Top 20 Strongest Chimera Ants in Hunter x Hunter Ranked

In this article, let’s take a look at the strongest chimera ants from the HxH anime series. Hunter X Hunter is the most popular adventure anime series that was created by Yoshihiro Togashi. The series first aired on Fuji TV and the Funimation channel in 1999. This series has great world-building and fascinating characters.

The characters in this series are one of the most important aspects that contribute to the series’ huge popularity. As a result, Yoshihiro Togashi remade this series in 2011 with another studio named Madhouse. This series has a lot of different topics, like finding treasure, exploring ancient enclaves, and finding species that haven’t been found before.

The series also features various groups like the Hunters’ Association, the Phantom Troupe, and the Chimera Ants. Chimera ants are the most fearsome foes the Hunters Association has ever faced. The Chimera ants posed a major threat to mankind due to their tremendous power and abilities. They were literally unstoppable.

What is a chimera ant in HxH? 

Chimera ants are hybrid species of ants that have the abilities of various animals and birds. They are a fusion of the Queen’s fodder and ants. Their physical characteristics, abilities, and strength are determined by the Ant Queen’s diet. If the Ant Queen eats a lion, the chimera ant gains lion-like abilities. Similarly, if she eats an octopus, the offspring will gain octopus abilities.

Chimera Ant colony is organized like a military chain of command. The Ant Queen is at the top of the hierarchy and commands all chimera ants. She hands over the hierarchy to the king once he is born. The king will now become the leader of the colony. In the colony, there are a few powerful chimera ants who serve as royal guards and squadron leaders under the direct command of the king. The remaining chimera ants are either officers or soldiers in the king’s army.

The series includes lots of distinct and powerful chimera ants. Each of them has a unique ability, intelligence, and strength. 

So, without further delay, here are the Top 20 Strongest Chimera Ants in Hunter X Hunter.

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Strongest Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant Characters Ranked

20. Baital

19. Mantis 

18. Small Bear

17. Alligator 

16. Yunju 

15. Bihorn 

14. Bloster 

13. Welfin 

12. Meleoron 

11. Colt 

10. Cheetu 

9. Leol 

8. Zazan 

7. Rammot 

6. Palm Siberia

5. Shaiapouf 

4. Menthuthuyoupi

3. Neferpitou

2. Chimera Ant Queen

1. Meruem 

HxH Chimera Ant Squadron Leaders

13. Baital

Baital HxH

Baital is a squadron leader in the king’s army. He has the appearance of a human with a tiny tail over his head. His command consists of 4–5 officers and dozens of peon soldiers.

His physical strength exceeds that of any officer in the army. He shows off his leadership abilities in the forest near Ant’s nest. He orders his squad, as well as the other two squads, to look for imposters in crane formation

Baital also learned how to use nen to boost his strength and other physical abilities to the next level.

12. Mantis

Mantis HxH

Mantis is a squadron leader and an insect like a chimera ant. He possesses quick reflexes that allow him to avoid attacks. He can jump higher because of his natural leg strength.

Mantis commands five officers and several chimera ant soldiers. He gains the nen ability when he takes a punch from Rammot. He is one of the chimera ants who managed to get away from NGL and survived.

11. Small bear

Small Bear

Small Bear is a squadron leader of the king’s army. He is one of the first chimera ants who has a human-like physique. He is a hybrid of human and panda. His keen intelligence helped him to learn human language quickly.

His nature is sincere and devoted to the ant queen. He has a tough body that can withstand a lot of severe punches from Rammot.

He also learned to use nen and enhanced his power. 

10. Alligator


Alligator is a Squadron Leader of chimera ants. He is a perfect hybrid of human and crocodile. He has a competent, slow, and arguable personality. 

Alligator is extremely self centered and thought of himself as the “Glutton King.” He possesses high physical strength due to his muscular body. His excellent jaw strength helped him capture individuals for the Queen’s diet. He can also use nen against his opponents in battle.

9. Yunju

Yunju Hunter x Hunter

Yunju is a Squadron Leader with one half of his body resembling a man and the other half resembling a horse. He is a hybrid of a human, a horse, and a snake. His serpentine tongue is extremely toxic and can kill a normal person in a matter of seconds.

Yunju has very confident and arrogant behavior. He has no regard for anyone, including his own squad members. He considers everyone to be his slave and pet.

Yunju has excellent physical strength and intelligence. He can easily crush human skulls and kill them by simply stomping. 

8. Bihorn

Bihorn chimera

Bihorn is a Squadron Leader with a bull’s head and tail and a human body. He worked directly for the Ant Queen and obeyed only her orders. He is a hybrid of a bull and a human. 

Bihorn is a tall and muscular chimera ant with two sharp horns. He is a proud and loyal servant of the Ant Queen. He is physically very strong and has a high pain tolerance. 

Bihorn is also capable of using nen, which he employs to boost his strength. During the Phantom Troupe siege, Pike states that Bihorn is the most powerful chimera ant’s squadron leader.

7. Bloster

Bloster HxH

Bloster is a squadron leader and chimera ant that looks like a lobster. He has two large lobster claws and human legs. His personality is quite unemotional and calculative. 

He never felt remorse for killing anyone, even if they were his comrades. His personality gradually changed after getting a few memories of his past life. His tough exoskeleton shields him from bullets and other types of attacks. 

Bloster learned his nen ability from the royal guard, Shaiapouf. He is an emitter user, so he can focus his aura from his body and fire it towards his foes. His powerful attack, “Aura Blasts,” allows him to shoot energy bullets from his claws. 

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6. Welfin

Welfin Hunter X Hunter

Welfin is a squadron leader and a chimera ant that looks like a wolf. He is an ambitious, cunning, and cautious individual. He wants to improve his position among the royal guards. 

His superior tactical intelligence enables him to develop multi-layered plans and adjust them to changing conditions. Welfin also has an exceptional sense of hearing and smell. It allows him to listen in on phone calls and track down his enemies.

Welfin learned his nen ability from Shaiapouf and his master hatsu ability on his own. He is a conjurer user, so he makes anything from his aura. His formidable attack, “Missileman,” allows him to conjure a missile launcher and unleash it from his back. It continuously chases its target until it hits.

5. Meleron

Meleoron - Hunter x Hunter Strongest Chimera ants

Meleoron is a squadron leader and chameleon-like Chimera Ant. He is the most physically weak squadron leader of chimera ants. However, his exceptional ability to be invisible pushes him to the top of this list.

His ability makes him invisible until he holds his breath. He is an excellent observer with a keen mind. He is a free – spirited and kind-hearted person who hates fighting and killing. 

Meleron is also a nen user and falls into the category of specialist. Its nen allows him to create new abilities such as Perfect plan and God’s Accomplice. It allows him to become completely undetectable by sight, hearing, smell, touch, and En. 

Palm is also a nen user and belongs to the category of enhancers. Her most formidable attacks are Wink Blue and Black Widow.

4. Colt

Hunter Hunter - Colt

Colt is the Ant Queen’s first Chimera Ant and one of the squad leaders who resembles a vulture. Among all the Chimera Ants, he is the most kind-hearted and honest.

Colt has high passion and dedication to his responsibilities as a squad leader. He possesses great strength, speed, proficient strategies, and stamina. He is also an expert at flying.

The reason why he is so high on this list with all of the Chimera is because of his sharp intelligence, which he demonstrated when he figured out how to unlock Nen.

3. Cheetu

Strongest Chimera Ants in HxH - Cheetu

Cheetu is a cheetah-based Chimera Ant and the fastest squadron leader. He is a simpleton who is self-assured and pompous. He was frequently fascinated by his own quick feet. 

Cheetu loves fighting only to brag about and demonstrate his speed and power. With his extraordinarily rapid speed, he also possesses extraordinary hand-to-hand combat skills and improved stamina. Which he demonstrated during his fight with Knuckle and Morel, in which he defeated both of them by himself.

Cheetu is a nen user who belongs to the category of conjurer. His expertise in conjunction enables him to conjure parallel dimensions into which he can transport his opponents just by touching them. In this dimension, he plays a game of tag with an 8-hour time limit.

2. Leol

Strongest Chimera Ants in HxH - leol

Leol is one of the strongest Chimera Ant Squadron Leaders with incredible abilities. He had the appearance of an anthropomorphic lion.

Leol has great strength, durability, and stamina as a consequence of his lion genetic code. He can also throw his harpoon at supersonic speeds. It allows him to kill a whale floating in the water. That demonstrates he has a lot of physical strength as well as a lot of accuracy.

Alongside his immense strength, he also possesses the extraordinary Nen ability “Rental Pod”. It enables him to temporarily borrow other people’s Nen ability. For each ability that Leol wishes to borrow, he must meet two requirements. Once Leol has met the requirements, he can use the Nen ability of other people for a limited time.

1. Zazan

Strongest Chimera Ant Waifu in HxH - Zazan 

Zazan is a scorpion-like chimera ant and the strongest squadron leader. She is the only one close to the strength of the Royal Guards.

She’s a self-styled, crafty, and most disobedient squadron leader. When it comes to power, Zazan has incredible strength, speed, endurance, and reflexes. Her scorpion genes also gave her a stinger capable of demolishing professional hunters with a highly potent poison.

When it comes to nen abilities, she possesses two exceptional nen abilities. She employs a “Queen Shot,” which enables her to turn stung individuals into human-animal hybrids. They obeyed her every instruction. Another is “Monster Queen Form.” When she pulls out her stringer, she transforms into a grotesque crocodile-like monster that gives her monstrous strength.

HxH Officers & Unknown Ranked Chimera Ant Characters

2. Rammot 

Rammot - hunter hunter

Rammot is a chimera ant officer of Colt’s Squad. He is a hybrid of a human, a rabbit, and a bird named Shrike. His personality is sadistic and highly competitive.

He has an enormous amount of physical strength and durability that’s why Killua’s arm is severed by his single fist. He also has exceptional speed and quick reflexes. During the fight against Gon and Killua, he easily defeated both of them.

Rammot is also a proficient nen user and belongs to the enhancer category. His aura is focused on enhancing his natural abilities. His devastating attack “Feather Blades,” allows him to transform his feathers into sharp blades for attacking foes.

1. Palm siberia

Palm Siberia Chimera Ant form

Palm Siberia is a member of the Hunter Association and works under Knov. She is a clever and persistent woman. She is reborn as a Chimera Ant soldier after being captured by the Royal Guards.

Palm became physically stronger and faster. She shatters one of Killua’s yo-yos with a single punch and lands plenty of punches and kicks on Killua. She has a crystal ball on her forehead that permits her to watch a target at any moment.

HxH Chimera Ant Royal Guards

3. Shaiapouf

Shaiapouf HxH chimera

Shaiapouf is a butterfly-humanoid Chimera Ant who serves as a Royal Guard for the Chimera Ant King. “Pouf” is his nickname. He is the most composed, reflexive, and smart of all the Royal Guards.

Pouf is stronger than any other squad leader due to his enormous strength, stamina, durability, and excellent ability. He is able to fly across large distances with ease by using his butterfly wings.

Shaiapouf inherited the ability to use Nen from his birth. His Nen talents are primarily focused on providing support and implementing indirect techniques. This included a wide range of applications that helped the king’s military power by forming an army of Nen users.

2. Menthuthuyoupi

youpi - hunter hunter

Menthuthuyoupi, also known as “Youpi,” is a Chimera Ant and the Ant King’s youngest Royal Guard. He is the most straightforward of the Royal Guards, and his strength stems from his lack of ego. 

Youpi possesses an unfathomable strength that matches or maybe even surpasses that of Chairman Netero’s. Along with his strength, he also has enhanced speed, reflexes, immense durability, and a sharp intellect.

Menthuthuyoupi is a user of the Enhancer Nen. He was born with the potential to sense and use Nen auras. His most powerful ability is known as “Metamorphosis,” which allows him to freely manipulate any aspect of his anatomy.

1. Neferpitou

strongest hunter hunter characters - Neferpitou

Neferpitou, also known as Pitou, is the eldest of the Ant King’s three Royal Guards and a cat-humanoid Chimera Ant.

He is vicious and terrifying, and she loves to tease and toy with his opponents. After Meruem, he is regarded as the strongest Chimera Ant in terms of strength. Some of his remarkable skills are immense vision, strength, intelligence, speed, and reflexes.

Neferpitou is a user of the specialist Nen. He is born with the ability to regulate his aura nodes as well as an inexhaustible supply of aura. His Nen aids in controlling the corpses of others. He may also increase the performance of a puppet by supplying it with an aura.

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HxH Chimera Ant Royal Family

2. Chimera Ant Queen

Hunter x Hunter Strongest Chimera Ants

Chimera Ant Queen is a mutant species that comes from the Dark Continent. She is the mother of all chimera ants. She is completely committed to her goal of giving birth to a king.

The Ant Queen is the most dreadful predator. She possesses superior human-like intelligence. She also has quick reflexes and a strong endurance body. 

The Ant Queen is weaker than the royal guards in terms of strength, but she has the highest authority over them. As a result, she is undoubtedly stronger than any chimera ant except Meruem.

Her special natural ability is “phagogenesis.” It enables her to pass on the traits of ingested creatures to the next generation.

1. Meruem – HxH Ant King

HxH Strongest Chimera Ant King - Meruem

Meruem is the main antagonist and strongest character in the Hunter X Hunter series. He is the Ant King and the most powerful chimera ant. He regarded himself as superior to all other living things and had no regard for them.

Meruem is born as a cruel and violent king who cannibalises any chimera that offends him. He has unfathomable strength, speed, reflexes, agility, and endurance. His most memorable fight was with Netero, the world’s most powerful hunter. He is just slightly injured when he takes Netero’s most powerful attack, “Zero Hand,” which demonstrates his unfathomable strength.

Meruem also has super-genius intelligence and analytical skills. He is able to master multiple board games in a fraction of the time by simply reading the rule books. 

Meruem is born with an abundance of aura and Nen ability. He is classified as a specialist among Nen users. His most powerful move, “Photon,” allows him to transform his aura into microscopic particles. It enables him to assess the shape, quality, emotions, and other characteristics of anyone.

That’s it for this post. These were all the top 20 strongest Chimera Ants in Hunter x Hunter!

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