5 Best Action Anime You Should Watch In 2020

If you’re like most fans you probably like Action Anime.

The action genre is something that introduced anime to the entire world. From humble beginnings like Dragon Ball to Black Clover, the newest addition to the genre, it’s certainly come a long way.

It’s a genre that serves as a gateway into the world of anime. A lot of people tend to start up with shows that revolve around the action genre.

It’s something about it that makes us energetic, something that makes us feel and experience the adrenaline rush.

Whether you’re a middle school kid or a full grown college student, it’s a genre almost everyone can enjoy and appreciate.

Every season we get new additions to the genre that make it shine ever brighter and grabs in a lot more fans.

But if we think back to the beginning of the anime era, there are a few shows that stand out for sure.

So let’s recall our memories and count down to the best 5 action anime to date.

List of 5 Best Action Anime

5. Fire Force:

Fire-Force-best action anime

Let’s start things off with something recent. Otherwise the brainstorming would surely make some sparks inside out.

From the person behind Soul Eater, one of the best childhood memories, I had high expectations from the show. I wasn’t disappointed even in the slightest.

‘Spontaneous Human Combustion’ is surely something entirely new and something that’s not been depicted in a lot of anime.

The characters have this fire about them that adds up to their charms and delivers the true theme of the show.

Being animated by one of the best studios out there, the fight scenes are really well made.

The anime is sure to give you that kick of nostalgia while introducing something entirely new.

This surely makes a show everyone should try with the next season just around the corner.

4. My Hero Academia:

my hero academia best action anime

The talk of the town, the hot cake everyone’s been wanting to try since day one is here.

My Hero Academia took the anime universe by storm back with its debut in 2016.

It was a show that brought the hero element back into the picture and shows the devotion of a boy when it came to helping people.

The anime depicts compassion at it’s best and shows that no joy is greater than seeing the smile on the face of someone who feels that he’s out of harm’s way.

The show features a ton of characters with entirely unique quirks that makes them stand out even more.

One of the villains, Shigaraki Tomura has one of the best character designs ever and the voice acting makes him sound even more villainous than the league of villains combined.

The fight scenes are really well animated with all the transitions and camera angles that bring the best to the table.

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3. One Punch Man:

One punch man

We can’t miss out on this one if we’re talking about action now can we?

It is one of the anime series that introduced anime to the entire world and brought in a lot more fans. One Punch Man is surely one of the best action anime of the modern era.

It started off as a parody with no particular story that’d make the fans hooked on to it.

But as the show went on, we saw scenes, motions not even Ufotable (a famous Japanese animation studio) was able to do before making us want to glue our eyes to the screen the entire time.

The parody element brought in the comedy genre, with puns and developments that truly stand out as being one of the funniest ones out there.

When it comes to action, no one does it like One Punch Man.

The animation when it comes to the fighting is so good, so crisp that you can actually feel the characters going at each other.

The power levels are monstrous as well with characters like Saitama who stay true to their name.

It is truly one of the best animated shows out there and a gem when it comes to the action genre.

2. Hunter X Hunter:

Hunter x Hunter

Truly one of the best reboots of one of the best manga ever.

Hunter X Hunter is a blend of the action and adventure genre that’s done in the perfect sense those genres are meant for.

It introduces a multitude of characters to choose from with the protagonist one of the nicest characters out there.

From the get go, the exam shows us that this show is not all fun and games and we’re in for a ride, one that’d make us remember it for an eternity.

It features one of the best villain groups in anime history. One that can truly stand on equal footing with the Akatsuki who are the epitome of anime villain groups from Naruto.

The character development is done so perfectly that it’s for sure one of the best ones out there.

The characters, even the side ones, make you develop that bond with them that makes you feel a connection… Makes you come back to see the character from time to time.

The action makes it stand out the most and features a lot of fight scenes with choreography done really well.

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1. Dragon Ball:

dragon ball super

Let’s go back to the roots, all the way back to the beginning. The one who started it all, the one who defined the word action for us back in the day.

Dragon Ball is a show that grew up with us. It’s like a childhood friend of ours who’s gone abroad to the place called our memories.

Goku, the character who made us fight all the time when we were kids, made us do those kamehameha poses that once we were caught were really embarrassed about.

Dragon Ball introduces a plethora of characters to choose from. This made a lot available to the fans and gave a lot of freedom of choice.

But clearly Goku and Vegeta stood out the most and their bout was something that was unforgettable.

Whether we’re talking about in the beginning when Vegeta was a boy. Or the time when the Majin powers got a hold of him, the bout was something we were waiting for a long time.

It’s the epitome of action anime and with its popularity, I doubt there’s anyone who hasn’t watched it let alone heard of it.

If you have any questions, please leave a message.

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5 Best Action Anime You Should Watch In 2020 – Anime Everything Online


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5 Best Action Anime You Should Watch In 2020 – Anime Everything Online

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