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Weeb Vocabulary! – Most commonly used Weeb words

This post is going to be way different than my usual ones. Instead of going with another anime/game recommendation, this time I thought I’ll do this: “weeb vocabulary”! So basically I’m going to talk about those Japanese words that we weebs often use in our conversation (for no particular reason, even though we could just say […]

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Anime Like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood

If you’re looking for an anime to fill the hole FMAB left in your heart, look no further. Because I’ve made a listing of anime like Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood to satisfy your craving. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood is the most highly rated anime of all times. It has all the elements one could expect from a […]

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Greatest Anime Swordsman Poll

Heya! I’m here with another poll!! This time, you’ll be voting for the greatest anime swordsman ever. By greatest anime swordsman, we’re talking about the strongest character or the ones who have the potential to become the strongest sword wielder ever. With that criteria in mind, I’ve created a listing of the candidates for this poll. […]

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Best Multiplayer Anime Fighting Games

Anime fighting games have always been welcomed by both anime fans and gamers alike.  Most of these games offer an anime styled gameplay with awesome battle mechanics. And the fun part about these fighting games is to be able to play it with a gaming buddy! With that in mind I’ve made a listing of […]

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Awesome Quotes From Hunter X Hunter

Heyo, fellow weebs! I’m here again with another quotes session! This time we’re going to be looking at some of the best Hunter X Hunter quotes. Hunter X Hunter is one of the most top rated shounen anime ever. As a mater of fact, it is one of the few anime that got rated over […]