+15 Cursed Anime Images that’ll make you regret living

Today I’m going to dig the internet deep to find all the cringe-worthy, cursed anime images and present it here!

These are the most detestable, grotesque edits to be ever made to a character. Get ready to bleach your eyes!!

Caution: This post is not for the faint of heart. Proceed with your own risk.

15+ Horrible Images that will haunt you for eternity 

Cursed Anime Girl Images

Anime girls are supposed to be cute and attractive. But here are some cursed anime images that’ll violate that law and make our anime cuties look absolutely horrible.

cursed love live image

Anime girls have no nose for a reason, and this edit shows exactly why.


Cursed Anime Girl images - animeeverything.online

Yes, anime girls have big eyes, but god this. is. WRONG.


cursed anime girl images

This one makes me wanna puke *blurg*


cursed hentai face image

Whoever gets arouse by this cursed anime image is the lowest of the lowest scum in our weeb history.

cursed anime girl image

Why? Just why? You just destroyed men’s hopes and dreams. Wait, is that supposed to be Miku from Quintessential quintuplets!?


cursed anime image - kobayashi's dragon maid

I don’t know about the rest, but this one is somewhat cute, but cursed nonetheless.


My Hero Academia Images

Are you a My hero academia fan? Are you ready for these cursed bnha images?

Cursed my hero academia images

This one is just mildly cursed. It doesn’t bother me that much. I’ve seen my fair share of muscular anime women after all.


Cursed my hero academia images

Boku no hero academia meets Boku no Pico *Bleaches eyes*

Cursed my hero academia images

Both of these moments were supposed to be legendary scenes, but however, some filthy weeb has managed to make them lewd as heck.


Cursed my hero academia images

My hero academia x Sponge Bob face swap. Kinda suits them to be honest.


Cursed boku no academia images

Honestly, these kind of face swap scares me the most. I can almost see the cringe in the face of you guys seeing this picture.


Cursed JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Images

cursed anime images

This cursed anime image was created when the black hole was discovered. People were desperately trying to insert the black hole everywhere and thus, such monstrosity was born.


cursed JoJo's bizarre adventure images

Jotoro’s eyes and mouth swapped by Koichi’s. He kinda looks like a tall baby lol.

Cursed Pokemon Images

Here are some of the worst, cursed Pokemon images that will ruin your pleasant childhood memories (^^)

Cursed Pokemon Image

They said Ash never aged. But in reality, he’s been going bald all along even though his body ceased aging. *weep* He’s been hiding this pain all this time, suffering all alone.


cursed pokemon image | AnimeEverything.online

Pikachu was supposed to be cute.


19 cursed anime images that'll make you regret living

Seriously, what were they thinking when they designed this abomination?


cursed anime images - Pikachu

And I thought they couldn’t make Pikachu any more cursed than they’ve done until this point. I’m probably not going to be able to sleep tonight after seeing something so terrible.


Cursed anime images - pokemon

I wish I can “un-see” this. Or else, I’m gonna have to kill myself to forget ever looking at this cursed Pokemon image.


Cursed Pokémon : Cursed_Images

Finally, a normal curse image. At this point I’m glad that it isn’t as worse as the rest.

These were some of the most cursed anime images that I discovered after hours of browsing the internet. Hope these didn’t cause a permanent damage to your brain. Adios.

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