpasses any other devil in the series.

Lucifero has a contract with Dante Zogratis of the Spade Kingdom and is responsible for the rapid rise in power of the Spade Kingdom.

He possesses gravity magic, enabling him to dominate anything and anyone on Earth. As the highest ranked devil, he is arrogant and self serving.

Besides being able to control gravity, he can also control the minds of lesser devils and warp space to avoid attacks.

That’s it for this post. These were all the top ten strongest devils in Black Clover, ranked according to their power.

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