One Punch Man 3V3 Game!!!

One Punch Man is a popular comedy superhero anime with an overpowered character, Saitama, as the main character. Initially it started off as a web comic and Manga series in the year 2009, and finally got an anime adaptation on 2015 because of it’s massive popularity.

Shounen Jump Next picked up the series, as well as commissioned Yusuke Murata, (known for Eyeshield 21) to draw the series along with the original writer, ONE.




ONE PUNCH MAN: A HERO NOBODY KNOWS is an action fighting game that takes place in a universe where the daily lives of people are in constant threat. Heroes are the sole hope against impending annihilation. Saitama the main protagonist, is a hero that can obliterate even the strongest foes with a single punch.

The game will feature 3 vs. 3 combat system, where players can form teams using many of the characters from One Punch Man anime/manga. The first confirmed playable characters being Genos, Fubuki, Mumen Rider, Sonic and Saitama.

Final Thoughts

Currently there aren’t any details about how One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows will implement the multi-character battle system or how many other characters will be featured in the game.

As the game would be boring if Saitama was undefeatable, I hope the game will have a fair battle system like most other fighting games like Jump Force and My Hero Academia: One’s Justice. But hey, if they have some other way to keep him undefeated and make it fun at the same time, I’d be super thrilled!

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows Trailer:

One Punch Man is getting its first ever console game based on the series. The upcoming fighting game, One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows, is “coming soon” to PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

Release date: Currently unannounced.

Game rating: N/A

Developer: Spike Chunsoft, the studio behind fighting games Jump Force and One Piece: Burning Blood.

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