All Dio Poses From JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Dio is one of the most iconic characters from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure anime. He is also one of the best villains in the history of anime and manga. But that is not all. As most of you might already know Dio is a lean mean posing machine! He has done several crazy stances through out the series. In this article, we’ll be looking at all of the Dio Poses that were shown in the Jojo anime series.

From part 1 to part 3, we have a collection of the 15+ iconic poses that Dio have made, and we will be listing them down in random order.

“It’s me Dio!” (“Kono Dio Da”)

Kono Dio da pose

This is one of the most popular Dio Brando poses. He points himself and says “It’s me Dio.” Surprisingly, this simple gesture has become a viral meme in the Jojo community. Thanks to that, we can see tons and tons of “kono Dio da” memes on the internet today.

Dio’s gravity defying Wryy Pose

Dio wryy pose

This is one of the craziest Jojo poses ever! Not only this pose is humanly impossible, it is the weirdest stance ever. Imagine talking to people doing this pose that pushes your legs to the limits. But that doesn’t stop this pose from being popular among Jojo cosplayers. Thousands of cosplayers have attempted this Wryy pose by Dio and some have even succedeed in it!

Za Warudo Pose

Za Warudo Dio pose

This is one of Dio’s poses where he shows people simple is still the best. While summoning his stand, “The World”, he raises his hands up and shouts its name victoriously. Simple as it may be, it is sill magnificent when Dio does it.

Oh you’re approaching me pose

Oh you're approaching me pose

This is another one of the most popular Dio poses that became a meme. Jotaro closes in on Dio to fight him. This is when Dio strikes this poses and says “Oh? You’re approaching me?” in a condescending tone. In this posture Dio keeps his arms open as if saying “come and defeat me if you can.”

Muda Muda Pose

Dio poses from Jojos Bizarre adventure

After throwing a barrage of punches Dio and The World does this pose. Now, I know this might sound normal, but don’t forget. This is Jojos. They don’t do it normally. Which is why while doing the barrage of punches Dio shouts out “muda muda muda” for few seconds straight. The japanese meaning of the word “muda” means “meaningless.” So basically he is saying whatever his opponent tries is meaningless.

Dio Pointing

jojo dio pose min

Pointing somebody is a super normal thing. There’s nothing cool about it. At least, that’s what you’d think. But look how cool Dio is pointing at JoJo. This man is knows how to make himself look awesome!

Dio’s Godly Pose

Dio's godly pose

This is the ultimate pose for anybody who has attained godhood, or trying to attain it.

Dio has extreme god complex, making him knock out poses like this that actually make him look like an all powerful being.

He exposes his chest with his arms wide open, sending the message that he is not afraid of anything or anyone.

Pose With The World

Dio Za Warudo

Dio and his stand ‘The World’ are such a menacing pair that simply standing next to each other looks godly! Of course Dio has the condescending, smug look on his face while posing like a model which makes it even better.

Dio’s Stampede pose

Dio stamping pose

I don’t know about you guys but I find this pose funny. Depending on your perspective he’s either jumping or is trying to stomp on something.

Dio Sitting Fashionably

dio sitting

Only Dio can make sitting so badass. In this pose, he has a serious look on his face and means business!

Dio Brando’s Intro Pose

Dio Brando Intro Pose

This is the very first pose he strikes when he’s introduced. Back then he was still a human and was participating in all sorts of sports including boxing. Dio often competed with Jonathan Joestar and exceeded everybody’s expectations. However the darkness in his heart made him feel uncomfortable since he was an outsider which is why he wanted to destroy and takeover Joestar family’s wealth.

Dio’s Graceful Rugby

dio rugby pose min

As I mentioned before, Dio dabbled in all sorts of sports as a teenager. He crushed everybody and was way out of the league of anyone around him. Just look at him flawlessly grab the rugby ball with gracefulness!

Dio & Knives

Dio & Knives

Dio loves knives. He always walks around carrying a bunch of them. Here’s Dio striking a pose with a dozen of knives.

Dio Posing With Hands On Hips

dio hands on hip pose

This is probably one of Dio’s favorite poses because you can see him stand like this a few times in the anime. The posture radiates confidence and superiority, which is in correspondance with Dio’s character as a whole.

Dio brando menacing pose

dio brando menacing pose

One look at his glaring face is all we need to bow down before Dio’s almighty presence. Normally, you’d think he is just a serious character who’ll warm up to the mc is no time, but no. Things played out differently with him. He dominated the Joestar family without being affect by things like “bond” and “family.”

Dio’s back pose

dio back pose

This posture was literally designed to showcase Dio in JoJo’s physique. For those who don’t know, SPOILER ALERT, Dio takes over Jonathan’s body after his death.

Cross your right arm over your left shoulder and your left arm over your right hip, and you’re done! You, too, can strike this posture!

Crazy Dio pose

Crazy Dio pose

At the very end Dio became too drunk on power that he became crazy. Not only did his hair style change, his personality had a complete make over. I have absolutely no idea why he’d want to penetrate his own skull with his own finger, but he did exactly that. Which is pretty crazy no matter how you put it.

That’s it for this article! These were all the Dio poses from the Jojo anime and manga! Hope you guys found this post entertaining. See you in the next one (^^)

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